Into the minefield we go

July 6, 2014 

When Burwell v. Hobby Lobby was decided on Monday in favor of Hobby Lobby, the day will forever be sadly remembered as one that attacked women's reproductive rights by five right-wing activist judges (Alito, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts) in the name of "religious freedom," validating the expansion of the corporations are persons idea, and furthered an egregious attack on birth control, contraception, other women's reproductive health issues and possibly LGBTQ issues as well.

The pro-Hobby Lobby ruling could lead to a scary and frightening precedent on such matters involving religious exemptions.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a good blistering dissent on the case and its slippery slope effects when she uttered this phrase: "The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield."

Justin Gibson

Granite City

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