BND format is about to change

July 6, 2014 

The Belleville News-Democrat's new format for weekday editions begins Tuesday.

You probably read about the details in a front-page column Sunday.

In cased you missed it: We're changing the weekday format to three sections to help us improve the way we manage our newsprint and to add more color to our inside pages.

We are combining the old Local News and A sections into one section that highlights content most important to you -- local news. Starting Tuesday, all of our local news will appear in the A section, which will also be the new home for obituaries, the obituaries list and the crime blotter. Our daily editorial, letters to the editor and Glenn McCoy cartoons, plus our national and international report, will continue to be part of the beefed up A section.

The new format means we'll have more color on inside pages, including daily color comics, and the classified pages will be grouped together instead of being spread across the newspaper.

Please see our Tuesday edition for a question and answer column that will help you navigate the new format, give you more information about the changes and list a reader hotline and email address that you can use to give us feedback.

As always, we thank you for reading the Belleville News-Democrat and

Jeffry Couch, editor & vice president, BND and Couch can be reached at or 239-2551. Follow him on twitter @jcouch.

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