A few more notes on your new three-section BND

July 8, 2014 

Welcome to Day 2 of the new three-section Belleville News-Democrat.

Here are a few notes to guide you through Wednes-day's lineup:

* Obituaries are on Page A8, and stocks are on Page A7 in Wednesday's 12-page A section. The obituary list remains on Page A2, where it will be anchored daily.

* Jamie Forsythe's column, Education Matters, is on Page A5 with Roger Schlueter's column, The Answer Man.

* Our color comics are on pages C8 and C9 in the Classified section.

* Please note that we've changed the phone number for stock and mutual fund listing requests. If you have a particular stock or mutual fund that you would like to have listed on our business page, please call 239-2745. The number listed Tuesday was incorrect.

So far, we've heard from 40 to 50 readers who wanted to comment on our redesign, which we launched Tuesday. The comments ranged from complaints about the trimmed-down stocks and mutual funds lists to compliments about the new format and more color.

We'd love to hear your comments about the changes. All of your feedback is welcome.

To weigh in, you can send a note to ideas@bnd.com or call our reader line at 239-2743. We promise to review every comment, though we can't respond to all of them individually.

Thanks again for reading the BND and bnd.com.

Jeffry Couch, editor and vice president of the BND and bnd.com, can be reached at 239-2551 or jcouch@bnd.com. Follow him on twitter @jcouch.

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