2014 Belleville News-Democrat All-Area Boys Track Team

July 10, 2014 

Jamari Ward, Cahokia, soph., and Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon, sr.

Coaches of the Year

Leroy Millsap, Cahokia, and Chad Lakatos, Edwardsville.

First Team

Long Jump: Jamari Ward, Cahokia, soph.

Pole Vault: Pat Riley, O'Fallon, sr.

Triple Jump: Jamari Ward, Cahokia, soph.

Shot Put: Martinus Mitchell, Collinsville, sr.

High Jump: Quinetin Jackson, Granite City, jr.

Discus: Dan Ryan, O'Fallon, sr.; Martinus Mitchell, Collinsville, sr.; and Ricky Nelson, Belleville West, jr.

100 meters: Andre McGill, Madison, jr.; Adam Nelson, Triad, jr.; and Craig James, Edwardsville, sr.

200: Andre McGill, Madison, jr.

400: Roosevelt Davis, East St. Louis, soph.

800: Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon, sr.

1,600: Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon, sr.

3,200: Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon, sr.; and Noah Affolder, Mascoutah, frosh.

110 hurdles: Gary Hickman, Cahokia, sr.

300 hurdles: Gary Hickman, Cahokia, sr.; and Craig James, Edwardsville, sr.

400 relay: Edwardsville (Craig James, sr., Isaiah Michl, jr., Fontez Davis, jr. and Rene' Perry, jr.) and Cahokia (Marquis Murray, frosh., Jamari Ward, soph., Korrion Session, jr., and Keveion Akins, jr.).

800 relay: Cahokia (Jalon Monigan, sr., Jamari Ward, soph., Marquis Murray, frosh., and Keveion Akins, jr.) and Edwardsville (Fontez Davis, jr., Brandon Ryan, jr., Brian Crowe, sr., and Rene' Perry).

1,600 relay: East St. Louis (Jwaugn Askew, sr., Roosevelt Davis, soph., Kevin Johnson, soph., and Herbert Molton, frosh.) and Cahokia (Jalon Monigan, sr., Chris McGee, soph., Marlin Brady, sr., and Tyran Lyons., soph.)

3,200 relay: Cahokia (Jalon Monigan, sr., Tyran Lyons, soph., Mike Monigan, sr., and Chris McGee, soph.).

Second Team

Long Jump: Barry Richardson, Mascoutah and Fontez Davis, Edwardsville.

Pole Vault; Brenden Northcutt, Edwardsville.

Triple Jump: Jalon Monigan, Cahokia.

Shot Put: Ricky Nelson, Belleville West, and Daniall Akins, Cahokia.

High Jump: Seande Vinson, Cahokia.

Discus: Harry Uyehara, Collinsville, and Kavanaugh Weiss, Edwardsville.

100 meters: Justin Goff, Wesclin.

200: Keveion Akins, Cahokia.

400: Marlin Brady, Cahokia and Tyran Lyons, Cahokia.

800: Evan Alcorn, Belleville West and Wes Schoenthal, Edwardsville.

1,600: Murphy Affolder, Mascoutah.

3,200: Ben Richter, Triad and Brydon Groves-Scott, Edwardsville.

110 hurdles: Craig James, Edwardsville, and Korrion Session, Cahokia.

300 hurdles: Korrion Session, Cahokia, Isaiah Michl, Edwardsville, and Ronnie Drummond, Wesclin.

400 relay: Belleville West and Triad.

800 relay: Belleville West and Madison.

1,600 relay: Belleville West.

3,200 relay: Highland and Triad.

Honorable Mention

Long Jump: Antoine Davis, Belleville West; Devonta Smith, East St. Louis; Ethan Snow, Columbia; and Tae'Mon Franklin, O'Fallon.

Pole Vault: Blake Laird, Wesclin; Ryan Brunton, Collinsville; Sam Griffin, Edwardsville; Justin Kiefer, Sparta and Joe Blumenstock, Nashville.

Triple Jump: Matt Hartnett, Roxana; Darrian Crawford, Madison; Devonte Tincher, Edwardsville; Devonta Smith, East St. Louis; Ramon Stacker, Belleville West; Devon Webster, Triad; and TJ Lambert, O'Fallon.

Shot Put: Grant Snow, Columbia; Chase Hagene, Nashville; Tanner Farmer, Highland; Tori Millender, Belleville West; Harry Uyehara, Collinsville and LC Washington, East St. Louis.

High Jump: Shaun Rodgers, Sparta; Caleb Grohmann, Red Bud; and Anthony McRoberts, Cahokia.

Discus: Chase Hagene, Nashville and Mitch Hooten, Red Bud.

100 meters: Tyler Higgins, Highland; Fontez Davis, Edwardsville; Demontez McCray, O'Fallon and Romello Hatter, Belleville West.

200: Deshon Buchanan, Belleville West; Justin Goff, Wesclin; Demontez McCray, O'Fallon; Craig James, Edwardsville; Greg Cross, Alton; and Adam Nelson, Triad.

400: Jackson Pierce, Nashville; Kyle Hagene, Sparta; Tremain Streater, Collinsville; Jalen McIntyre, Belleville East and Josh Freivogel, Belleville West.

800: Will O'Keefe, Granite City; Dylan Huether, Sparta; Ethan DuClos, Red Bud; Sean McCarty, Columbia and Jwaugn Askew, East St. Louis.

1,600: Dorrian Gordon, O'Fallon; Lance Mueller, Waterloo; Noah Affolder, Mascoutah; Cole Rodenberg, Waterloo; Ethan DuClos, Red Bud; Kenny Heaton, Sparta; Steven Chorma, O'Fallon; Wes Schoenthal, Edwardsville; Brydon Groves-Scott, Edwardsville; and Will O'Keefe, Granite City.

3,200: Kenny Heaton, Sparta; Zach Curtis, Lebanon; William McLemore, Wood River, Lance Mueller,Waterloo and Jon Kraus, Freeburg.

110 hurdles: Ronnie Drummond, Wesclin and William Session, Belleville East.

300 hurdles: Keith Thorpe, Madison; William Session, Belleville East; and Dominic Nelson, East St. Louis. 400 relay: Madison, Wesclin, Althoff, Mascoutah and East St. Louis.

800 relay: East St. Louis, O'Fallon, Collinsville, Triad, Mascoutah, Sparta and Wesclin.

1600 relay: Nashville, Sparta, Triad, Highland and Edwardsville.

3,200 relay: Nashville, Sparta, Edwardsville, O'Fallon and East St. Louis.

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