What is Illinois hiding about Jacksonville?

July 10, 2014 

This is in regard to the article about Rep. Charlie Meier's attempt to get information about the residents moved from the Jacksonville Developmental Center last year. This very incomplete study refers to only 65 of the 178 residents. What about the other 111 residents? Where are they? How are they doing? Are they still living in a community placement or have they been moved to a state center? Have they been jailed, hospitalized or died? This would give a true picture of what is happening with these residents.

If these residents are receiving state funding for their care, the state should know where all residents are residing. Until the Department of Human Services is forthcoming with this information, it leads us to think that the closure of JDC did not go as well as they would like us to believe. What are they hiding?

Regarding Tony Paulaski's comment about using every excuse in the book: These residents are not excuses. They are real, live human beings who deserve the dignity and respect of a safe transition.

Give us a real evaluation of the closure, not a rubber-stamped evaluation with an end result decided before the survey even started.

Our concern has been and always will be quality, safe care for all the disabled in Illinois. This is what Meier is fighting for.

Rita Winkeler

President, Murray Parents' Association

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