Joe Meyer made Illinois better

July 11, 2014 

Last month Joe Meyer, an Edwardsville businessman, died at age 62.

Through decades of hard work, Joe and his company, Joe Meyer and Associates, became known as the experts in delinquent real estate taxes in Illinois.

Joe will be remembered for his energy and attention to detail.

It's not an overstatement to say that Joe was not only admired by Illinois county treasurers, but indeed, he was loved.

Joe got his start 30 years ago dealing with the thorny problems of what to do with properties when taxes remained chronically unpaid. Over the course of his career, Joe influenced Illinois law.

His company serves as the delinquent tax agent for 95 of Illinois' 102 counties. How could one company serve so many counties? Simply, Joe was the best in the business.

When county treasurers had complicated questions, they called Joe. When Illinois county treasurers got the news that Joe died, some broke down and wept. Men of his knowledge and organizational ability don't come around every day.

About 10 years ago, Joe thought he could improve the way tax sales were run. Joe developed software to "automate" tax sales as an improvement to the traditional "open outcry" process. Today, more than 55 Illinois counties use his system. It has resulted in much lower penalty interest rates, which has saved struggling taxpayers millions of dollars.

Joe Meyer left Illinois a better place. His innovations improved the way counties deal with delinquent taxes.

Kurt Prenzler

Madison County Treasurer

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