A reasonable question on coverage

July 11, 2014 

I've read both the letter from Anne Harter and the anonymous Sound-off contributor regarding the Pride parade and same-sex marriage that took place in Belleville recently. It seems to me that Harter isn't seeking "moral acceptance" nor promoting intolerance of those who differ with her, as the Sound-off caller claims. She asked, quite simply, why the newspaper gave no coverage to a city event.

I would echo that question. Any reasonable person -- of course, reasonable may be the problem -- would expect that a major event in Belleville would be covered in a local newspaper. I realize that Bishop Edward Braxton would be upset, but why should that affect what the press covers?

My husband and I were unable to get to the parade, so we wish to extend our best wishes now to the couple who were married that day.

Ginny Kiernan Dahlberg


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