Stop profiting from poverty

July 11, 2014 

Much of the murderous violence now occurring is attributable to inner rage. The police cannot stop the escalating violence until the issues responsible for the rage are addressed. Unfortunately, the relevant issues cannot be run away from, resolved by selling banquet tickets or integrated. Integration as the cure-all has been proven futile. It will be interesting to observe the social and political evolution of Edwardsville and Florissant, Mo. Both cities have become major integration destinations.

One cause of inner rage is the vestiges of racism which exist today just as they did during segregation. Black people are disproportionately poor, incarcerated in exceptionally large numbers and have the highest unemployment rate of any group.

Self-hatred and societal induced low self-esteem are significant causes of inner rage. A dominant reason for inner rage is because there are many organizations that profit from the poverty of black people. Said organizations are commonly incorporated as non-profit, which provides a veneer of their helping the poor with no benefit to themselves. These organizations openly encourage the poor to engage in conduct to impoverish themselves. Many non-profit organizations receive very large financial contributions and government grants, much of which is used to pay very large salaries and benefits to themselves.

William R. Lambert


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