2014 Belleville News-Democrat Class 3A-4A All-Area Softball Team

July 12, 2014 

Pitcher: Brianna Weilbacher, Columbia

Coach of the Year

Rhonda Major, Columbia

First Team

Pitcher: Alison Mitts, Belleville East

Pitcher: Kallen Loveless, Edwardsville

Pitcher: Jenn Bailey, Triad

Catcher: Taryn Pena, Columbia

Catcher: Molly Fields, Mater Dei

First Base: Rachel Garcia, Columbia

First Base: Taylor Underwood, O'Fallon

Second Base: Haley Wroten, Belleville East

Shortstop: Ari Arnold, Edwardsville

Shortstop: Kaylee Bastien, Columbia

Shortstop: Sam Busekrus, O'Fallon

Third Base: Mallory Rutz, Highland

Outfield: Rachel Anderson, Edwardsville

Outfield: Chloe Jennings, Civic Memorial

Outfield: Hayli Green, Edwardsville

Designated Hitter: Jordan Corby, Edwardsville

Utility: Andrea Roberts, Belleville East

Second Team

Pitcher: Addison Barnouski, O'Fallon

Pitcher: Kasey Bradley, Waterloo

Pitcher: Kylee Rongey, Mater Dei

Catcher: Alyssa Voegele, Highland

Catcher: Becca Proper, O'Fallon

First Base: Torrie Kruse, Edwardsville

Second Base: Olivia Nicholls, Edwardsville

Shortstop: Abby Burroughs, Triad

Shortstop: Georgia Dodson, Alton

Third Base: Caitlyn Touchette, Columbia

Outfield: Avery Myers, Triad

Outfield: Courtney Weilbacher, Columbia

Outfield: Megan Radae, Edwardsville

Outfield: Beth Mersinger, Triad

Designated Hitter: Madison Kruse, Waterloo

Utility: Kassidy Smith, Collinsville

Honorable Mention

Pitcher: Morgan Butler, Alton; Jenna Gnaedinger, Highland; Aubrey Hacke, Highland; Brittany Roady, Alton; McKenzie Sisk, Belleville West

Catcher: Kelsey Deaton, Civic Memorial; Tori Lanaghan, Althoff; Haley Longo, Alton; Ally Schanz, Mascoutah; Abigail Schroeter, Triad; Anna Walshleger, Edwardsville; Taylor Yearian, Waterloo

First Base: Sam Buettner, Collinsville; Caitlin Lammers, Highland; Jaylyn Lowrance, Civic Memorial; Nicole Maue, Mater Dei; Katlyn Patrick, Granite City; Jordyn Roady, Alton; Nikki Steiner, Triad

Second Base: Audrey Allard, Collinsville; Cassie Albers, Civic Memorial; Kylee Albrecht, Waterloo; Logan Braundmeier, Mater Dei; Kalli Farmer, Columbia; Megan Glaeser, Belleville West; Alleigh Kruse, Triad

Shortstop: Hannah Biermann, Belleville West; Kennedy Bryant, Mascoutah; Brooke Hug, Highland; Katie Nagel, Althoff; Lindsey Mossman, Belleville East; Shannon Schuetz, Mater Dei

Third Base: Jordyn Alford, Triad; Katelyn Bobrowski, Edwardsville; Haley Gegelman, Belleville East:; Morgan Hinkle, Belleville West; Alina Maher, Alton; Sami Stadts, O'Fallon; Kaitlyn Storm, Waterloo

Outfield: Sam Boyd, Granite City; Molly Dumstorff, O'Fallon; Sydney Engelhart, Mater Dei; Mycala Feldman, Triad; Becky Gibbs, Collinsville; Erinn Henry, Belleville East; Kaylee Hester, Highland; Tawnee Kramer, Belleville East; Courtney Littiken, Mater Dei; Kelly Metter, Columbia; Amanda Peterson, Highland; Rachel Ripperda, Mater Dei; Alliyah St. John, Belleville West; Olivia Young, Belleville West; Annabelle Walsh, Mascoutah

Designated Hitter: Juanda Eisemann, Belleville West; Sarah Scrum, Collinsville

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