Obama doesn't know the law

July 12, 2014 

President Obama lost unanimously by the Supreme Court when he chose to make appointments while the Senate was idle, not in recess. He lost, just as he did with wireless cellphone searches and $75,000-a-day fines for allegedly disturbing wetlands.

Hobby Lobby won a split decision from the court as the administration was violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Not a very good record before the court from a Harvard Law School graduate who was editor of the Harvard Law Review and was a professor of law at the University of Chicago for 12 years.

Currently, the speaker of the House is preparing a lawsuit against a litany of Obama's actions questioned by constitutional scholars. Progressive/liberals say this is all political, of no relevance. Really, what is Obama doing? Because of the checks and balances, the separation of powers aren't working to move his agenda. He's still pushing that agenda instead of re-evaluating and accepting the court's decisions on his power limitations.

In another Obama scandal, two federal judges are forcing the IRS to testify under oath as to what happened to the e-mails of a former division director. Government property lost, which should have been reported to the National Archives & Records but wasn't.

While whatever happens in Washington can be construed as political, how the public reacts determines the relevancy. As this president's poll numbers plummet, in all aspects of his job performance and trustworthiness, is the six-year blame game defense for failed policies working?

Russell C. Fette


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