Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

July 13, 2014 

Real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:

St. Clair County


* 1944 Reserve Walk Way; from Ryan D. Doubrava and Megan E. Doubrava; to Joshua P. Roth; $148,000.

* 204 River Laurel Drive; from Amanda J. Buffington; to Vincent Fulton; $167,000.

* 801 Olive St.; from Tooraj Bastar and Karen Bastar; to Thomas A. Jackson; $32,000.

* 2923 Wye Oak Drive; from Heather L. Land; to Crystal D. Phillips; $211,500.

* 34 Anderson Lane; from Stephen Strube; to Ian BeQuette; $110,000.

* 201 Todd Lane; from Ray D. Barnett and Takiko R. Barnett; to Retunda J. Jackson; $72,500.

* 307 Shannon Lane; from James A. Brubaker and Meileigh Brubaker; to Christian C. Ujoh; $135,500.

* 2127 Scheel St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Arlando Lusk and Arfanchalis Davis; $35,000.

* 1012 Hawkridge Run; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Joshua E. Anderson and Katie C. Anderson; $190,000.

* 3312 Saratoga Drive; from Timothy K. Green; to Michael Chell; $70,000.

* 1025 Grassland Court; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Lee Anne Emig; $239,000.

* 113 S. Fairway Drive; from Margaret Schieffer and Elizabeth Glauber; to Bernard J. Kloess; $114,000.

* 213 N. 44th St.; from Wells Fargo Financial Illinois Inc.; to Kenneth J. Payer; $13,000.

* 514 S. 18th St.; from Sylvia L. Clement; to Francis J. Vernier; $19,500.

* 627 S. 19th St.; from Russell Walster; to Ryan Cullen; $7,500.


* 523 St. Leo Drive; from Shairl E. Acord and Margaret E. Acord; to Jason D. Sinn; $15,000.


* 422 S. 5th St.; from Sky Blue Development Inc.; to Tiffany N. Moore; $68,000.


* 2519 North 32nd St.; from Sean R. Turner and Heidi Turner; to Jose L. Salazar Perez and Bertha Selazar; $39,500.


* 726 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Angela Port; to Louis Romero and Charmayne Romero; $185,000.

* 17 Sheryl Drive; from Stacy N. Benton; to Kiro Yovkov; $39,000.

* 9511 Holy Cross Road; from Tracy Davis; to Christopher M. Wallace; $118,000.

* 10404 Lincoln Trail; from Barbara J. Romano; to JLA Management LLC; $200,000.


* 7150 Turf Lane; from Joann Himstedt; to Katherine H. Parrish and Bruce R. Stein; $220,000.


* 1340 Lantern Lights Circle; from James W. Hall; to Michael A. Yusko; $342,500.

* 515 W. Schuetz St.; from Robert J. Lippert; to Albert I. Marolf; $125,000.


* 1111 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Joseph Mouton III and Kathy J. Mouton; $209,000.

* 551 N. August St.; from Shannon L. Rix and Sean E. Rix; to James P. Cooper and Lorie A. Cooper; $250,000.

* 216 E. Church; from Ballco Properties LLC; to LJ Productions Inc.; $85,500.


* 1104 Hightower Place Drive; from James E. White and Hyesuk White; to Matthew W. Kopp and Stephanie P. Kopp; $340,000.

* 507 N. Cedar St.; from Jose Malave and Cynthia Malave; to Bradley L. Hershberger and Fiona H. Hershberger; $140,000.

* 1055 Thornbury Place; from David B. Wise and Pamela L. Wise; to Barry T. Caegle; $320,000.


* 100 Penny Lane; from Devin S. Deisher and Katie A. Deisher; to Jared Stueckel and Nikki Stueckel; $157,500.

* 729 Cedar Mill Drive; from Keith A. Hinton; to Roger T. Bastar and Karen A. Bastar; $177,000.

* 3292 Brookstone Court; from Shelly K. Stines and Thomas I. Stines IV; to Christine Presson; $165,500.

* 109 Pine Oak Lane; from David Gillespie and Marsha L. Gillespie; to Derrick C. Lebryk and Laura L. Lebryk; $187,500.


* 424 Fieldview Drive; from Douglas D. Wood and Kelly A. Wood; to Zachary Thomas Reis; $170,000.


* 859 Kendra Ann Drive; from Michael A. Chell and Rebecca Chell; to Jack G. Hook and Debra K. Hook; $141,000.

Madison County


* 217 N. High St.; from Anthony D. Huffman, Deawndra M. Huffman, Dawn M. Huffman; to Raymond C. Creath; $100,000.


* 2423 Woodcrest Drive; from Cheryl A. Henson and Carolyn D. Schmidt; to Don Myers and Brandon Z. Howard; $77,000.

* 6307 Wenzel Road; from Fannie Mae; to David Balaco and Valerie Balaco; $42,500.


* 119 Bristol Court; from Charles W. Nowack and Charles W. Nowack Estates; to Nicholas A. Williams and Amy A. Williams; $91,805 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 25 Lee St.; from Charles M. Dale and Diane M. Dale; to Mathew A. Cooper; $120,000.

* 425 Montana St.; from Jonna M. Niemeyer and Thomas J. Niemeyer; to Cathy C. Favre; $105,000.


* 4 Briarcliff Drive; from Mary M. Renfro and Mary M. Renfro Declaration Trust; to James A. Walters and Jessica R. Walters; $135,000.

* 108 Rolling Oaks Drive; from Household Finance Corp. III; to Manuel Lopez; $45,000.

* 295 Harding St.; from Jason M. Seger and Tarah Seger; to Ashley E. Evans and Athena Evans; $120,000.

east alton

* 887 E. Airline Drive; from Lois P. Cunnutt, Robert Cunnutt, Robert and Lois Cunnutt Revocable Living Trust; to Russell Hannis and Lucina Hannis; $140,000.


* 1579 Maplewood Court; from Christopher Suhre, Marlo K. Suhre, Marlo K. Morrow; to Adam D. Hutton and Sandra M. Hutton; $235,000.

* 22 Meadow Rue; from Jennifer R. Frese and Thomas K. Abraham; to Anita J. Thomas; $360,000.

* 28 Country Club View; from William D. Barlow and Annette K. Burlow; to Andrew Russell and Sharman Russell; $601,350 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5334 Fox Circle Drive; from Deron L. Upton and Lora A. Upton; to Christopher A. Curran and Kim M. Curran; $438,000.

* 610 Yale Ave.; from Daniel J. Latina and Sarah Latina; to Timothy D. Thannum and Stephanie N. Vitale; $162,500.

* 1053 Catalina Drive; from Spencer Hoppes; to Nathan Gray and Morgan Meehan; $168,000.

* 22 Eagle Court; from William Aksamit and Patricia Aksamit; to Mary S. Patton, Mary S. Patton Declaration Trust; $190,000.

* 633 Vandalia St.; from Gillian Acheson and Tim Sullivan; to James E. Stanley; $137,000.


* 56 Morningside Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Howard D. Willen; $130,000.

* 305 Glenwood Drive; from Bryan Schneider and Francis Schneider; to Aaron Vilmont; $160,000.

* 57 Lucinda Drive; from Peter T. Vass and Laura A. Bass; to Jessica L. Moss; $153,000.


* 7508 Humber Road; from Ronald D. Booth and Jane C. Booth; to Lindsay E. Lasbury; $80,000.

* 418 St. John Drive; from Jeremy T. Loftis and Jennifer Loftis; to Steven R. Dodge and Mariaelena Dodge; $151,000.

* 421 Chelsea Court; from Amy C. Godar; to Rachel S. Sasser; $119,600.


* 1810 August St.; from Terry L. Heck; to DPM Investments Inc.; $250,000.

* 3751 Justine Drive; from Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC; to Christopher J. Robinson and Mandy R. Robinson; $205,000.

* 2521 Edison Ave.; from Warren L. Jones; to Michael Billick and Amber Billick; $107,500.

* 2538 Edward St.; from Ivo Kandilaroff; to Amanda C. Narup and Elizabeth A. Crone; $51,000.


* 95 Trout Drive; from Garrett M. Hoyt and Kattie M. Hoyt; to Jacob R. Rose and Sarah E. Rose; $147,000.

* 260 N. Porte Drive; from David L. Ellis and Jennifer S. Ellis; to Christopher R. Flake and Jessica L. Flake; $187,000.

* 1322 7th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Dwight A. Volker; $67,908 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2910 Poplar St.; from Joel Dapkus; to Emmy Keller; $93,000.


* 681 Maple St.; from William B. Warren, Robin L. Warren, Frances Scogins; to Bradley A. Varwig and Lynda Varwig; $76,000.

* 691 Elm St.; from Nicholas A. Grimes and Chealsey M. Grimes; to Samuel D. Harrison; $67,000.


* 528 Copper Bend Road; from Fannie Mae; to Derek S. Bruce and Melinda N. Bagby; $140,000.

* 904 Rolling Meadows Drive; from Ryan Luckett and Amy Luckett; to Caleb Dick and Kimberly Dick; $172,415 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 137 Summit Ridge; from Dickinson Investment Group LLC; to Katherine R. Davis; $194,000.

* 209 W. Division; from Hunziker Homes Inc.; to Kelsey L. Hubert; $170,340 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 6819 W. Main St.; from Mike Radosevich and Jamie L. Radosevich; to Jamie L. Keil and Ian McLaughlin; $90,000.


* 13300 Leuscher Road; from Don Thiems; to John K. Lansford and Nicole L. Lansford; $12,000.

* 12318 Mill Road; from Rensings Hog Farm Inc.; to Beth A. Bogacki; $115,000.


* 4577 Lauren Drive; from Brandon Merkle; to Andrew M. Wirz; $26,000.

* 3531 Pierland Drive; from Dustin A. Beard and Bobbi S. Slatter; to Joseph M. Gould Jr. and Nicole A. Gould; $177,000.


* 304 E. Main St.; from Jason L. Mewes and Daniela N. Mewes; to Theresa R. Ratliff; $96,500.

* 9580 U.S. Highway 40; from Jeff M. Wurtz and Cassidy A. Wurtz; to Robert C. Richards and Brittany D. Rizzi; $89,000.

* 9 Longview Court; from Jacob Arnold and Amber Arnold; to Guy D. Fossland and Mandy P. Fossland; $220,000.

* 10376 Carrollton Drive; from Penn Builders LLC; to Joshua J. Helton and Jennifer J. Helton; $238,500.


* 512 Wren Hill Drive; from Catherine J. Kimme; to Alfred L. Evans Jr.; $25,000.

* 107 Reagan Drive; from RP Lumber Co.; to Andrew L. Dean and Monica L. Dean; $210,000.

* 211 Crossington Lane; from Daniel Casteel and Kimberly J. Casteel; to Tracy Butler; $186,000.

Monroe County


* 459 Wernings Drive; from Pamela R. Mardirosian and Robie D. Mardirosian; to Kimberly A. Dubois; $230,000.

* 240 S. Ferkel; from Adam G. Woehlke and Christian Woehlke; to Angela A. Bollinger and Matthew B. Duke; $85,000.

* 709 S. Rapp Ave.; from Betsy A. Banks-George and James J. Banks-George; to Benjamin L. Baker, Trustee and Robyn R. Baker, Trustee; $185,000.

* 1138 N. Briegel St.; from Crista S. Maul and Joseph Maul; to james L. Bready Jr.; $155,000.

* 212 Micahs Way; from Amanda Keeven and Thomas Keeven Jr.; to Brittany Riggins and Scott Riggins; $215,000.


* 3708 State Route 3; from Jeffery Urish, Trustee and Jennifer A. Urish, Trustee; to Rebecca Dinning and Nickolas L. Sharrock; $174,000.


* 401 Cliff View Place; from Brian D. Charron and Christina M. Charron; to Bernadette S. Vanatta and Jay K. Vanatta; $257,000.


* 324 Thomas Lane; from Jimmy J. Monroe and Mary J. Monroe; to Andrew B. Cheatham and Cynthia M. Cheatham; $375,000.

* 810 Cone Flower Drive; from Jeanne M. Chandler and Larry K. Chandler; to Jason S. Stanley and Melissa S. Stanley; $177,500.

* 5603 LL Road; from Jacqueline W. Allscheid and Melvin C. Allscheid; to Charles M. Capps Jr. and Colleen M. Capps; $157,000.

* 8200 Meadowfield Court; from Rickey D. Dodd and Tammy S. Dodd; to Martha E. Brayton and William L. Brayton Jr.; $380,000.

* 816 Cheshire Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $282,000.

* 819 Victorian Ave.; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $32,500.

* 6312 Edgewater Drive; from Mark L. Peal, Trustee and Mary Ann Peal, Trustee; to David Meyer and Gloria Meyer; $282,000.

* 3325 Mystic Lane; from Alvin J. Nesbit, Carolyn S. Nesbit, Deceased; to David A. Yarbrough and Nichole L. Yarbrough; $150,000.

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