Belleville News-Democrat 2014 All-Area Girls Soccer

July 13, 2014 

Quin Wilkes, O'Fallon, sr.

Coach of the Year

Abby Comerford, Edwardsville

First Team

Sophia Sharos, Collinsville, jr.

Lilly Cobb, Edwardsville, sr.

Abby Crabtree, Edwardsville, fr.

Morgan Sikora, Highland, jr.

Sydnee Carroll, Belleville West, jr.

Emily Holten, Collinsville, fr.

Shannon Maitland, Althoff, so.

Allison Wendt, Triad, so.

(tie) Matty Merlak, Collinsville, sr.

(tie) Claire Stark, Triad, sr.

(tie) Lauren Kaempfe, Columbia, jr.

GK: Kristen Francis, Edwardsville, sr.

Second Team

Jane Ann Crabtree, Edwardsville, so.

Mikayla McCarthy, Collinsville, jr.

Sydney Pfankuch, O'Fallon, sr.

Lexi Norton, Edwardsville, jr.

Lindsey Fencel, Civic Memorial, sr.

Hope Elliott, Waterloo, sr.

Ashleigh Briggs, Granite City, jr.

Elaine Gorom, O'Fallon, jr.

(tie) Emilie Blomenkamp, Freeburg, so.

(tie) Alyssa Houck, Freeburg, sr.

(tie) Lauren Tolan, Columbia, jr.

(tie) Tessa Wagner, Edwardsville, sr.

(tie) Meredith Wendt, Triad, sr.

(tie) Savannah Ames, Althoff, sr.

GK: Skye Clark, Triad, so.

Honorable Mention

(Players listed in alphabetical order)

Alyssa Bartle, Belleville East; Lauren Burkett, Granite City; Addison Cartwright, Alton; Zoe Christopher, Wesclin; Kendra Davis, Gibault (GK); Alyssa Delia, O'Fallon; Kailey Duncan, Triad; Annie Evans, Alton; Andrea Frerker, Collinsville; Lexi Grote, Granite City; Anna Hanger, Althoff; Bree Hasenstab, Gibault; Natalie Heitzman, Althoff; Hope Huelsmann, Mater Dei; Rachel Kaltwasser, Althoff; Kyndall Keller, Triad; Kacie Kinnikin, Belleville West; Sachi Kobayashi, Triad; Liz Kuerz, Gibault; Hannah Lehmann, Freeburg; Erika Lloyd, Waterloo; Rylan Lopez, Belleville East; Haley Meinhart, Mascoutah (GK); Mallory Mushill, Edwardsville; Sydney Moore, O'Fallon; Maddie O'Neill, Gibault; Amanda Ponce, Highland; Mia Reed, Waterloo (GK); Leanne Smith, Granite City; Meghan Smith, Triad; Dakota Steiner, Alton; Sydney Tedesco, Belleville East; Taylor Thompson, Edwardsville; Taylor Vollmer, Belleville West; Julie Whitworth, Freeburg; Jess Wittenauer, Gibault.

Past Players of the Year

2013: Kat Roe, Collinsville

2012: Kat Roe, Collinsville

2011: Kelsey Dinges, Althoff, and Rachel Tejada, Triad

2010: Megan Pawloski, Althoff

2009: Megan Pawloski, Althoff (Class 1A-2A); Kelli Segobiano, Belleville West (Class 3A)

2008: Taylor Byrd, Columbia (Class A); Megan Pawloski, Althoff (Class AA)

2007: Tessa Gavilsky, Granite City

2006: Tasha Dittamore, Granite City

2005: Katya Hessel, Edwardsville

2004: Alaina Lacopo, Triad

2003: Jessie Bayne, Triad

2002: Jessie Bayne, Triad

2001: Jessie Bayne, Triad

2000: Erika Todd, Granite City

1999: Christen Seaman and Abbie Perez, Belleville East

1998: Tasha Siegel, Collinsville

1997: Michelle Montgomery, Granite City

1996: Connie Meyers, Granite City

1995: Beth Albrecht, O'Fallon

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