Guns, Benghazi and more

July 17, 2014 

In response to Lee Harris' letter on June 26: I love my country, my president and the citizens loyal to our American ideals. Since space is limited I cannot address all his points sensibly, but I will try.

Fast and Furious -- A program started by the last Republican president. An arrest has been made in the murder of the border patrol agent.

Benghazi -- Ambassador Stephens refused additional security. An arrest has been made.

IRS scandal -- I always believed it was the job of the IRS to investigate tax evaders. The groups targeted were political action companies seeking tax-free status under charity groups.

The economy -- 6 percent unemployment is a good indicator our citizens are finding jobs and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has topped 17,000.

The Affordable Care Act -- I was stunned to learn we were the only modern country that did not provide health care to its citizens. I say finally we can catch up with the world.

Illegal immigrants -- I guess we could replace the plaque on the Statue of Liberty to warn people we are not a safe haven.

I was taught by Sam E. Boshkoff, my father, that Americans stand strong in support of the country. We must stand united.

I do not believe we have any place in the Middle East. I am an American.

The United States is doing good. We do not want to live in fear. Remember these historic words, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

And yes, Mr. Harris, I do love Kool-Aid.

Sandy Boshkoff

Granite City

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