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120 So. Illinois
Belleville, IL 62220

The Paper

Vision: The Belleville News-Democrat is strongly committed to our responsibility as southwestern Illinois' most compelling and trustworthy information source, through our newspaper, other print products and website.

Founded: 1858. In 1883, the Weekly Democrat merged with the Belleville News to become the Belleville News-Democrat. Since its founding, the newspaper has had a succession of owners. It was a family-owned newspaper from 1891 to 1972, until its purchase by Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. Knight Ridder acquired the newspaper in 1997. McClatchy acquired the newspaper in 2006 with its purchase of Knight Ridder.


Key Executives

Jay Tebbe, President and Publisher 618-239-2100

Jeffry Couch, Vice President and Editor 618-239-2551

Melissa Mason, Vice President Advertising 618-239-2541

Stacy Richardson, Vice President Finance 618-239-2648

Gerie Simpson, Human Resources Director 618-239-2471

Eric Freeman, Regional Director-Audience Development 618-239-2583

Don Bradley, Production Director 618-257-8418

Distinction: The leading newspaper and online site in Southern Illinois

Market: The second-largest metropolitan area in Illinois, the metro-east is a bustling, fast growing, diverse region just outside St. Louis, Mo. The News-Democrat is the leading daily newspaper in Southwestern Illinois.

Circulation Area: Eight Illinois counties; delivery is primarily St. Clair (population 266,300) and southern Madison counties.

Site: The News-Democrat's main office is located in downtown Belleville and houses the editorial, advertising and administration staff. Circulation is located across the street from the main building. The printing facility is less than 2 miles away. The Belleville Weekly Group consists of seven weekly publications. Printing is done at the central printing facility in Belleville.

Readership: 150,000 daily; 185,000 Sunday

Circulation: 53,053 daily (M-F); 56,011 Sunday (Source: March 2010 Publisher Statement)

Website: www.bnd.com

Average Monthly Page Views/Unique Visitors:

• 7.5 million page views

• 660,000 unique visitors

Location: The News-Democrat publishes in the metro-east area of the St. Louis metropolitan area, serving most of southwestern Illinois.