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Wilson Phillips' nostalgia still packs a wallop

The daughters of pop music royalty, siblings Carnie and Wendy Wilson and their childhood pal Chynna Phillips hit pay dirt as the trio Wilson Phillips in the 1990s with a handful of soaring singles. Today the vocal group still performs but not at the breakneck pace of its hit-song heyday.

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Movie review: 'Power Rangers,' '90s reboot takes itself way too seriously

Parents need to know that "Power Rangers" is the big-screen reboot of the hugely popular '90s TV show about a team of teen superheroes who are imbued with powers from ancient crystal coins. Unlike earlier takes on the characters, this movie amps up the violence and features strong language and mature themes (teen substance use, juvenile detention, cyberbullying, questions about sexual identity, and more). So even though it might appeal to young elementary-aged kids, it's far better suited for middle-schoolers and up. There's mass destruction, with a relatively high body count, as well as injuries, crashes, fights, and more. On the language front, characters use words like "s--t" and "a--," as well as one "motherf" that's purposely cut short. Subtle hints at potential romance include longing looks and flirting, and there are references to how someone digitally shared a student's inappropriate photo. Positive messages mirror those of the original series: teamwork, courage, training, sacrifice, and trust.

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Legacy rap? Big Daddy Kane begs to differ

Big Daddy Kane is, arguably, as good a rapper as has ever been, a fast-rhyming pioneer from the genre's halcyon early days. Born Antonio Hardy and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Kane was an influential member of the Juice Crew, a hip-hop collective that counted among its members Biz Markie and Kool G Rap. He was also a hit-maker in his own right; his 1988 single "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" was a golden age landmark.


Rolex ad: Celebrating Cinema

In the art of filmmaking, it’s the smallest details that bring a world to life. Only when every detail is just right can the audience be truly immersed. Rolex is proud to recognize the art and craft of filmmaking, and to have played a part in some of cinema’s most iconic moments.
Rolex ad: Celebrating Cinema 1:01

Rolex ad: Celebrating Cinema

Westminster dog show winner: from Rumor to best in show 1:32

Westminster dog show winner: from Rumor to best in show

Betty White says her first job convinced her to stay in television 0:43

Betty White says her first job convinced her to stay in television

Absolutely Famous: The Movie 2:27

Absolutely Famous: The Movie