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May 25, 2014

Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Real estate transactions in the metro-east:



* 17 E. F St.; from Steven D. Kiefer; to City of Belleville; $92,250 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1906 Celebration Park Circle; from Tiney Sales; to Aisha Moody; $105,500.

* 241 Brookmanor Court; from Kendall L. Bengtson and Melissa K. Bengtson; to Johnny C. Roberson; $159,500.

* 837 Lebanon Ave.; from Scott R. Kane and Anne K. Kane; to Patrick M. Murphy and Catherine S. Murphy; $77,000.

*1520 E. Main St.; from Lavern B. Leonard; to Rusam Properties Inc.; $68,000.

* 138 N. Michigan Ave.; from New Destiny Church; to Timothy Boone and Lissa Stallings-Boone; $58,000 mortgate, but no sales price available.

* 124 Hillwood Drive; from Kenneth Grosskreutz and Karen Grosskreutz; to harlan Glasper and Maria Glasper; $95,000.

* 145 Rio Verde Drive; from LuAnn S. Mohr; to Beth Knox; $87,000.

* 108 Wayne Drive; from RPM Property Investments; to Samuel D. Mahoney and Chelsea R. Mahoney; $148,000.

* 859 Wilshire Drive; from Karla L. Stewart; to Chermyne E. Griggs; $147,000.

7018 W. A St.; from Deanna M. Strano; to Shirley L. Krus; $73,000.

* 330 Julia Place; from Waylon C. Jackson; to Jamie Geoppo; $197,500.

* 417 Hickory Manor; from Diana F. Solie and Timothy A. Solie; to Jeanelle Lyndsey; $168,000.


* 823 St. Matthew Drive; from Wanda L. Geist; to Rudy Trevino Corinas, Trustee of the Trevino Cortinas Revocable Living Trust; $9,000.

* 114 St. Leo Drive; HSBC Bank; to Jonathan Morgan; $10,000.


* 410 N. Main St.; from Susan L. Ellis; to Joel A. Gesink and Mary A. Gesink; $71,000.

* 822 Jessica Drive; from E.J.S. Custom Homes Inc.; to Gateway East Development LLC; $22,000.

* 309 Bethal Meadows; from Russell A. Maier and Rebecca J. Maier; to Aaron Htton and Jessica Hutton; $119,000.


* 401 Greenwood Place; from Susan K. Hanratty and Jeffrey Hanratty; to Renee Hurst; $69,000.


45 Arnold Drive; from Brian E. Koch and Brenda M. Weber; to Gilbert H. Geringer and Rose M. Geringer; $115,000.


* 694 N. 18th St., from Alicia R. Moore and Harold D. Smith; to Briston Ashe; $1,500.

* 2616 & 2618 Missouri Ave.; from OtisEanes; to Alvin Harris; $3,500.


* 638 Ashland; from Bank of O'Fallon; to Norman R. Hangsieben and Jeffrey A. Hangsieben; $43,000.


* 111 S. Vine St.; from Daniel M. Sauzek; to SMZ Corporation aka SMZ, Inc.; $30,500.

* 508 S. State St.; from Brian Andrews and Lynn Andrews; to Mark Johnson; $168,000.

* 354 Sleeping Indian Drive; from CNR Inc.; to Timothy Lester and Stacey Lester; $230,000.


* 405 W. Main St.; from Johnnie Hearty; to Greggory Signorotti; $45,500.

* 408 Falling Leaf Way; from Patricia Randall; to William Twaddell and Lauren Twaddell; $173,500.

* 484 Falling Leaf Way; from Keith Bowman and Tawanda Bowman; to Christopher Clow and Ritchie Clow; $139,000.

* 10560 Dichaut Road; from Kenneth H. Druse; to Kyle J. Wulfe and Anna K. Wulfe; $200,000.


* 835 Margaret Court; from David and Patricia Lewis Living Trust; to Equity Success Inc.; $65,500.


* 902 Maces Grove; from Sarah E. Zolezzi; to O'Fallon Professional Building Inc.; $62,000.

* 970 Old Vincennes Trail; from Elva G. Elam by Cynthia L. Early; to Kathyrn R. Miller; $273,500.

* 503 Emily Drive; from Mark L. McCullough and Laura D. McCullough; to Melissa D. Panek; $150,000.

* 8538 Terracotta Place; from Holly C. Patton nka Holly C. Joseph, Andrew Joseph; to Michael T. Durbin, Kaci L. Durbin Revocable Trusts; $353,000.

* 7 Shallowbrook Drive; from Richard D. Bonner and Sheryl D. Bonner; to Kenneth Estrada and Michelle Estrada; $203,000.

* 1071 Chapel Hill Drive; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to Marcia O. Harty; $280,500.

* 1184 Hearthstone Drive; from Amy Bishop; to Timothy Horan; $83,500.


* 3646 Willoughby Circle; from Vance Dickerson; to John P. Gohl; $215,000.

* 2255 Glenfield Drive; from Julia R. Bilgere, as Trustee; to Edward V. Rust and Judith M. Rust; $149,000.

* 223 Eden Park Blvd.; from Billy W. Newton and Karen E. Osborn; to Maxwell K. Wipperman; $262,500.



* 2209 Edwards St.; from Thomas H. Grider and Marilyn J. Grider; to James E. Sanders and Laura L. Sanders; $80,000.

* 3409 Lincoln St.; from Michael J. Latempt and Rosalee R. Latempt; to Michael L. Roderfeld; $78,000.

* 1106 Danforth St.; from Robert Doody and Stephanie Doody; to Joseph F. Steckel and Jodi Steckel; $77,000.


* 419 Crestwood Drive; from Federal Home Loans Mortgage Corp.; to Stephen R. Evans and Rhonda M. Evans; $240,000.

* 1214 W. Main St.; from Larry Osborne and Carol Osborne; to Drake W. Willhite; $88,000.

* 129 Brennan Ave.; from Donnye Shrum and Kimberly Shrum; to Gary Williams and Carolyn Williams; $105,000.

* 64 Carnationa Drive; from Michael Soriano; to Andrew Dreier and Sara Dreier; $123,000.


* 713 N. Stanley Road; from U.S. Bank; to Midwest Superior Contracting Inc.; $27,000.


* 939 Catalina Drive; from Jeffrey G. Alexander and Leah Z. Alexander; to Trent Buckingham and Jessica Buckingham; $144,500.

* 669 E. Lake Drive; from Keith J. Moran and Rachel E. Moran; to Toni Siler; $190,000.

* 119 S. Main St.; from Mark W. Voelker and Linda K. Voelker; to Plummer Investments LLC; $350,000.

* 331 Shea Court; from Claire Henkhaus and Jason Henkhaus; to Joseph Kamm; $45,000.

* 1544 Grand Ave.; from Steven E. Payne, Samantha D. Payne, Tyler J. Halfacre; to Alec D. Macdonald and Danielle Macdonald; $133,000.


* 29 Windermere Drive; from Greenwood Property Investments Inc.; to Jacob Andrew Hill; $115,000.

* 125 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Meridian Manors Development; to Remington Properties LLC; $50,000.

* 112 Bayhill Drive; from Christopher Urban and Diana I. Urban; to Jennifer D. Ulfert Fuller; $165,000.

* 145 Meridian Oaks; from Meridian Manors Developm ent LLC; to CN Properties LLC; $50,000.


* 2920 Doral Drive; from Thomas F. Hack and Sharon A. Hack; to Stanley J. Sidwell and Elizabeth M. Sidwell; $215,000.

* 1715 Seminole Lane; from Marjorie P. Bogart; to Eric File; $246,000.


* 2322 Lynch Ave.; from Cartus Financial Corp.; to Mackenzie Smiddy; $75,000.


* 25 Cardinal Lane; from Jason L. Goodin and Julie A. Goodin; to Terry L. Lohmiller and Kristen N. Lohmiller; $124,000.


821 Greenwood St.; from John Bulva and Bonnie Bulva; to Gregory Obucina and Christa J. Obucina; $ 12,000.


* 1949 Gliddon Blvd.; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC; to Resource Construction Co. LLC; $80,000.

* 1905 Arlington Court; from Patricia M. Saelens; to Alex J. Walk and Lacey L. Feezel; $182,000.


* 212 Olyvia; from JED LLC; to Lindow Contracting Inc.; $21,000.


* 957 Wagon Trail Court; from Steven J. Morby and Patricia S. Morby; to Andrew H. Dreier and Sarah M. Dreier; $195,000.

* 444 Parkside Drive; from Miriam A. Riley and Ola B. Taylor; to Robert W. Barrett; $50,000.

* 122 Kenneth Drive; from Kris Kaufmann and Julie Kaufmann; to Todd Lindow; $340,000.

* 36 Autumn Circle; from Paul C. Lubeck and Linda C. Lubeck; to Kevin H. Miller; $185,500.


* 449 N. 1st St.; from Earl R. Green and Rebecca M. Green; to Jonathan D. Ramsey and Candice N. Ramsey; $118,000.



* 160 Hillcrest Drive; from Mon-Clair Properties LLC; to Wom LLC; $125,000.

* 3039 Croatia Drive; from Cynthia L. Hettenhausen and Jeffrey L. Hettenhausen; to Daniel J. Stack and Dilnawaz Stack; $84,000.

* 447 Micah's Way; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to JLP Construction Co.; $25,000.


* 141 N. Nike St.; from Timothy A. Rousan and Tracie L. Rousan; to Jaymison M. Tubbs and Kimberly A. Tubbs; $125,000.

* 261 E. Back St.; from Glenda G. Miller and John W. Miller; to Kaleb K. Matzenbacher; $125,000.


* 641 Hartman Lane; from Michele J. Busby, Deceased, Stanley E. Busby; to Steven Garstang and Lisa Schneider; $257,000.

* 1604 Lakeview Drive; from Steven S. Garstang; to Anthony W. Hassler and Angela K. Pisani; $151,000.

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