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June 1, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison counties:



* 1705 N. Church St.; from Catherine Boyce; to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $80,257 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 12 S. 88th St.; from Judith A. Bowles; to Diamante Capital LLC; $18,500.

* 8 Steeplechase Lane; from Dale G. Frische Trust; to Joseph Johnson and Karen Johnson; $100,000.

* 225 Hazel Ave.; from Patrick Harvey; to Thomas Dunn; $110,000.

* 24 S. 97th St.; from David P. Yarymowicz; to Tiffany Hill; $52,000.

* 221 Bourdelias; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Jonathan Woodrome and Jamie Corbier; $147,000.

* 300 N. 38th St.; from Christine L. Presson; to Kayla Chrismore and Will Carter; $53,500.

* 2935 Leland Drive; from William M. Adams and Anna M. Adams; to Christopher M. Dukes and Heather Dukes; $80,000.

* 22 W. J St.; from Ann Julia Knoth; to Kenneth R. Peacock; $29,000.


* 2426 White St.; Rickey A. Barnett and Gail Barnett; to Robert Harvey Jr. and Anital Love-Harvey; $37,500.

* 123 St. Dorothy Drive; from Cary Lane; to HD Investments LLC; $12,500.

* 5 Fox Meadow Lane; from Scott Credit Union; to Kelon Pickens; $10,500.


* 407 Geaschel Drive; from Mark Lawson and Nikole M. Lawson; to Shana P. Frierson; $67,000.

* 15 Weinel Court; from Linda Haas and Alexander H. Haas; to Paul Meyer; $77,000.

* 24 Eberhart Drive; from Heather Wierciak; to John D. Smiley; $92,000.


* 624 Minnie Ave.; from CR Capital Group LLC; to CRInvestments LLC; $18,000.

* 1608 N. Main St.; from Eric Knaust; to Alissa Rhoten; $35,000.


* 3325 N. 62nd St.; from Jeff Moss; to Ampelio Munoz; $65,000.


* 9748 Greenbridge Heights Road; from Michael Schreiber and Alycia Schreiber; to Thomas J. Powers and Sandra J. Powers; $103,000.

* 10 Kingston Drive; from Renee J. Ades and Christopher Ades; to Douglas L. Miles; $114,000.


* 619 S. Euclid Ave.; from Fred Capers; to Jason Cluck and Jessica Cluck; $80,000.


* 2847 Ridgeview Lane; from Dennis P. Schnek; to Ronald Hodgkins; $250,000.

* 2802 Imbs Station Road; from Doris A. Burg; to Jeff Hood; $85,000.

* 421 Benham Drive; from Michael Todd and Christine Todd; to Alex Fairbairn and Kaitlin Witte; $220,000.


* 928 Brookside Court; from Patrick D. Rummerfield and Barbara K. Rummerfield; to Camilya C. Hogg and Justin Hogg; $214,000.

* 1045 Chapel Hill Drive; from Harry Maue and Patricia Maue; to Jeff Pratl; $272,000.

* 1025 Buran Drive; from Matthew Baptist; to Derek Marbury; $175,000.

* 1817 Riviera Lane; from Ronald E. Swain; to Anthony Bridgeman and Theresa Bridgeman; $330,000.

* 805 Misty Valley Road; from Lacey K. Clary; to James D. Chambers; $153,000.


* 321 Radcliff Road; from Margie L. Favia; to Christopher A. Karrick and Johnna E. Guthrie; $87,500.

* 912 Crosswinds; from Gerrodd T. Stevenson; to Edward A. Gruhlke; $174,000.

* 322 Berwick Crossing; from TTW LLC; to Stephen J. Doiron and Lynsey E. Doiron; $220,000.



* 917 McKinley Blvd.; from Benjamin M. Ozment and Heather Ozment; to Jeffrey M. Kroll and Amanda M. Kroll; $140,000.


* 330 Grant St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shannon Ray; $23,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1312 Gladys St.; from Wanda S. Carter and Garry L. Carter; to Jason Sykes and Susan L. Carter; $145,000.

* 219 Windridge Drive; from Charles A. Franklin and Irene L. Manley; to Mary Frances Ortiz; $118,000.

* 1550 Douglas Ave.; from Kenneth L. Quinlan and Patricia Quinlan; to Nancy Erlich; $100,000.


* 807 Vernon St.; from Marie Dealey and Robert A. Dealey; to Angelique D. Shannon; $113,000.

* 549 Nevada Ave.; from John A. Taylor, John A. Taylor Revocable Trust; to Cale A. Young and Kelly Young; $82,000.


* 7883 Jerusalem; from Anthony H. Silvester; to Travis W. Pfeifer and Clary Pfeifer; $35,000.

* 140 Timbermill Lane; from Craig Phelps and Stephanie Phelps; to Sean Christopher J. Robinson and Stephanie L. Robinson; $403,000.

* 3340 Drysdale Court; from James S. Boyd and Tina S. Boyd; to Josh A. McDonald and Tracy S. McDonald; $575,000.

* 3030 Sunset Hills Blvd. South; from Rebecca L. Becker, Rebecca L. Becker Trust; to Peter F. Reinecke; $590,000.

* 976A University Drive; from Bradley P. Wilken; to Sara D. Albers; $200,000.

* 608 Wyma Place; from Brian D. Hires and Beth Hires; to Janice k. Neuhaus; $145,500.

* 209 Belden Drive; from Vicki S. Owens and Roger S. Owens; to Earl W. Niepert III and Elizabeth Niepert; $225,000.


* 106 Lakewood Drive; from Harry K. Windland and Carol A. Windland; to Robert P. Marcus and Karen T. Marcus; $430,000.

* 240 Glen Carbon Road; from Matthew Foley and Andrea N. Foley; to Benjamin Ozment and Heather Ozment; $175,000.


* 1307 Sor Galahad Lane; from Daniel W. Cope and Gwedalyn R. Cope; to Crystal Woodman; $69,500.

* 4910 W. Hill Drive; from Barbara J. Burleman; to W. Filey Loesch and Megan C. Sumpter; $80,500.


* 2209 Delmar Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Sheryl Turnbull; $29,250 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 4824 Karen Drive; from Earl W. Niepert and Elizabeth E. Niepert; to Steven L. Light and Stacie L. Light; $203,000.


* 12685 Daiber Road; from Fannie Mae; to Michelle Pugh and Gary Pugh; $197,000.

* 30 Lexington Lane; from Mark S. Kabureck Jr. and Virginia R. Kabureck; to Brian D. Loyet; $131,500.

* 90 Arrowleaf St.; from Stephen M. Kirkpatrick and Sara E. Kirkpatrick; to Jacob A. Doerer and Lauren L. Doerer; $204,000.

* 1408 Lynn St.; from Brandon J. Kircher and Ashley L. Kircher; to Scott W. Stehlik and Amanda S. Stehlik; $152,000.

*1817 Cypress St.; from Nicholas C. Klenke; to Linda M. Schwend; $149,000.

* 40 Northview Drive; from Marilyn Suever and Robert Suever; to Matthew Q. Hiltibidal and Erin T. Hiltibidal; $101,000.


* 110 S. Windmill St.; from Darren R. Simmons and Kristie Simmons; to Michael A. Longford and Kara A. Kniser; $106,000.


* 1060 Meadow Lake Drive; from Connie S. Wellesley; to Jack L. Locandro; Leda M. Locandro, Locandro Revocable Living Trust; $130,000.

* 2700 Deerfield Drive; from Julie M. Brown, Julie A. Miller, Mark R. Brown; to Michael J. Landwehr and Pamela M. Landwehr; $230,000.


* 502 Riggin Road; from Brian Weiss and Erin Weiss; to Nicholas J. Garcia; $122,000.

* 309 McClelland Drive; from Vicksburg Development Inc.; to Construction Solutions 4U Inc.; $51,000.

* 307 N. Chorcoal St.; from Larry M. Hoffman and Jacqueline M. Hoffman; to Kimberly A. Heintz; $75,000.



* 600 Autumn Rise Lane; from Flower & Fendler Inc.; to Adam Embrick and Whitney Embrick; $364,500.

* 1021 Arizone Drive; from Aaron Fries and Danielle Fries; to Jessica M. Wheatley and Michael A. Wheatley II; $178,000.

* 471 Wernings; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Bradley Long and Jocelyn A. Long; $220,000.


* 3367 Mystic Lane; from Fannie Mae; to Carolyn M. Eagan and Steven W. Eagan; $110,000.

* 507 S. Market St.; from Diann L. Olson and Louanne E. Theis; to James J. Yaekel; $85,000.

* 5625 Kaskaskia Road; from Janet E. Bathon; to Clinton Bert; $99,000.

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