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June 13, 2014

Democrats stretch to ding Rauner

Democrats have hounded Bruce Rauner, Illinois' GOP gubernatorial candidate, for weeks to release details of how he would reduce state spending.

When he finally did that on Thursday, what part got criticized by Senate President John Cullerton? Rauner's pledge to work without pay and fly himself around the state. "His proposal is saying, 'I've got enough money to be the governor, so why should we let anybody else be the governor,' " Cullerton said.

We get it that Democrats want to paint Rauner as an wealthy elitist, but the fact that Rauner is willing to do the job for nothing should not be held against him.

He's offering to do for free something that the current leaders can't do even with a paycheck: Figure out a way to get state government to operate with what it can afford.

Voters are still learning about Rauner, but they know the book on Democrats' ineptness over the years. The Democrats, who control all of Springfield, have only themselves to blame for their failures.

Rauner is an alternative to what isn't working in Springfield. Democrats would be wise to focus on explaining their own poor record rather than criticize Rauner for his generosity.

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