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June 29, 2014

Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 1218 W. Main St.; from Rosco Investments LLC; to Community Interfaith Food Pantry; $158,000.

* 109 St. John Drive; from Andrew Ruester and Chloe Ruester; to Tracy Govan and Jonate Govan; $120,000.

* 2759 E. B St., Collin Baulch and Elyssa Baulch; to Thomas Kaiser and Lorna Kaiser; $146,500.

* 2229 Birmingham Drive; from John Bradshaw and Martha Bradshaw; to Diwakar Dahal and Sweta Khanal; $226,000.

* 32 S. 87th St.; from Ronald D. Pendegrass and Jill A. Pendegrass; to James A. Johnson; $87,000.

* 38 Country Club Acres; from Christopher S. Short; to Rashawn Burns; $147,500.

* 5601 Concordia Road; from The Rehkemper Family Partnership LP and Thomas J. Rehkemper, Trustee; to Danny J. Geib and Gail K. Geib; $255,000.

* 6 Kingsway Drive; from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Home Town Living LLC; $20,501 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2717 Autumn Harvest Lane; from Seth Howell and Veronica Howell; to Gregory Egger and Anne Egger; $166,500.

* 21 Mars Drive; from Michael Titchenal and Crystal Weaver; to Michael A. Kasten and Elizabeth L. Kasten; $82,500.

* 16 N. 39th St.; from Denise Wiegand; to Michael R. Burtto; $27,500.


* 758 Jerome Lane; from Susan Miller, Linda Fields, Ginger O'Brien; to John W. Johnson III; $14,000.

*2106 Mousette Lane; from Steve White and Truman ARendall; to PFP LLC; $8,000.


408 Bernice; from CRInvestments LLC; to EZ Street Properties LLC; $29,000.


121 N. 5th St.; from Michael Wheatley and Jessica Wheatley; to Joshua L. Sins; $86,000.

fairview heights

* 101 Debra Drive; from Kimberly Abbot, Kimberly Damage; to Andrew Randant and Cynthia Link; $110,500.

* 846 Clemson Ave.; from Donald E. Preuss; to Janice L. Connell; $197,500.

* 208 Hall Point; from John M. Stachel and Amy K. Stachel; to Nathaniel Rose and Abigail Rose; $159,000.

* 56 Concord Drive; from Douglas A. Danielson and Rebecca E. Danielson; to Jeffrey Burrow and Kesley J. Tripp; $105,000.

* 324 Countryside Lane; from Timothy Gotto; to Alicia Timmerberg and Joseph Timmerberg; $96,000.

* 108 Lakeland Hills; from Judith K. Brodwater; to Marquita A. Mitchell; $91,500.


* 3291 Sugar Lake Drive; from John P. Davinroy and Janel M. Davinroy; to John E. Charlton and Bernadette A. Charlton; $500,000.


* 133 W. Oak St.; from Ruth C. Shadle, by Brian D. Bugard, her attorney in fact; to Scott M. Hostestler and Elizabeth Hostetler; $111,000.

* 2110 Jefferson Ave.; from Barbara Silvanic; to James Smith; $130,000.


* 627 W. Adams St.; from Jeremy M. Gummersheimer and Melissa Gummersheimer; to Brooke C. Range; $126,000.


* 209 Whitehall Drive; from James Miller Jaczinski; to Craig D. Suhre; $70,000.

* 705 N. Lincoln Ave.; from Mario Sida; to James Weier and Rosemary Weier; $122,500.

* 4 Wildwood Lane; from James J. Seipp and Pamela Seipp; to Russell McDonald and Joy McDonald; $192,000.

* 650 Rain Hollow Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kelley J. Woelke; $104,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1410 Huntington Ridge Court; from Brad J. Sherman and Earlene Sherman; to Douglas A. Danielson and Rebecca E. Danielson; $233,000.

* 4908 Bristol Hill Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Sameer Fanous and Lama Fanous; $219,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 419 E. Washington; from Kruep Construction Inc.; to Mary F. Jacobs; $126,000.


* 3511 Middlebury Way; from Brett Gilliland and Julie Gilliland; to Charles Richards and Kaila Richards; $239,000.


* 853 Sparta St.; from Ann M. Tweedy, Paul A. Thessing, Richard J. Thessing, Daniel E. Thessing; to Richard J. Thessing; $70,000.


* 1756 Shade Tree Court; from Jeanine Farnen; to Natlie M. Czyz; $160,000.



* 2848 Circle Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Brad Gillis; $40,000.

* 900 Danforth St.; from Joan P. McGovern and Michael B. McGovern; to Joshua R. Watson and Bailey E. Watson; $152,000.

* 601 1/2 Leonard St.; from James L. Dodd Sr. and Carol A. Dodd; to Jessica McKee; $40,000.


* 3126 Seiler Road; from Stephen W. Peters; to William D. Maggart and Rebecca Maggart; $90,000.


* 115 Pine Hollow Lane; from Five Oaks of Missouri Inc.; to Frank Bohanon; $165,000.

* 5 Tiemann Drive; from David W. Collins and Emily B. Collins; to John W. Gardiner and Kathyrn L. Gardiner; $125,000.

* 110 E. Main St.; from Jerry O. Forte and Carol G. Forte; to KJK Enterprises Inc.; $130,000.

* 1126 Carraway Court; from First Collinsville Bank; to Andrew K. Flaherty; $130,000.


* 600 Monroe St.; from Stephen J. Huch and Jessica A. Huch; to j\James R. Clayton; $70,000.


* 496 Chancellor Drive; from Gilbert C. Earle IV and Jennifer G. Earle; to Matthew J. Hawk and Camille H. Hawk; $239,000.

* 1455 Ladd Ave.; from Kelly E. Clarke; to Anthony G. Grippi and Amanda L. Grippi; $125,000.

* 1111 Cobblestone; from Richard A. Byers and Melissa A. Byers; to Aaron Tucker; $185,000.

* 1409 Gerber Road; from Nicholas Head and Holly Head; to Lester Brune IV and Kristina Brune; $ 250,000.

* 7443 Shadowfax Lane; from Dixie Harr; to Gregory J. Boyer and Megan M. Boyer; $42,000.

* 104 Springer Ave.; from Ryan J. Hardie and Kelly B. Hardie; to Jason Lloyd and Tara Lloyd; $401,500.

* 113 Fox Hill Court; from Remington Properties LLC; to Mrke L. Owens; $425,000.

* 728 E. Lake Drive; from William L. Kibler and Pamela V. Kibler; to Kimberly H. Durr; $175,000.


* 43 Pepperwood Court; from Fred S. Edwards and Vera S. Edwards; to Scott Biama and Tamara S. Baima; $72,000.

* 348 Westminister Drive; from Kim Kirn and David George; to Robert M. Paty and MIchele D. Meckfessel; $370,000.

* 2 Timber Bluff Court; from Arlynn G. Georgeson and Tammy J. Georgeson; to Jerry K. Thomas and Diana M. Thomas; $343,000.


* 1153 Lola St.; from Nicole A. Ribley, Nicole A. Hamilton, Kristen J. Hamilton; to Thomas Matyas; $92,000.

* 204 Briarwood; from Irina Kandilaroff; to Shana Henry; $55,000.

* 3009 Sunbury Ave.; from Shari Brim, Joni Wilkins, Donald L. Miller; to John C. Meszaros; $64,000.


* 127 Allen Ave.; from Scott A. Koenig and Renea Koenig; to Brandon J. Huff and Lyndsey R. Huff; $126,000.


* 13455 Wildlife Trail; from Gret Land Development Inc.; to Jared S. Krieg and Jamie L. Krieg; $45,000.

* 13247 Koch Road; from Ronald J. Rakers and Dana S. Rakers; to Seth Beckham and Danielle Bartolomucci; $217,000.

* 25 Arbor Crest Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Lonnie L. Poettker and Kimberly L. Trame; $89,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 118 Koala Cove; from Jacob I. Rakers and Krysten L. Rakers; to Amanda C. Zeller; $52,000.


* 1939 Wellington Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jenifer Walker; $66,900 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 904 Rolling Meadows Drive; from Ryan Luckett and Amy Luckett; to Caleb Dick and Kimberly Dick; $179,500.

* 1214 Jacquelyn Court; from William E. Weiss and Sylvia Weiss; to Steven E. Dunn; $135,000.


* 327 Bass Drive; from Kevin J. Miner and Kimberly A. Miner; to Austin McConnell and Chelsea BeQuette; $155,000.

* 605 Briar Meadow Court; from John V. Roman; to Alexander W. Brorby and Margaret M. Brorby; $275,000.

* 4 Parkland Drive; from Raymond M. Hicks and Ramona L. Hicks; to Jimmy R. Munro; $142,000.

* 307 Montgomery; from John E. Fincham and Grace L. Fincham; to Cheryl J. Chrusciel; $167,000.

* 504 S. Liberty Road; from Edmond F. Willimann and Doris A. Nations, etal; to Frances Greear; $336,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 199 Red Bud Drive; from Peter K. Dugan and Tara E. Dugan; to Joshua D. Butler; $142,000.


* 103 Fillmore St.; from Lutheran Senior Services; to Roy R. Burns III and Nicole M. Burns; $92,000.



* 604 Autumn Rise Lane; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Carol Bivins and Patrick Bivins; $336,500.

* 8534 High Meadows Drive; from JLP Construction Co.; to Andrea J. Brown and Ryan T. Brown; $291,000.

* 406 Shoreline Drive; from Gary Davis, Co-Trustee etal; to Gail Brown and Matthew Brown; $95,000.

* 413 Brellinger St.; from John A Hake Trustee; to Matthew D. Hake and Molly E. Hake; $620,000.

* 459 Terry Drive; from Kimberly L. Weaver and Thomas G. Weaver; to Amy S. Klauck and Ryan D. Klauck; $267,500.

* 1623 Daleview Drive; from Curtis J. Bachelier, Deceased, Joydean M. Beatty, Co-Executor, Lynn D. McAuliffe, Co-Executor; to Grant G. Gvozdich; $127,000.


* 1301 Dannehold Farms Drive; from Diana L. Jones and Natalie S. Steppig and William L. Steppig III; $278,000.

* 401 Park St.; from Jacob Vogt and Kristen Vogt; to Steven M. Few; $123,000.

* 7031 Clayton Road; from Clayton Meadows Inc.; to JLP Construction Co.; $220,000.

* 5404 LRC Road; from Erick Mazurkiewicz and Todd Mazurkiewicz; to Karen R. Perjack and Mark J. Perjack; $195,000.

* 1036 Gilmore Lake Road; from Nancy Koesterer, Executor, Alvin J. Menke, Deceased; to Adam G. Rhein; $100,000.

* 528 Shamrock Drive; from Jason R. Thomas and Michelle K. Thomas; to Jason McNalley and Lacey McNalley; $215,000.

* 5600 N. Ronnie Drive; from Debra L. Argus and Philip V. Argus; to Barbara F. Brown and Donald E. Brown Jr.; $161,000.

* 410 Hillcrest Drive; from Joan A. Birchler, Trustee and John A. Birchler, Trustee; to Dallas A. Beard; $165,000.

* 822 Sheridan Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to Carrie A. Gower and Eric J. Gower; $221,000.

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