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July 7, 2014

Illinois jobs leave, and the people are right behind

At the same time the national jobs outlook is brightening, Illinois just found out how utterly bleak times are here. An analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute showed that Illinois created only 500 private-sector jobs between August 2013 and May. Compare that to its Midwest neighbors: Indiana, 35,300 jobs; Wisconsin, 31,000; Missouri, 28,300; Iowa, 13,700. Illinois' job creation number was the lowest in the Midwest, and second lowest in the nation.

It's even worse just looking at 2014. In the first five months, while those other states all had job gains, Illinois lost 26,300 jobs.

It's no wonder people are moving out of Illinois in droves. The Policy Institute said 850,000 people have moved out of Illinois since 1995 -- one person every 10 minutes. Wow.

The exodus will continue unless elected leaders look to fundamental government reform rather than higher income taxes to solve Illinois' problems.

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