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July 6, 2014

Easy voting ripe for fraud

Gov. Pat Quinn said he wants voting to be "as easy as possible." Well, mission accomplished. It's so easy now, we fear for vote fraud.

Thanks to the bill he signed into law last week, Illinois has about as many ways to vote now as Bubba Gump had to prepare shrimp. The only thing that would be easier would be to allow the politicians to cast ballots for the voters.

Early voting days and hours will be extended. Registration will be allowed on Election Day. College students will be able to vote on campus rather than travel home or request an absentee ballot. And that photo ID requirement to vote early? Forget about it.

Democrats rushed the changes through on the second to last day of the legislative session. That gave county clerks and other election authorities little time to protest the extra costs of extended hours or last-minute registrations or the difficulties of ensuring that the voters are legitimate and get only one vote.

But Quinn and company aren't worried about those kinds of details -- or about making things easier for the voters, for that matter. They are trying to make it easier for themselves to get votes on Election Day.

By the way, these changes apply in November only -- the election in which Quinn faces a tough re-election battle against Republican Bruce Rauner. Isn't that special?

This could be the election that gives new meaning to that old political joke: Vote early and vote often.

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