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July 5, 2014

Facing up to mistakes

Fairview Heights Alderwoman Linda Arnold probably felt foolish saying she was for the TGI Friday's restaurant project after she was against it.

Her actions were head scratchers. Arnold introduced a motion to reconsider the $3 million redevelopment project, then voted against her own motion along with the rest of the council.

Arnold had wanted a guarantee that a hotel or motel would be built in addition to the restaurant. While that would be ideal, and what company leaders said they want, they had already made it clear that is not economically feasible now.

It seemed that the city was OK with that until Arnold's motion to reconsider.

Arnold said she wasn't trying to stop the project, "I just wanted to take pause." But this project is too far along for a pause.

At least she got it right in the end. It's better to see an elected official admit to a mistake than to continue on in a wrongheaded direction.

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