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July 20, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 122 N. 14th St.; from Community First Bank; to KCI Land Trust III; $14,000.

* 212 N. 6th St.; from Suzanne Santos; to Abril Alcazar; $8,500.

* 14 Damask Court; from Mark A. Sweet and Deborah E. Sweet; to Diana MacNutt; $47,500.

* 920 Forest Ave.; from Jason Busch and Rebecca Busch; to Danielle Hyatt and Clinton Hyatt; $93,000.

* 1301 Springfield Drive; from Maxine B. Smith, Surviving Joint Tenant of Robert M. Smith, Deceased by Robert M. Smith, her Attorney; to Bub Sutton Real Estate & Loan LLC; $86,500.

* 850 Fort Henry Road; from Elliot R. Dozier and Shauna K. Dozier; to Richard R. Cameron and Chelsy Butler; $95,000.

* 2008 Lebanon Ave.; from Kathleen M. Hopfinger; to Heather M. Wilson; $53,500.

* 501 Southgate Drive; from Hamid Wedatalla and Amina Chambers; to Adrienne Moore; $76,000.

* 324 Penn St.; from Junus R. Darugna; to Skylar Darugna; $69,000.

* 56 Country Club Acres; from Mark Palmer and Dawn Palmer; to Jason G. Browne and Patricia L. Browne; $158,000.

* 744 Union Ave.; from John A. Isenogle; to Tamyra J. Vinyard; $70,500.

* 2 Parkridge; from Judith A. Koch; to Helen E. Welle; $78,000.

* 2711 London Lane; from C.P.R. Properties; to jacob Vaught; $247,000.


* 745 St. Nicholas Drive; from Dennis D. Ballinger; to 745 St. Nicholas Land Trust; $7,000.

* 2011 Delores St.; from Gail Piersol; to Eric Knaust; $20,000.


* 27 Hillcrest Lane; from Prairie State Properties LLC; to Raymond Otero; $62,500.


* 310 Marabeth Drive; from Mark Hellmuth; to Christopher Ulrich; $60,000.

* 731 Saybrook Falls; from D * F Contracting Inc.; to Kerry K. Peterson-Hardin; $190,000.

* 1154 Stonewolf Trail; from Robert J. Bassett; to Christopher R. Blair and Heather Blair; $278,000.


* 123 W. Main St.; from Denny A. Jobes, Surviving Joint Tenants of Lynn William Jobes, Deceased; to Reid A. Lilly and Amanda E. Lilly; $229,000.

* 316 E. McCallister; from Anthony C. Buhl and Karen S. Buhl; to David A. Hubert; $20,000.

* 10912 Upland Terrace Drive; from Ronald Konieczny and Anna Koeczny; to Terry Nagel and Veronica Nagel; $100,000.


* 10870 Bee Hollow Road; from Jason McNalley and Lacey McNalley; to Steven Jones and Susan McCluskey; $282,000.

* 624 Pinckneyville Road; from KS Blank, Successor; to Brian T. Gutjahr and Karen L. Gutjahr; $139,500.


* 9648 Weatherby St.; from David M. Hansen and Patricia A. Hansen; to Gerald Daugherty; $254,000.

* 547 N. August; from Mitchell G. Parker and Kim H. Parker; to Nathaniel D. Newcomb and Micki J. Newcomb; $245,000.

* 416 Falling Leaf Way; from Nathaniel D. Newcomb; to Melinda Bayer; $135,000.


* 4930 Floraville Road; from Diana Clark; to Garrett Hake and Cynthia Hake; $240,000.

* 2913 Imbs Station Road; from Alva J. Eaton Jr. and Cynthia Eaton; to David Madden; $110,000.

* 921 Hamburg Lane; from JL Schaefer Construction Inc.; to Arlene M. Glaeser; $359,000.


* 122 Easton Ave.; from Paul M. Cleary and Maria S. Cleary; to Sharo L. Anderson; $85,000.

* 8 Ravenwood Circle; from Walter F. Bryce Jr. and Linda K. Bryce; to Joseph D. Mellenthin and Amanda T. Mellenthin; $159,500.

* 1117 River Birch Drive; from Mary Alicia Schur; to Jon M. Fleming and Hollie M. Fleming; $245,000.

* 705 Erics Run Drive; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Kyle Jackson and Emily Jackson; $210,500.

* 17 Joshua Drive; from Tim L. Morris; to hank Brinegar and Natascha Brinegar; $225,000.

* 1026 Edgewood Drive; from Joanne Balana, Surviving Joint Tenant of John A. Balana, Deceased; to Brittney Cahpman and Corbin Harper; $168,000.

* 322 W. Deer Creek Road; from Eric Kujawa and Rebecca Kujawa; to Chad Cisewski and Katherine Cisewski; $250,000.

* 1524 Oak Meadow Drive; from Gordon D. Bridger and Lisa L. Bridger; to John M. Sapic Jr. and Sarah Sapic; $141,500.

* 709 S. Vine St.; from Ronald Baldus and Dorothy Baldus; to John Shaw, Patricia Shaw, Mary R. Johnston; $76,000.

* 902 Juniper Drive; from Kelly D. Underwood; to Gabriel J. Brame; $127,000.

* 405 E. Adams; from Rick Koelmel and Margaret Koelmel; to Jason Martin and Tara Martin; $183,500.

* 2081 Quarry Road; from Donald A. Blue and Ruth C. Blue; to Tony D. Sontag and Valerie Sontag; $195,000.

* 502 Fontainebleau; from Henry Haddis and Genola Gaddis; to John Heimbecker and Ann M. Grimm; $140,500.


* 742 Darmstadt St.; from Marc Maurer and Janice Maurer; to Brian Haas; $58,000.


* 63 Innsbruck Lane; from Thomas L. oble and Jaclyn S. Goble; to Hazel L. Young; $140,000.


* 4239 Willow Oaks Lane; from Ruth Bagley; to Benjamin Jensen and Jodi Jensen; $245,000.


* 1721 Baxston Court; from Quantum Lending LLC; to Daniel L. Dryden and May Dryden; $134,000.

* 2 Marilyn Drive; from Bank of Marion; to Colin A. Stokes; $99,000.



* 3879 Berkeley Ave.; from Vicky L. Carter; to Kristi A. Hammon; $95,000.

* 4710 Storeyland Drive; from Travis French and Amy French; to Brandon M. Wheeler and Stephanie K. Wheeler; $146,000.

* 703 State St.; from Parcel Mo. Properties LLC; to Richard Chartrand; $243,000.


* 128 Garrettford Drive; from Schreiber Farm LLC; to CBH Construction Inc.; $25,000.

* 125 Westmoreland Drive; from The Bluestone Group LLC; to Samuel Walker and Whitney Walker; $155,000.


* 245 Sumner Blvd.; from Mary Arand and Robert Hustava; to Perry W. Kasper and Teresa L. Kasper; $75,500.

* 211 Emilie St.; from Bruce F. Klostermann and Shriley A. Klostermann; to James K. Townsend and Ashley M. Townsend; $138,500.

* 126 Hilltop Place; from Julianne R. Powell; to Elliot E. Motl; $120,000.

* 161 Pine Hollow Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Uban Development; to Joshua Allen; $118,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 239 Wood River Ave.; from Joseph M. Gould Jr. and Nicole A. Gould; to Tiffany Cook; $72,000.

* 103 Sheppard St.; from Community First Bank; to Nicholas Russo; $39,500.


* 920 Timberlake Drive; from John A. Ess and Teresa E. Ess; to Jon N. Diaz and Susan M. Diaz; $254,500.

* 309 Shea Court; from Valerie Sweatt; to Andrew P. Gulotta and Jennifer A. Gulotta; $26,500.

* 223 N. Buchanna St.; from Andrew P. Gulotta and Jennifer A. Gulotta; to Daniel Frierdich and Briana Frierdich; $187,000.

* 2408 Little Round Top; from Seref C. Karacal and Humeyra Karacal; to Nikita V. Tuzov and Olga Bezhanova; $237,500.

* 5324 Fox Creek; from Jeanette L. Holder; to EMily Heikes and Robert Skowron; $364,000.


* 3 Ginger Lea; from Louis F. Newport and Nancy C. Newport; to Adam Petersen and Rachel Petersen; $237,000.

* 496 Barkwood Lane; from PHH Mortgage Corp.; to Michael D. Craddick and Tanya V. Craddick; $108,500.

* 26 Gray Cub Court; from Nocturne Dsilva and Jennifer Dsilva; to Brent Broshow and Lyn Broshow; $325,000.

* 216 Star Lane; from Alan Kaburick and Jennifer L. Kaburick; to Jacob W. Stapleton and Adria E. Stapleton; $217,500.

* 152 Somerset Drive; from Victor L. Darnell and Nancy L. Darnell; to Matthew J. Dittman and Meghan E. Dittman; $264,000.

* 141 Ellington Court; from Daniel R. Thompson and Jennifer L. Thompson; to Daniel Ludwig and Krista Ludwig; $280,000.


* 5008 Southwood Drive; from David E. Mueggenburg and Krysta N. Mueggenburg; to Michele R. Walker; $200,000.

* 214 W. Delmar Ave.; from Ralph G. Rowden; to Thomas J. Schwan; $78,000.

* 6525 Timber Ridge Lane; from Jay R. Tomerlin and Patricia K. Tomerlin; to David E. Mueggenburg and Krysta N. Mueggenburg; $275,000.

* 613 St. Rose Drive; from Dorothy L. Mitchell; to Nelson A. Lewis and Gayle L. Lewis; $65,000.

* 2926 W. Delmar; from John V. Kamp; to Melissamade Inc.; $235,000.

* 5331 Godfrey Road; from Larry W. Main and Carolyn S. Main; to Kenneth Jones and Lisa Jones; $80,000.


* 2112 Richmond Ave.; from Gladys Koishor; to Raymond E. Anderson and Joan M. Anderson; $95,000.

* 217 Wilson Park Lane; from Margie C. Murphy; to Michael W. Young Jr.; $84,000.

* 3029 Willow Ave.; from Douglas E. Justus; to Matthew Warfield and Carissa McCallister; $72,000.

* 1202 27th St.; from Darion Kimble and Melissa A. Kimble; to Jack E. Jenkins and Melodee A. Jenkins; $120,000.


* 45 Tara Trail; from Artemio S. Basuel and Excelsa A. Basuel; to Brian D. Janiszewski and Rebecca Janiszewski; $228,500.

* 42 Shadywoods Lane; from Josie L. Beard; to Garrett M. Hoyt and Kattie M. Hoyt; $229,000.

* 90 Tara Trail; from Kane M. Freeman and Jennifer R. Freeman; to Benton J. Eberwein and Jami L. Eberwein; $240,000.

* 2450 Becker Road; from Warren M. Byrd and Kristan L. Byrd; to Kane M. Freeman and Jennifer R. Freeman; $435,000.

* 1415 Lynn St.; from William E. Kuehl and Amy M. Kuehl; to Daisy S. Sterkis; $144,000.

* 1288 Acord Road; from Repiv Ltd. Partnership; to Michelle D. Nation and Frank R. Nation Jr.; $147,500.

* 13603 Snowy Pass; from Stonemark Development LLC; to Corey A. Winkeler and Crystal L. Winkeler; $40,000.


* 4633 Marine Road; from Lauren M. Marshall; to Richard O. Barbee III and Corena N. Barbee; $216,000.


* 2309 Preswyck Court; from Damon Harbison and michelle E. Harbison; to Zachary Henske and Tiffany Lackman; $240,000.


* 201 Jessica Drive; from Benton J. Eberwein and Jami L. Eberwein; to Joseph F. Schultze and Karen S. Schultze; $154,000.


* 131 Willing Way; from William E. McNamee and Sharon G. McNamee; to Scott Hassal and Carole Hassal; $198,000.

* 305 McClellan Drive; from Construction Solutions 4U Inc.; to Trisha L. Fledman; $286,000.

* 345 Quail Lake Drive; from Cornerstone Construction of Collinsville Inc.; to Mathew Conway and Elizabeth Conway; $248,000.

* 520 Wren Hill; from Thomas F. Lewis Jr.; to Ellis L. Crabtree and Avis J. Switzer; $36,000.


* 128 Grand Ave.; from Jenny N. Hammond; to Nulio C. Amador Martinez; $98,500.

* 643 N. 1st St.; from Mark A. Carlisle and Melody A. Carlisle; to Jason L. Lievers; $93,000.


* 7950 Renken Road; from Travis Pfeiffer and Clary Pfeiffer; to Kristi Crossin and Kelli L. Boyd; $170,000.



* 986 Hill Castle Road; from Dale P. Gummersheimer, Deceased, Heather Neri, Independent Administrator; to Robert J. Harrison; $210,000.

* 1018 Harbor Court; from Deborah M. Weiss and Michael W. Weiss; to Ashley N. Albers and Ryan D. Albers; $164,000.

* 516 W. Bottom Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Dana L. Schlemmer; $86,989 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 972 N. Briegel St.; from Susan M. Barks; to Sharon Weller; $185,000.

* 9848 High Ridge Drive; from Kent R. Schaffer and Valerie A. Schaffer; to Emily J. Leuty and Jeffrey D. Leuty; $273,000.

* 226 Longview Drive; from Andrew J. Dennes and Deanna M. Dennes; to Michael Hellrich and Rebecca Hellrich; $230,000.

* 721 N. Metter Ave.; from Linda M. Seibel and William J. Seibel; to William A. Cotton and Jerrica L. Cotton; $133,000.

* 523 W. Bottom Ave.; from Dolores E. Bates and Susan E. Thurston; to Gail K. Lyerla and Keith L. Lyerla; $110,000.


* 2103 Ames Road; from John J. Oakley Revocable Living Trust and William J. Schmaltz, Trustee; to Belinda Lance and Steve Lance; $200,000.

* 9245 Smith Road; from Fred L. Webb and Kathryn L. Webb; to Glennda S. Naeger and Luke A. Simpson; $192,500.


* 1242 Castle Green Drive; from C A Jones Inc.; to Kevin M. Gilliam and Joyce A. Gilliam; $220,500.

* 1238 Castle Green Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to Joyce A. Gilliam and Kevin J. Gilliam; $31,000.

* 10 Kevin St.; from Edward J. Buckley and Rebecca A. Buckley; to Angela M. Staub and Beau Staub; $158,000.

* 402 Wedgewood Drive; from Charles M. & Janice M. Clark Trust; Charles M. Clark, Trustee; Janice M. Clark, Trustee; to Jill M. Immethun and Joseph M. Immethun; $179,000.

* 827 Victorian Ave.; from Angela L. Lechner and Joseph W. Lechner; to Lisa M. Harter and Timothy W. Harter; $211,000.

* 212 Oak St.; from Rebecca S. Timken; to Quinn M. Nichols; $145,500.

* 921 Evansville Ave.; from Ruth A. Matthews; to Allson Modglin and Vernon Modglin; $190,000.

* 815 Victorian Ave.; from C A Jones Inc.; to Christopher Shepherd and Sabrina Shepherd; $183,000.

* 408 Wedgewood Drive; from Evelyn I. Brogan; to Andrea L. Thurm an dDarren P. Thurm; $191,105.

* 8019 Meadowfield Drive; from Rickey D. Dodd and Tammy S. Dodd; to Catherine Foster and Edward Foster; $22,500.

* 404 Covington Drive; from Allen W. Brand; to Brandon C. Hanks and Gabrielle J. Hanks; $415,000.

* 405 Lakeview Drive; from Betty A. Limestall, Revocable Living Trust; Betty A. Limestall, Trustee; Wallace H. Limestall, Revocable Living Trust; to Brian T. Schmitt and Janese T. Schmitt; $128,000.

* 502 Paul Drive; from Anita M. Brewer, Darrell E. Helton, Karen E. Helton; to Dolores E. Bates; $140,000.

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