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July 18, 2014

No worries about security at Marissa marijuana farm

We know a lot of people think Cheech and Chong will be heading to Marissa if a medical marijuana farm gets approved. Applicants want to ease opponents' fears about falling property values, increased traffic and "undesirables" heading to town.

Still, armored trucks transporting the product to dispensaries? Extra sheriff's patrols around the center? What is this, Fort Knox?

If people read the state Department of Agriculture's 94 pages of rules for cultivation centers, they'd know that all sorts of security measures are required.

For instance, medical marijuana has to be transported in a "sealed, traceable, food compliant, tamper resistant, tamper evident container or package." The product has to be inventoried by serial number, labeled and the chain of custody documented. Drivers have to go straight to their destination with only emergency stops.

The farm will have controlled access, security cameras throughout and an alarm system that includes a panic button, a holdup alarm and a duress alarm.

Sounds pretty controlled and pretty secure. Why not Marissa?

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