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July 20, 2014

Nothing dumb about new ideas

For months, Gov. Pat Quinn has pushed Republican challenger Bruce Rauner to release his tax plan. When Rauner unveiled it last week -- roll back the state income tax from 5 percent to 3 percent, freeze property taxes and broaden the sales tax -- Quinn pronounced it a "dumb idea."

Well, what did people expect Quinn to say? That he wishes he had thought of that?

Quinn's plan to make the 5 percent tax permanent isn't working. From unenployment to unfunded pension liability to residents and businesses fleeing the state, the evidence is clear.

Rauner's plan won't solve the state's woes immediately. The state got into this mess over years, and it will take years to turn things around.

It will be difficult to accomplish when many lawmakers think in two-year election cycles. But lower taxes and a broader tax base are among the things Illinois needs for long-term growth.

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