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July 20, 2014

Sound-off 7/21

Democrats changed

We honor the passing of statesmen Allen Dixon, one of the last conservative Democrats who actually fought communism instead of wanting to be a communist. And the voters of Illinois rewarded him by throwing him out of office. This is the state of the modern Democratic Party. We now have communists running the system.

Mention the price

The narrative that accompanied your photos July 18 of Southwestern Illinois College's solar panel installation failed to mention that the project will cost Illinois taxpayers almost $163,000 when completed. At that rate, assuming that the system operates continuously and as advertised, it will take 13.7 years for payback on the investment. Please don't forget those required twice a year cleanings to optimize efficiency.

Money keeps leading

I see the Democrats have their campaign chests shoved full of union money again. It's really a shame. How can we expect things to get any better when union members, like cattle with no minds of their own, are told exactly how to vote? The ones handing out our union money and the ones receiving it do not want things to change, it will ruin their free ride.

Trading party places

Did I read correctly in the BND that the Democrats representing Belleville have as much as 10 times the amount of campaign money as their Republican opponents? Odd, I've always been told that Republicans have corporate money from rich donors and always sit down rather than stand up for the little guy. And Democrats can't get any donations except maybe a dollar at a time. Weird. I'm going to have to start paying attention a little more.

Enough explanations

Enough already of BND Editor Jeff Couch's columns on recent changes to his newspaper's format. A week ago I didn't even know what he looked like and now I see his face nearly every morning over coffee. The BND is not nearly as complex as the Affordable Care Act. I think most BND readers can figure it out or cry "uncle" if they can't.

Free ride continues

I've read about the hubbub over the recently increased MetroLink/bus fares. Meanwhile the Redbird Express, Rams Express and the Muny Express fares remain unchanged. They continue to operate as if the ridership needed generously government-subsidized fares, even though every rider is already holding a pricey ticket to these entertainment events. So much for fairness of fares.

If it helps the pain ...

What is the medical marijuana brouhaha? I don't know of anyone who would not want his loved ones to be able to have their pain eased. You can go to any street corner in St. Clair County for harder drugs. Let's do something sensible for those who need the pain reliever.

Inspiration for youth

What a great story on the front page July 4 about young people who worked to clean up this elderly lady's yard. I am so proud of Will Berger starting the Will 2 Work group. It would be so great if we had more young people helping the elderly as these young people have done. I am an 85-year-old widow, so I know how she felt toward them.

Worry about Illinois

Why does Southern Illinois University have to raise the tuition of students if the state is so broke? Why do we have signs in Alabama, St. Louis and who knows where else, "Come to SIUE and pay in-state tuition"? Is it fair to the kids who live in Illinois and their parents who pay taxes? They want to go to SIUE and there is not room, and for every so many students enrolled you need to hire another professor. Why do we have to go out of state to recruit students? Think about the taxpayers and let the Illinois students enjoy their university without paying higher tuition.

All boats will rise

The Belleville merchants are wrong about the German Christmas market. Businesses do not prosper by keeping people away. Businesses prosper by bringing in more people to an area for whatever reason. They would find that the shoppers, because they are downtown, will make unplanned stops at some of the stores and then return to those stores if they sell something worthwhile.

No skin in the game

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert said downtown businesses shouldn't be concerned about other businesses coming in to sell their goods. I bet if they were selling floral arrangements and poinsettias like his wife's business does, he would change his mind.

Investment in order

A lot of people complain about downtown Belleville; there's nothing wrong with spending money on ways to keep it revitalized. They could have given up years ago on it. You don't want it to look like the University City Loop area where businesses are sliding, or end up like Collinsville Avenue in East St. Louis. Let the good things continue to happen in downtown area -- or else.

Get glass off streets

I noticed six months ago that there was ground-up glass up and down my street, and then I realized it was from the recycling truck. I called Belleville and asked if there was a problem with the truck. They said no, that's what you get when you recycle glass. That's terrible, don't they know it sure could mess up dogs' paws? I wish something could be done about this.

Know thy neighbor

I'm calling about Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert, who called the police on me. I'm his neighbor, I've been living there for 10 months. The mayor called the police saying I was a suspicious black male while I was parked in front of my house. I was sitting out there because I had a flat tire. He didn't bother to say, "Do you need any help or anything?" No, he called the police. I am not a male, nor do I look like one; I have a short haircut. Why do we allow him to run our city when he doesn't even know who lives in his neighborhood?

Self-defense allowed

What would we do if rockets were being fired from Canada and hitting around Chicago and Detroit? Would we do nothing? I doubt it. I don't blame Israel for going into Gaza and mopping up the rocket launch site. It's the only way Israel is going to get peace.

Apply laws to all

The Caseyville Police did a good job of stopping several people on my street from shooting off illegal and dangerous fireworks. Then they ignored the large display of fireworks shot off by Village Trustee Rick Casey Jr. and Village Clerk Rob Watt in the street, less than 100 feet from the home of acting Police Chief Scott Miller. If this is how Miller will equally enforce the law in Caseyville, maybe he would be the wrong choice for chief.

Ride another night

The Tour de Belleville should not be held on a Friday night because that's a busy traffic night. It's an inconvenience for me to get around Belleville and then I'm still dodging adults and kids riding bikes in the streets. I think the organizers need to be more concerned with the safely of its participants.

Take back the county

I agree with letter writer Bob DesPain about the need for transparency as the 2014 Madison County Board elections come for nine of its members. I'm convinced of the across-the-board corruption led by the Board Chairman Alan Dunstan, so I'm not going to vote for any incumbent on either side. It's time for county voters to take back their government.

GOP on wrong track

They lost in 1933, lost in 1965, they are wrong in 2014. They are Republicans and they were wrong about Social Security and Medicare, and they will be wrong about the Affordable Care Act, mark my words.

McCoy calls it right

Kudos to cartoonist Glenn McCoy, who admirably portrayed President Obama's recently missed photo op at our southern border. The commander in chief chose to attend political fundraisers elsewhere in Texas rather than get a firsthand look at this catastrophe of humanity that he helped create. For shame.

Border needs securing

Something seriously needs to be done about the crisis on the U.S. border. Our president and leaders don't care. I believe they want immigrants to come into our country. Health wise, economically and security wise, these are our enemies; we will have another attack on our country because of it. Our borders need to be secured. It's against the law to come into our country this way and it needs to be stopped.

All honor to Dixon

If former U.S. Sen. Alan Dixon was so beneficial to maintaining Scott Air Force Base, why hasn't St. Clair County taken steps to rename Air Mobility Drive to Alan Dixon Drive?

No respect remains

First we have the Alorton mayor bringing contraband into the Alorton jail, then a former Washington Park officer brought drugs into the St. Clair County Jail for an inmate. What is going on in this county that these people are getting probation? Anyone else doing that would be in jail. The favoritism by the Democratic Party pervades.

No help in a crisis

I'm calling about St. Clair County Animal Control. We captured an injured raccoon and took it to Animal Control. All they had to do was give it an injection to euthanize it. What is Animal Control for if it doesn't take animals that may carry rabies? They only take cats and dogs. Shut the building down; I'm not paying for workers who do nothing for pay and benefits.

Legal immigrants only

Kevin Gagen's letter to the BND siding with the people welcoming illegal aliens was ridiculous. Gagen being a liberal, states the Statue of Liberty's message. I'd like to point out what it should say is: "Give me your legal tired, poor and huddled masses." The Statue of Liberty was not there to encourage illegal immigrants to come in, burdening our hospital systems and burdening people who need jobs. He has the wrong ideal. It's a legal system here and needs to be followed. If Gagen feels so badly about the children, why doesn't he take one of them in and support the child. He should put his money where his mouth is.

A poor response

I think it's terrible the cats found in the Belleville home had to be euthanized. Perhaps the Belleville Area Humane society could have run an ad and they would have found decent homes, Shame on them.

Response on target

Kudos to BND letter writer Grant Montgomery for his well-put, measured reply to the cheap shot taken at law-abiding Republican gun owners by far left letter writer Michael Ray Dillier.

Glad to hear Prenzler

I enjoyed reading Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler's recent letter to the BND. Funny but a Republican from Madison County communicates more with the St. Clair County taxpayers than the Democratic ghosts who are seldom available for comment.

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