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July 22, 2014

Decide fate of Illinois trooper

Illinois State Trooper Bradley G. Wilken has become a liability to his bosses, St. Clair County prosecutors and by extension, the taxpayers of Illinois.

He is on restricted duty with the State Police because of a complaint lodged against him, and now State's Attorney Brendan Kelly has decided that Wilken will no longer be allowed to testify at criminal trials because of his credibility issues.

Meanwhile, the taxpayers continue to pay Wilken's $84,278 a year salary even though he's not doing his full job.

It's ridiculous that this matter is still being investigated. The complaint occurred almost eight months ago, on Nov. 29. Wilken allegedly choked a college student from Wyoming during a traffic stop. Why is it taking so long to decide whether that complaint has merit?

Beyond the questionable traffic stop, Kelly said Wilken has a history of anger management issues and unprofessional conduct.

It's past time for state police leaders to decide Wilken's future as a trooper. He hasn't been criminally charged in connection with the traffic stop. However, if he doesn't have the credibility to testify in court, what's the point of keeping him on the payroll?

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