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July 27, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 822 Wabash Ave.; from Karl Gilpin; to Michael Varnum; $84,000.

* 636 S. Virginia Ave.; from Clyde O. Minish; to Monica Taylor; $92,000.

* 1311 N. Charles St.; from Corey Mason; to Bryan E. Vaughn; $26,000.

* 2933 Harvest Meadow Drive; from Shawn D. Joy ; to David Dickey and Kristina Dickey; $180,000.

* 1908 Galway Drive; from Arlette A. Lokken-McMullen Surviving Joint Tenant of Robert McMullen, Deceased; to Katherine K. Baars; $113,500.o4

* 3025 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Scott W. Harter and Jamie Harter; $218,000.

* 2781 Brookmeadow Drive; from David McCarrison and Jamie McCarrison; to Shazia Manzoor and Abid Manzoor; $142,500.

* 25 Briarwood Drive; from Darke Bohnenstiehl; to Tyler White; $70,000.

* 8014 W. A St.; from Dennis Schildroth and Rosemary Schildroth; to Lajuana Hill; $55,000.

* 120 Brittany Lane; from Donna Lee Hill; to Timothy M. Gotto; $68,000.

* 2 Perry Lane; from Paul L. Browning; to William Shirley and Cynthia Shirley; $145,000.


* 1316 Williams St.; from Garry Dixon and Joyce S. Dixon; to Amy L. Snyder and Nina M. Snyder; $9,000.

* 815 St. Thomas Lane; from Catherine S. Coonrod; to Anna M. Wilkins an dWilliam A. Gramc; $24,000.


*8734 Garden Ave.; from Victoria M. Mueller; to CRInvestments LLC; $10,000.


* 520 N. 8th St., from Bradley Olsen; to Christina Activity Center; $4,000.


* 7022 Conner Pointe Drive; from Ledgestone LLC; to Maxwell L. Kenison and Larry Kenison; $136,500.

* 870 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Ashley D. Schinner and Joseph Schinner; to Robert D. Holmes; $197,000.

* 10 Pleasant Lane; from Jeffrey Randle and Tara E. Randle; to Aaron Frobel and Rachel Frobel; $114,000.

* 23 Broadstone Drive; from Travis C. Trussell and Gina M. Trussell; to Scot tD. Levesque and Stacey K. Golden; $173,000.


10955 Upland Terrace Drive; from Kyle Janssen; to Amy S. Boggs and David Boggs; $103,000.


* 787 Wild Meadow Lane; from Daniel M. Moseley and Tabitha Moseley; to Chad R. Fournie and Kristien N. Ferguson; $191,000.

* 120 South County Road; from Jeremy L. Brooke; to Jamie L. Horn; $103,000.

* 1257 Antique Lane; from Michael L. Welsh and Crystal M. Welsh; to Donald S. Timon and Mandy N. Timon; $230,000.

* 11607 State Route 177; from Steve W. Maher and Beverly M. Maher; to Michael Welsh and Crystal Welsh; $550,000.


* 6641 Roachtown Road; from Gary L. Groom; to Linda F. Theis; $170,000.


* 3609 Klein School Road; from Thomas A. Buchmiller and Rosemary Buchmiller; to Kyle Row and Clare Schilling; $264,000.


* 607 S. Augusta St.; from Richard W. Binnington and Clara J. Binnington; to David L. Freeman and Kelley N. Freeman; $157,500.

* 1008 Oxford Hill Road; from Heather U. Runnette; to Mark R. Palmer and Dawn L. Palmer; $281,500.

* 409 Ponderosa #3; from Jennifer Pendergraft and Jason E. Pendergraft; to John Hackmann and Eda Hackmann; $59,000.

* 1434 Willoughby Drive; from U.S. Bank; to Patricia J. Malina Revocable Trust; $153,500.

*170 Marigold Drive; from Ryan W. Brown and Tara K. Brown; to John V. McCoy and Kathleen McCoy; $36,500.

* 1517 Nottinghill Drive; from Brent C. Durland and Kimberley J. Durland; to Timmy J. Richardson Jr.; $239,500.

*509 E. Jefferson; from Debra J. Evans; to David F. Freuler and Patricia K. Freuler; $30,000.

*1129 Lazy Hollow Court; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Bradford H. Mayfield and Traci L. Mayfield; $270,000.

* 6601 Arriva Drive; from Rand Clem and Angela Clem; to Junior Oliver and Emily K. Couch-Oliver; $175,000.

* 409 Ponderosa Ave.; from Donald J. Portell and Jamie L. Portell; to Eric Echelbarger and Ericka Echelbarger; $58,000.

* 928 Victoria Lane; from John T. Knack and Tricia J. Knack; to Ryan Christensen; $204,000.

* 184 Knollhaven Trail; from LF & Son Construction; to Steven H. Stater and Christine E. Stater; $300,000.


* 13 Meadowbruck Lane; from Rodney L. Olive and Sarah J. Olive; to Amber R. Hardy; $158,000.

* 2806 London Lane; from Patrick A. Ahearn and Carolyn Ahearn; to Antonio Love and Melissa Love; $230,500.


613 Fieldview Drive; from Mark Lasley and Carla Lasley; to Michael Mattingly and Kimberly Mattingly; $225,000.


* 810 Kendra Ann Drive; from Wayne J. Williams; to Alan J. Bordon and Tamara L. Bordon; $159,000.



* 218 W. Liberty St.; from Marjorie L. McLain, Christine M. Wooters, Robert D. Wooters; to Justin D. Hughes; $117,000.

*2604 Brookfield Court; from Irene Strzembosz, Tadeusz Strzembosz Family Trust; to Jessica L. Janet, Kurt F. Sutterer, Sandra K. Sutterer; $172,000.

* 304 S. Riebeling St.; from Jeffrey D. White; to Russell Walster; $100,900.

* 539 Wernings Drive; from Garrett E. & Herschel E. Johnson, R E Development LLC, Garrett E. Johnson and Herschel E. Johnson; to Daniel C. Lafata and Dawn M. Lafata; $271,000.

* 9 Grandview Bluff Drive; from Sarah A. McGuire Living Trust and Sarah A. McGuire, Trustee; to Blake A. Salger and Sara M. Salger; $160,000.

* 551 Lacroix Way; from Dennis R. Brand; to Debra M. Dewig, Trustee and matthew J. Dewig, Trustee; $70,500.

* 603 Golden Briar Lane; from Flower & Fendler Inc.; to Lauren A. Braun and Stephen D. Braun; $356,000.


* 3841 LL Road; from Columbia National Bank; to Russell Walster; $300,000.


* 4179 State Route 3; from Jimmie D. Baker; and Sunnie R. Ramsdell; $138,000.


* 637 Mark Drive; from Kelly J. Ade aka Kelly J. Bigelow; to Melissa A. Scott; $136,500.

* 7030 Clayton Road; from Kenneth Kolmer and Sandra Kolmer; to Brittany Litteken and Kasey P. Litteken; $37,000.

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