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July 26, 2014

Quinn's denials on crime program ring hollow

Speaking of credibility, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn has challenges of his own regarding the Neighborhood Crime Initiative in Chicago.

A spokeswoman insisted last week that it was crime, not politics, that prompted the $55 million program's launch. Right, it's just coincidence that this program was thrown together in the weeks before the 2010 gubernatorial election.

If crime was the reason, why weren't seven of the 20 most violent neighborhoods in Chicago included? Why are there no records of how the neighborhoods were selected to receive grant money? And why was the program's director pushing to announce the addition of East St. Louis and other downstate communities just days before the election?

We don't expect Quinn to come clean with federal prosecutors breathing down his neck. But hasn't Quinn learned by now that when he's in a hole, he should quit digging?

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