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July 26, 2014

Rauner hurts his credibility

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner handed Gov. Pat Quinn some high-powered ammunition last week -- an attack ad full of altered or fake headlines that's drawing widespread criticism. The ad was supposed to make Quinn look bad, but instead Rauner ended up with egg on his face.

Rauner's campaign made it worse by defending the ad. Pulling the ad would have been the appropriate response.

It's unfortunate because this problem, in addition to being self-inflicted, was so unnecessary.

Preying on the marginally informed is deceptive. There are plenty of legitimate ways to attack Quinn's record as governor -- on jobs, the economy, taxes, leadership for starters -- without running an ad that called into question Rauner's own truthfulness. Credibility is so important to voters; once a candidate compromises it, it is difficult to rebuild it.

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