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August 3, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 800 E. D St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to Pauline Spaulding; $285,000.

* 213 S. Virginia Ave.; from Erin Finney; to Richard Miller and Susanne Miller; $94,000.

* 307 Abend St.; from Antonio Santos; to Dena Shaw; $165,000.

* 2417 Fourlakes Drive; from Jessica Short; to Rich Buxton and Carolyn Buxton; $200,000.

* 400 N. Virginia Ave.; from BBM Investments; to Sarah Lutz; $45,000.

* 310 E. Van Buren St.; from Freedom Homes LLC; to James Alexander; $20,000.

* 1709 Spruce Hill Drive; from Jeanette L. Jackson and Thomas J. Jackson; to Phines Douglas and Rosemary Douglas; $145,000.

* 2884 Smokehouse Way; from Yong Wu and Xiuyu Li; to John P. Bajorek and Nicole J. Bajorek; $165,000.

* 1524 Thunderbird Lane; from Gregory Howard; to Destyne D. Belk; $187,500.


* 11 Eberhart Drive; from Jane A. Farrington and jOshua Jenkins; to Roger Schuerbaum and Diana Schuerbaum; $142,500.

* 37 Athlone Drive; from Josie L. Camren; to Cynthia J. Kuschel; $54,000.

* 121 Carol Louise; from Michael T. Cole; to Heather N. Fitzgerald; $80,000.


* 224 Lime St.; from Jeremy E. Law and Kimberly L. Law; to James M. Harget and Rebecca I. Harget; $26,000.


* 321 Kim Drive; from Michael J. Hellrich and Rebecca Hellrich to Mark A. Wright and Teresa A. Wright; $121,000.


* 8 S. State St.; from Curt R. Etling; to Jacob Howes and Toni Howes; $143,000.

* 8516 Southwind Drive; from Brian Bryant and Deborah Bryant; to Steve Kidd and Suzanne Kidd; $272,000.

* 229 Alamosa Drive; from Gerald Szpila, Patricia Szpila, Jeral Szpila, Barbara Szpila; to Andria Harrison; $126,000.


* 620 Janet Drive; from Nicholas W. Bohnenstiehl and Elizabeth A. Bohnenstiehl; to Barbara Mitchell and Theodore Mitchell; $130,000.


* 1027 W. Main St.; from Yvonne Wall; to Clint Candler and Ruth Candler; $85,000.

* 112 S. County Road; from Samuel Gischer, Jennifer Gischer, David Anstedt; to Steven M. Thompson, Trustee; $68,000.

* 418 Amethyst Lane; from CNR Inc.; to Darrel Jackson and Hayley Jackson; $249,000.


* 1178 Red Hawk Ridge; from Michael A. Jordan Jr.; to James B. Hall and Melynie M. Hall; $290,000.

* 512 Mercer Court; from Mark A. Fleenor and Grace P. Fleenor; to Cole Harn and Lashawna Harn; $242,000.

* 163 Berringer Drive; from Calvin Reistadt and Jaye Reistadt; to Charles T. Lowe and Linda A. Lowe; $635,000.

* 487 Brandmour Place; from Barnes Properties; to Richard L. Lafreniere and Deborah P. Lafreniere; $239,000.

* 1477 Arley Hill Drive; from Andrea M. Brown; to Renee H. Van Dearsen; $276,500.

* 813 Greystone Place; from Kpakpo S. Acquaye and Lassandra M. Acquaye; to Christopher A. Robey and Kimberly K. Robey; $245,000.


* 4083 Edmar Court; from Brady S. Jordan and Laura M. Jordan; to Eric Ruwe and Nanette Ruwe; $330,000.


* 214 E. South St.; from Keegan A. Keeney; to Christy A. Koerber and Kathryn A. Skorich; $72,500.


* 14 Mars Drive; from Sherry L. Rodenmeyer and Brian L. Rodenmeyer; to Krystal L. Gruenenfelder; $83,000.



* 2339 Fairview Drive; from Lavern Schwappach and Fred M. Schwappach; to Ryan Baumgartner; $55,000.


* 115 Greenbrier Lane; from Daniel B. Gill and Stephanie D. Gill; to Jonathon R. Linley and April E. Linley; $235,000.

* 447 Sheridan Street; from Donna Kinder; to Cameron A. Wiggenhorn; $42,500.


* 140 W. Park Ave.; from KJK Enterprises Inc.; to Thomas A. Roady and Deana M. Roady; $69,000.

* 109 Johann Drive; from Daniel C. Lunk; to Duane S. Murray; $93,000.

* 1314 Ridgewood Court; from Sarah L. Campbell and Niklas C. Campbell; to Valerie Whitford; $105,000.

* 518 St. Clair Ave.; from Robert R. Riedel and Kathy D. Riedel; to Karla M. Meshey; $51,000.

* 110 March Drive; from Christopher W. Bensken and Erin Bensken; to Michele R. Gould; $81,000.


* 733 W. Airwood Drive; from Christopher Drake and Debra Drake; from Ashley B. Louvier; $120,000.


* 112 Knights Bridge Lane; from Infinity Land Group LLC; to Spencer Homes LLC; $80,000.

* 501 Monticello Place; from Charleen M. Mattingly; to Thomas Buske; $202,000.

* 613 Sunset Drive; from Theresa A. Castelli; to Edward M. Glass II and Shaina Glass; $176,000.

*3322 Snider; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Paul Malcharek and Joanne Malcharek; $535,000.


* 216 Glenlake Drive; from Brent Esker and Kelly Esker; to ADam Pani and Megan Pani; $127,500.

* 5 Carolyn St.; from Household Finance Corp. III; to Adam L. Gross and Jessica H. Gross; $56,000.

*3158 Alexandria Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Corey Mewgent and Casey Newgent; $293,000.

* 6 Coleridge Drive; from Mark Campbell and Michelle L. Campbell; to Wade P. Schoeneweis and Lori A. Schoeneweis; $435,000.

* 281 Fountains Drive; from Jan Vest, Jane Vest; to Greg Mullican and Sarah E. Mullican; $430,000.

granite city

* 4225 Marigold Drive; from Jacqueline A. Knox and Gleason L. Knox Sr.; to David J. Boyer and Alyson R. Boyer; $84,500.

* 2238 Jefferson Ave.; from Angela Ryan; to Lee E. Davis; $50,000.

* 41 Steelecrest Drive; from John B. Nappier and Jennifer M. Nappier; to Richard ODell and Charlene ODell; $91,000.


* 3505 George St.; from Bradley A. Michael and Vanessa L. Michael; to Blue Springs Cafe Inc.; $300,000.

* 90 Stonebrook Drive; from Timothy E. Rogers; to Richard A. Salter; $150,000.

* 1062 Rinderer Road; from Joseph E. Dubach; to Timothy P. Driscoll and Lisa M. Driscoll; $200,000.

* 11117 Hickory Flat Road; from Steven R. Anderson and Carol L. Anderson; to Allan R. Weder; $100,000.

* 1301 Lynn St.; from Jared A. Klaus; to Taryn L. Hoppers; $148,000.


* 2528 Liberty Drive; from Steven Reed and Tracy Reed; to Richard L. Wilburn Sr. and Kathleen K. Wilburn; $195,000.

* 2608 Sandstone Drive; from William P. Nelson, Karen R. Nelson, Nelson Revocable Living Trust; to Steven W. Laur and Jeanne D. Laur; $228,000.

* 26 Oak Leaf; from Nadine L. Janette; to Amanda Gudac; $222,500.

* 16 Northwood Ave.; from Cade Garrett; to Scott R. Mans and Rachel M. Mans; $110,000.


* 153 Jessica Drive; from Eric Deichmann and Kristin Deichmann; to Nathen G. Householder Jr.; $156,000.


* 137 Blackjack Road; from Steve Lacefield and Trudy Lacefield; to Brian C. Griffin; $208,500.

* 8317 Castle Ridge Drive; from U.S. Bank; to Scott Schwager and Lori Schwager; $262,500.


* 329 E. Pennings; from LNV Corp.; to Joyce C. Searcy; $37,000.

* 457 N. First St.; from Mary Beth Mobley and Keith D. Mobley; to Brittany N. Swiecicki; $83,000.

* 320 Marquis Ave.; from Bank of New York Mellon; to Daniel R. Sumner and john M. Sumner; $43,500.

* 285 S. 9th St.; from Clinton D. Bakken; to Wesley A. Barret; $61,000.


* 5 Lakeview Drive; from Randy L. Payne and Paula L. Payne; to Walter G. Rieck and Christy L. Rieck; $275,000.

* 358 N. Lincoln St.; from Ruth A. Slemer and Rudolph Slemer; to Thomas E. Orscheln and Cindy L. Orscheln; $28,000.

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