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August 10, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 2300 Patrick; from Ruth E. Fries; to Casey Mulvany; $68,500.

* 6905 Osage Drive; from Homestead Investment Group LLC; to Nathan Holland; $64,500.

* 5 Briarwood Drive; from Anthony Marshiano and Kristie Marshiano; to Chad Keller; $59,000.

* 409 N. 41st St.; from Jimmie L. Thompson and Carolyn S. Thompson; to Jonathan Schultze; $56,000.

* 116 Brian Drive; from Samuel E. Murray and Katherine J. Murray; to Lee M. Jordan and Seiko Jordan; $145,000.

* 110 N. 38th St.; from Wilma E. Johnson; to Mark Burk and Rhonda Burk; $27,000.

* 647 Royal Heights Road; from Cheryl Bement; to Robert George and Dolores George; $52,000.

* 5 Willowbrook Drive; from Patrick Downey and Thomas Downey; to Russell Beloungy and Kathleen Beloungy; $100,000.

* 3320 Sheridan Ave.; from Jerry McCormick; to Neela Williams; $64,000.


* 405 N. Lincoln Ave.; from Edward K. Mueller and Tara A. Mueller; to Miles Hartman; $127,000.

* 904 Paige Lane; from Keith E. Englin and Joan I. Englin; to Jason Baxter and JoVonna Baxter; $208,000.

* 334 Moultrie Lane; from Scott A. Smith; to Kevin L. Burton; $186,000.

* 402 E. State St.; from Andrew J. Wright and Heidi E. Wright; to Thomas P. Kaminski III and Lyndsy Kaminski; $123,000.

* 1301 Three Rivers Drive; from Bruce Stoffel, Trustee; to Ray Rohr and Teri Rohr; $204,500.

* 432 Highland Glen Court; from Emmett Hamilton and Angelique Hamilton; to Jason A. Ayran and Sarah Ayran; $165,000.



* 1641 Maurice St.; from Scott L. Hinds and Jessica Hinds; to Amanda K. Lawver and Adam P. Kiehna; $66,000.


* 1221 Cedar Ridge Court; from Daniel Stumph; to Ashley L. Ramig; $146,000.

* 11 Hillside Court; from Earl D. Drummond and Josephine Drummond; to Jerry Bennett and Rebecca L. Bennett; $241,000.

* 823 Oran St.; from Susan C. Pohl; to Stephanie Dickinson; $130,000.

* 804 Constance St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Corey Mattea; $31,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 422 Cypress Creek Road; from Judith L. Dunne; to Karen L. Ives; $151,000.

* 686 Oak Trail; from Timothy W. Harter and Lisa M. Harter; to Reuben Malicoat and Emily Malicoat; $135,000.


* 713 Ridgeway; from Shane K. Richardson and Sarah Richardson; to Jessica E. Neumann; $121,000.


* 201 Whitelaw Ave.; from Marsha J. Tassinari; to Eric Williams; $62,500.


* 827 Amherst Place; from Philip B. Reznack and Renee M. Reznack; to Nelson F. Metz and Adele E. Metz; $242,500.

* 2804 Cabin Creek Court; from Gregory L. Mullican and Sarah E. Mullican; to Mark Alvarado and Brandi Alvarado; $185,000.

* 3815 State Route 159; from C. Vernon Carver; to MKSK Holdings I LLC: $570,000.

* 4962 Smith Drive; from David A. Hodges and Stacy L. Hodges; to John Nappier and Jennifer Nappier; $213,000.

* 4048 Sequoia Drive; from Tuan H. Nguyen and Lynn Nguyen; to Elizabeth B. Claussen; $230,000.

* 6 North Shore Drive; from Mary S. Patton, Mary S. Patton Declaration Trust; to Christopher Carroll and Monica Carroll; $546,000.

* 3817 N. Arbor Drive; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Christopher D. Bailey and Jessica N. Bailey; $614,500.

* 3305 Hershiser Court; from Donald W. Unger; to Ryan M. Zoeller and Bridget B. Zoeller; $591,500.


* 2923 Petticoat Junction Lane; from Don E. Watt Jr. and Sheryl E. Watt; to Anthony Deskey and Angela Bivens; $127,500.


* 1106 Camelot Lane; from Jared Kronable and Mary E. Kronable; to Stephen R. Jackson; $119,500.


* 3004 Century Drive; from Carl A. Courtright and Pratt Courtright; to Kimberly ODell and Jerry Kendall; $74,500.

* 19 Riviera Drive; from matthew Rogers and Kathleen Rogers to Barry J. Church; $125,000.

* 2805 Fortune Drive; from Christopher E. Mouldon; to Andrew J. Marti; $75,000.


* 1912 Cypress St.; from David K. Thole; to Nicholas G. Hanna; $116,000.

* 2917 Amberwood Drive; from Jeffrey D. Frey and Sandra M. Frey; to Josie L. Beard; $450,000.

* 203 E. Pocahontas Road; from JPMorgan Chase Bank; to Clifford W. Gruner and Judith M. Gruner; $58,000.


* 10 Oakwood Court; from Todd Stonewater and Carrie Stonewater; to Mary E. Schmidt; $232,500.

* 409 Nepute St.; from Jeffrey M. Durham and Dara K. Durham; to Connie Dumm; $140,000.

* 517 Birch Lane; from Ricky D. Heaton and Robin R. Heaton; to Joshua B. Korando and Rebecca L. Korando; $205,000.

* 2041 Pinehurst Way; from Michael Tveit and Julie Tveit; to Hurtis W. Terrell and Patricia S. Terrell; $190,000.


* 620 Bayfield Court; from GMAT Legal Title Trust 2013; to Don Hilderbrand and Laura Huette; $130,000.


* 4200 Horseshoe Lake Road; from Bender Family LLC; to LSI Properties LLC; $985,000.


* 724 Fifth St.; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Mark A. Eilers and Lauren J. Eilers; $217,500.


* 7301 Graythorn Court; from Resource Construction Co. LLC; to Villas of Windsory Way LLC; $108,000.

* 412 Red Bird St.; from Bonnie M. Norn; to Todd Lindow; $20,000.

* 414 Red Bird St.; from Barend P. Horn; to Todd Lindow; $20,000.

* 100 Ridge Crossing Lane; from AMC Helldoerfer LLC; to Stephen Lacefield and Trudy Lacefield; $51,000.

* 8023 Charleston; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Manuel Alfaro Jr. and Melissa Alfaro; $287,000.


* 69 Eckhard Ave.; from Re Recycle Lt. LLC; to Mark A. Lemons and Joyce A. Lemons; $35,000.

* 562 Prospect St.; from Enver hamiti and Sanije Hamiti; to G R Properties LLC; $40,000.

* 589 Topton Ave.; from Charles Donnelly and Catherine Donnelly; to Scott M. Harper; $56,000.

* 136 Bonita St.; from Eric S. Keelin, Sarah L. Keelin, Sarah L. Taylor; to Chad Boxdorfer; $87,500.

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