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August 10, 2014

Marriage licenses



Davon S. Agnew of Belleville to Laregis L. Taylor of Belleville.

David Arellano of Mascoutah to Ellen K. Wise of Mascoutah.

Billy F. Birks Jr. of Granite City to Karen S. Birks of Granite City.

Brian Anthony Bland of East St. Louis to Minecia Yvette Johnson of East St. Louis.

Adam Randall Rohnenstiehl of Marine to Cynthia Leann Doss of Marine.

Jeff Peter Borriello of Belleville to Jessica Nitra Ann Wager of Belleville.

Terry Wayne Bowden of Mascoutah to Skyllar Paige Talhelm of Mascoutah.

David I. Brandt of Belleville to Christine E. Mahoney of Belleville.

Vincent Noel Brennan of O'Fallon to Angela Jeanette Tolbert of O'Fallon.

Jessie Lee Bridges Jr. of Cahokia to hertestine McDowell of Cahokia.

Michael A. Brimer of St. Louis to Elizabeth G. Fisk of Columbia.

Robert L. Brown III of St. Louis to Dennette M. Callahan of St. Louis.

Michael Lee Brown of East St. Louis to Destiny L. Johnson of East St. Louis.

Nicholas John Brownfield of Belleville to Jill Ann Calhoun of Belleville.

Earl S. Bryson of Granite City to Erin Marie Lanfersieck of Lebanon.

Andrew Lloyd Buchanan of Belleville to Kirsten Ann Schanuel of Belleville.

Myckel J. Buford of O'Fallon to Jameka A. Ivy of O'Fallon.

Colton Phillip Butler of O'Fallon to Sarah Elyse Sandheinrich of O'Fallon.

Rodney Lamont Byrd of O'Fallon to Tangila Yauhvette Spencer of Fairview Heights.

Scott Alan Caby of Edwardsville to Brittany Nicole Luehmann of Edwardsville.

David Patrick Carter of Chicago to Laura Lee Steppig of Chicago.

James E. Carter of Dupo to Rose M. Obrien of St. Johns, Overland, Mo.

John William Caskey of Fairview Heights to Trina Ann Snyder of Fairview Heights.

Michael J. Clark of Mountain Home AFB, Idaho to Taylor L. Hackney of St. Louis.

Benjamin Jamal Cole Sr. of Alorton to Christine Elizabeth Paulik of Fairview Heights.

David E. Collins of Caseyville to Michelle J. Harp of Caseyville.

Freddie L. David of Cahokia to Tonda S. Randle of East St. Louis.

Nicholas Todd Dugal of Quincy to Kristen Michal Grover of Troy.

Benjamin Ralf Early of O'Fallon to Rachel Marie Wackerlin of O'Fallon.

Travis Eric Everding of O'Fallon to Britany Breanna Ratcliff of O'Fallon.

Randall Lee Fechtler Jr. of O'Fallon to Lindsey Nicole Holt of O'Fallon.

Sam L. Franklin Jr. of Granite City to Shalea D. Russell of Granite City.

David Carl French of Mascoutah to Aimee Nicole Schmitz of Mascoutah.

Joel B. Frye of Belleville to Amy R. Rademacher of Belleville.

Vincent Anthony Fulton of Belleville to Amber Chantell Rogers of Belleville.

Alec L. Glover of East St. Louis to Gelesia Y. Williams of East St. Louis.

Shaun L. Harris of Alton to Aisha K. Wright of Alton.

Rusty Allen Hellman of Caseyville to Angeles Soto Aviles of Caseyville.

Jarvis Lamont Henderson of East St. Louis to Paula Charlette Edwards of Converse, Texas.

Rashaun Dwayne Hicks of Belleville to Ruth Ramona Harper of Belleville.

Keith Brian Holman of Cahokia to Marquis Ann Foster of Cahokia.

Christopher Thomas Holshouser of O'Fallon to Ashlie Lynn Freeman of O'Fallon.

James Joseph Jackson of Fairview Heights to Dona Kay Hallinan of Fairview Heights.

Robert A. James of Belleville to Donna M. Powers of Belleville.

Aaron William Johnson of Millstadt to Jada Lynn Davis of Millstadt.

Willard L. Johnson of Belleville to Nicole M. Morgan of East St. Louis.

Pieter Gordon Kindberg of Swansea to Kelly Elaine Griesbaum of Swansea.

Stephen S. Kirksey of Caseyville to Diane M. Nations of Caseyville.

Charles Alan Herbtreith of Belleville to William Dustin Shaffer of Belleville.

Deveraux D. Lang of East St. Louis to Tyra D. Buchanan of East St. Louis.

William J. Langenstein of Fairview Heights to Sheri L. Miller of Fairview Heights.

Kyle Thomas Langrehr of Red Bd to Lauren Nicole Edelen of Red Bud.

Corey Demond Lanier of St. Louis to Sparkle Taneil Lovely of St. Louis.

Kelvin T. Long Jr. of Belleville to Lashawna G. Towns of Belleville.

Sean Thomas Lowe of Belleville to Hannah Marie Dela Cruiz Toves of Belleville.

Austin Steven Luberda of Smithton to Katie Ann Reaka of Smithton.

Jimmy Lunsford of Belleville to Tamyra V. McGee of Belleville.

Benjamin L. Martin of Belleville to Caryn A. Weiss of Swansea.

David A. Martin of O'Fallon to Felica D. Wyrick of O'Fallon.

David C. Martinez Chavez of East St. Louis to Lorena Morfin of Fairmont City.

Alexander Joseph May of Fairview Heights to Cori Lynn Bement of Fairview Heights.

Kevin Fitzgerald McPherson of Belleville to Angela D. Powell of Belleville.

Willie James McAlister Jr. of Belleville to Sharon Collette Perry of Belleville.

Reginald P. McCray of Alorton to Leterice E. Scurlock of Ferguson, Mo.

Leroy McDonald Jr. of East St. Louis to Vonshelia L. Brown of East St. Louis.

Frank Edward McMeans Jr. of Cape Girardeau, Mo. to Lindsey Marie Wiemers of Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Justin A. Mickens of Belleville to Tomiera L. Harris of Belleville.

Jordan Patrick Mohr of Lebanon to Kara Threrse Kyle of Lebanon.

Lee Edward Molton of East St. Louis to Tamenia Tanoisha Eiland of Cahokia.

Dennis James Morales of Hecker to Tina Marie Sforza of Bellevlle.

Keith Alan Muckensturm of Fishers, Ind. Laura Mae Fite of Fishers, Ind.

Timothy J. Murphy of Granite City to Kelsey J. McDonald of Collinsville.

Darrion Veronti O'Dell of Springfield to Cierra Nichole Kittrell of Springfield.

Bryan D. Ondercho of Belleville to Rachel E. Arnold of Belleville.

Justin W. Outland of Collinsville to Kaley A. Lambird of Collinsville.

Coati Jermaine Owens of Fussa Tokyo to Alecia Nicole Burris of Belleville.

Jared Michael Parsons of Belleville to Shelby-Ann Nicole Hilker of Belleville.

Joel T. Peacock of Belleville to Song Chin Peacock of Belleville.

Brandon Gene Peterson of Cahokia to Margaret Estelle Davenport of Cahokia.

Timothy Adam Peterson of Belleville to Christine Gabrielle Faneuff of Lebanon.

Lance Ryan Phelps of Belleville to Angelea Julie Hibbler of Belleville.

Jordan S. Pinkard of O'Fallon to Jade K. Hess of Belleville.

Artwayne V. Pollard of Cahokia to Roshonda L. Triplett of Cahokia.

Daniel B. Pyle of Dupo to Mallory L. Cronin of Dupo.

Jose Guillermo Ramon of Shiloh to Ingrid Vanessa Cortez Palma of Shiloh.

Damian Rangel of Belleville to Danielle A. Jimenez of Belleville.

Eric James Rasmussen of O'Fallon to Ashley Louis Stelling of O'Fallon.

David Mark Reynolds of O'Fallon to Brittany Jean Kastelein of Highland.

Constantino Jose Sanchez of Belleville to Magdalena Rose Wolkowicz of Des Plaines.

Dwight E. Sanders of Fairview Heights to Ashley R. Basurto of Fairview Heights.

Marvell Dubry Sanders of East St. Louis to Reneesha Antoineice Reed of Fairview Heights.

William J. Schaefer III of O'Fallon to Mutia R. Putri-Naylor of O'Fallon.

Nicholas C. Schumacher of Belleville to Christine A. Ebel of Belleville.

Dennis A. Seger of Belleville to Traci L. Garrison of Belleville.

Zachary Daniel Simmons of Alton to Jordan Mckenzie Reithman of Alton.

Steven William Sims of St. Louis to Jody Lynn Hannah of Belleville.

Terrell Maurice Sims of Belleville to Brigitte Nicole Banks of Belleville.

Gregory David Sindel of Venedy to Jill Ann Kurtz of New Athens.

David Eugene Smith of Vandalia to Mindy Michelle Meyer of Vandalia.

Frank W. Snow of Dupo to Susan E. Jones of Dupo.

Andrew Charles Sogor of Fairview Heights to Heather Elizabeth Pirtle of Fairview Heights.

Thomas Lee Speichinger of Belleville to Shirley Nadine Underwood of Belleville.

Timothy Paul Sprinkle of Fairview Heights to Amanda Lynn Ciskowski of Fairview Heights.

John Bromwell Squire II of Round Lake Park to Rebecca Lynn Kolle of Round Lake Park.

Mark R. Stewart of Fairview Heights to Jeanne M. Maggio of Fairview Heights.

Mark Lamont Temple of Fairview Heights to Kerrie Dawn Jones of Fairview Heights.

Matthew Ryan Thiel of Trenton to Brianna Renee Adams of Trenton.

Amir Torshizi of Belleville to Anzhelika Bondarik of Belleville.

Robert L. Touchette of Millstadt Linda K. Jovi of Millstadt.

Lawrence C. Turner of Belleville to Macy N. Vahlkamp of Swansea.

Daniel W. Underwood of Belleville to Misty G. Becker of Belleville.

Thomas Wesley Vander Pol of Mascoutah to Lindsey Sue Frazer of Mascoutah.

Robert J. Volner of New Athens to Christine N. Tepen of New Athens.

Justin James Wallace of O'Fallon to Malinda Jane McCalmont of O'Fallon.

Timothy D. Walton of East St. Louis to Kimberly L. Lockett of East St. Louis.

Brandon Michael Warchol of Sparta to Rebecca Maureen Lemberg of Sparta.

Patrick Erin Washington of Lebanon to Shante Shanee McCray of Lebanon.

Tyrone Darrell Watts of Belleville to Felisha Rasane Walker of Belleville.

Lavor D. White Jr. of Chouteau, Okla. to April A. Heath of Chouteau, Okla.

Derricus Jermaine Woods of Belleville to Leah Ann Isbell of St. Johns, Overland, Mo.

Orvin L. Wooten Jr. of Belleville to Kima-shai T. Rose of Belleville.

Jeremy R. Wright of Belleville to Casie L. Clark of Belleville.

David J. Zotz of Mascoutah to Lacey M. Robertson of Mascoutah.


Adrienne Lavon Collins of St. Charles, Mo. to Elissa Marie Mullins of St. Charles, Mo.


Robert Joseph Wheeler of Troy to Mary Ann Alcain Davis of Troy.

Kenneth David Scoggins III of South Roxana to Catelyn Michelle Blackwell of South Roxana.

Brian Keith Patterson of Glen Carbon to Tammy Jean Ross of Springfield.

PJ Michael Delozier of Alton to Ann Marie Pulley of Alton.

Kyle Raymond Touchette of Collinsville to Candace Michele Sauls of Collinsville.

James Richard Ewin of Moro to Jacki Elise Grissom of Moro.

Frederick Pierson Rake of Hartford to Sarah Elizabeth Louise Scott of Hartford.

Freddy Pacheco of Granite City to Miranda Doreen Gray of Granite City.

Raymond Patrick Mordis of Granite City to Kathy Dawn Robertson of Granite City.

Dennis Paul Bradley of Caseyville to Jacqueline Sue Becerra of Granite City.

Matthew Paul Guetterman of Collinsville to Kristy Lynn Wimer of Collinsville.

Jonathan Aarron Heredia of Goodyear, Ariz. to Anique Marie Hernandez of Granite City.

Burton Cornell Conner II of Troy to Kyla Dawn Zuck of Troy.

William James Jones of Alton to Bethanee Leann Nicolini of Alton.

Javian Hazael Osuna of Alton to Maria Rose Gable of Alton.

Bobby Darryl Jones Jr. of Greenville to Donna Renee Dick of Greenville.

Richard Charles McGeehan III of Granite City to Rebecca Jean Whitlow of Granite City.

Faustino Arias Beltran of Granite City to Danielle Alice Murphy of Granite City.

Thomas Alen Fenton of Caseyville to Chelsea Elizabeth Belcher of Caseyville.

Timothy Scott Lawson of Highland to Angela Dawn Pinkel of Highland.

Devin Alan Bushrow of Hamel to Jodi Lynn Rickert of Hamel.

Michael Alan Pallagi of Collinsville to Britt Deona Brewer of Collinsville.

Timmy Ryan West of Wood River to Ashley Renae Lilly of Wood River.

Robert Craig Vaughn of Troy to Lindsey Ann Root of Troy.

Bruce Edward Abbott II of Alton to Stacy Marie Morell of Alton.

Phillip Lee Knoche of Alton to Abigail JoyAnn Bramley Cash of Alton.

Charles Haden Gray of East Alton to Felicia Renee Smith of East Alton.

Nathaniel Edwin Larson of Troy to Katherine Lynn Whitworth of Troy.

David Anthony McNiff of Cottage Hills to Tiffany Cemon Scott of Cottage Hills.

Dennis Joseph O'Rourke of Cape Girardeau, Mo. to Karen Marie Thompson of Troy.

T'Jay Ray Dobler of Granite City to Amy Renee Edwards of Granite City.

Darel Leroy Casillas Jr. of Collinsville to Kimberly Ilean McDaniel of Caseyville.

David Joseph Zimmer Jr. of Wood River to Christine Marie Schrader of Wood River.

Jeremy Vernon Nolte of Bethalto to Deana Mae Pemberton of Cottage Hills.

Dale Eugene Brown Sr. of Collinsville to Joyce Irene Diser of Collinsville.

Craig Allen Sharp of Alton to Linda Ruby Figueroa of Alton.

Cody David Seidler of Alton to Callie Nichole Billings of Bethalto.

Jackie Lee Wilson of East Alton to Linda Kaye Roberts of East Alton.

John Douglas Gernigin IV of Providence, Ky. to Dana Nicole Davis of Wood River.

Dale Ray Walls Jr. of Edwardsville to Marley Catherine Coghlan of Edwardsville.

Matthew Alex Kwaitkowski of Collinsville to Alexis Brooke Metheny of Collinsville.

Joshua Steven Manley of Wood River to Virginia Marie Duncan of Hamel.

Mark Dewayne Mayes of Alorton to Amanda Elaine Hammond of Alorton.

Steven Wayne Beckham of Festus, Mo. to Stacie Jeanette Williams of Festus, Mo.

Robert Jason Barton of Bethalto to Sheila Ann Watkins of Bethalto.

Michael David Riess of Edwardsville to Lisa Sue Cornett of Collinsville.

Michael Christopher Whitsel of Trenton to Amanda Nicole Rist of Trenton.

Ryan Lee Powers of Bethalto to Nicole Lynn Dittmar of Bethalto.

Rony Reynaldo Carcamo Anariba of Fairmont City to Carolina Yamileth Torres Lopez of Fairmont City.

Shawn Andrew Thomas of Staunton to Samantha Grace Sprugasci of Staunton.

Anthony David Lewis of Alton to Elizabeth Marie Feldmann of Alton.

Louis Steven Kreutzberg of Marine to Tabitha Marie Kelly of Worden.

Shawn Richard Phillips of Granite City to Kathy Jo Winnie of Granite City.

Todd Michael Stoeckel of South Roxana to Elizabeth Renee' Goodbrake of South Roxana.

Steven David Wright of Pontoon Beach to Mary Sandra Ryan of Granite City.

Michael Joseph Nikrant of Edwardsville to Jacklyn Shelton O'Leary of Edwardsville.

Micheal Dee Reeter of Granite City to Sheila Rae Slaby of Granite City.

Roger Dean Fritz of Gillespie to Coleen Marie Gausepohl of Gillespie.

Jerry Eugene Cox of Alton to Sharon Kaye Busby of East Alton.

Tyler Carson Miller of Glen Carbon to Lauren Jensen Crawford of Glen Carbon.

Robert Wayne Skelton of Alton to Stacey Reyne Delp of Alton.

Heath Alan Ritchie of Glen Carbon to Jessica Renee Tanksley of Glen Carbon.

Nathan David Wanger of Brighton to Anna Rose Johnson of Alton.

Michael David Carlson of Troy to Monica Maire Jefferson of Terre Haute, Ind.

Grant Robert Tracey of Wood River to Chelsea Nikol Williams of Wood River.

Brandon Wayne Beck of Litchfield to Skyler Ann Freeman of Taylorville.

David James Woodress of Wood River to Angel Elizabeth Sickmeier of Wood River.

James Arthur Shrum of Granite City to Rhonda Jean Cripps of Granite City.

Bernard Herbert Watson of Alton to Pamela Ann Day of Alton.

Michael Thomas Darragh of Granite City to Eunice Agapito Pitzer of Granite City.

David Andre McMillian of Edwardsville to Traci Celeste Berry of Fairview Heights.

Joseph Allen Hedger of Edwardsville to Jerri Rebecca Gaither of Edwardsville.

Donnell Craig of Alton to Sybil Onita Brooks of Alton.

Richard Stephen Catlett of Collinsville to Jessica Marie Lammers of Alton.

Michael Andrew Dawid of Wood River to Rachel Lynn Schaefer of St. Louis.

Theodore Washington IV of Alton to Melissa Kay Ferguson of Alton.

Rocky Allen Bantz of Wood River to Sarah Rose Smith of Wood River.

Mark Steven Calvanese of Bethalto to Julie Kay Sitze of Bethalto.

George Allen Stanton of Granite City to Jessica Sue Armbruster of Granite City.

Chuck Trevor Adams of Glen Carbon to Amanda Michelle Bergmann of Glen Carbon.

Christopher Scott Killebrew of Bethalto to Kara Nicole Liley of Bethalto.

Kyle Walter Milton of Granite City to Amanda Michelle White of Granite City.

Scott Douglas Jackson of St. Jacob to Meredith Leigh Christine Heuiser of St. Jacob.

Neil Allan Boyer of Alton to Kayla Rose Myers of Alton.

Rendall Lee McCorkle of St. Peters, Mo. to Laree Vivian Ware of Granite City.

Ryan Nadir Tarazi of Edwardsville to Kelsey Anne Degeneffe of Edwardsville.

Donald Ray Weaver of Nashville, Tenn. to Marvelene Weaver of Edwardsville.

Frank Walter Stewart II of Alton to Juanita Jean Landstra of Alton.

William Curtis Johnson Sr. of Alton to Perferia Lashe Williams of Alton.

Jeffrey Allen Talley of Granite City to Kellie Ann Schneedle of Granite City.

Colin Michael Solomon of Brighton to Stefanie Kay Marie Stilts of Brighton.

Jim Arness Crawford II of Alton to Jennifer Marie Howard of Alton.

Scott Alan Reichert of Waterloo to Jenna Lee Mueth of Mascoutah.

Christopher Aaron Tolbert of Alton to Vanessa Montgomery of St. Louis.

Cody Lawrence Gerdes of Granite City to Deanna Marie Braman of Granite City.

Joseph Michael Parker of Robertsville, Mo. to Margaret Pauline O'Dell of Alton.

Christopher Michael Bader of Aviston to Patricia Carole Talley of Aviston.

James Alvin Little Jr. of South Roxana to Diana Lynn Delp of South Roxana.

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