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August 11, 2014

Using cancer to cheat us

Most people do not have to think too long to come up with a close friend or relative who has been touched by cancer. It is so near to us and can be so devastating, even when cured, that we instantly offer our hope, help and donations to those touched by its often random finger.

We're not fans of the armed robber or three-card Monte trickster, but there's something especially despicable in faking cancer to prey on other people's past pain and current goodness. How disappointing that our area has seen two women in recent months charged with felonies that state they faked cancer for cash.

Potentially more troubling is the hurdle this adds for those who really do have cancer and really do need help. Legitimate need will likely go unmet because any donation requires some degree of trust.

We hope our community doesn't snap shut its purse to avoid being fooled. We hope people will do their research and follow their gut as to the legitimacy of a cause.

We hope people remember that there may be 1 percent out there trying to take advantage of us, but that still leaves 99 percent in real need of a helping hand.

Shame on the fakers.

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