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August 17, 2014

Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 624 Forest Ave.; from Thomas Renner; to James Wittenauer and Emily Wittenauer; $143,500.

* 1019 Olive St.; from Patrick J. Shea and Janna W. Shea; to Mary Helen Flannery; $164,500.

* 834 E. McKinley St.; from Susan Rogers and Jill Agne; to Gregory Mouser and Michelle Mouser; $87,500.

* 1410 Loop Creek Court; from Richard W. McElroy; to Gilbert Davenport; $65,000.

* 2660 Brookrun Drive; from David R. Dunklee and Kathleen M. Dunklee; to Randall T. Pylant and Kristin N. Pylant; $162,500.

* 2404 Wendy Way; from Tovaughna Tipton-Adams and Michael Adams; to Scott J. Hesse; $44,500.

* 215 San Mateo Drive; from Roger H. Ferry; to Richard A. Surmeier; $53,000.

* 2921 E. Main St.; from Bette J. O'Neill; to Joseph E. Sexton and Betty J. Sexton; $132,500.

* 2106 Dublin Blvd.; from Joyce Didler; to Jake McCann and Brittni McCann; $127,000.

* 2006-2008 E. C St.; from John Zeiser; to Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob; $79,000.

* 73 Country Club Acres; to Jeffrey Pollock and Amy Pollock; to Nicholas Potts; $152,500.

* 525 Longview Drive; from Nancy Thompson; to Kimberly Forgione; $99,000.


* 603 St. Monica Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Terra Deus LLC; $26,500.

* 1939 Doris Ave.; from Eric Knaust; to Terra Deus LLC; $26,000.

* 2268 Carol St.; from Vincent A. Salamone; to Kenneth J. Prayer; $14,500.


* 5 Hillwood Drive; from Scott A. McCall an Karla Y. McCall; to Matthew C. Rains; $199,000.


* 53 Monticello Place; from Mary L. Ostertag by POA Deborah L. Hall; to Pedro Perez, Gricelda Perez, Fabiola Perez; $18,000.

* 217 Debra Drive; from Charles E. Ransom and Teresa M. Ransom; to Raquel D. Ransom; $148,000.

* 13 Judy Lane; from Derek C. Frayser; to Jacob Five Properties LLC; $35,000.

* 5245 Saluki Drive; from Champaign Investment LLC; to Scott Rugh and Courtney Brown-Rugh; $169,500.

* 1-3 Chalet Court; from Stephen Siegel and Carla Siegel; to David Guetterman and Diane Guetterman; $120,000.


* 425 N. April; from Lisa Adams nka Lisa McKelvie; to Ramonda K. Cornish; $109,000.

* 314 E. St. Louis; from Ramona K. Cornish; to Bob Madewell; $39,000.

* 103 Lynn St.; from Jennifer R. Larue; to Laura K. Thomas and Aaron R. Kapp; $78,000.

* 309 W. Main St.; from Jeffrey S. Snyder II and Amy J. Snyder; to Blake Zurliene and Jessica Bailey; $89,500.


* 20 W. Oak; from Matthew R. Scott and Robyn R. Scott; to Agnes W. Law; $122,000.

* 408 Windshire Court; from Chartif N. Bradley and Sandra A. A. Bradley; to Brandon Riesenberger and Tiffany Riesenberger; $147,000.

* 9726 Winchester; from Jason Forquer and Hedda Forquer; to Matthew G. Johnson and Carrie A. Johnson; $325,000.

* 782 Moorland Circle; from Dennis Jensen and Julia Jensen; to George D. Haldaman and Kimberly Detering; $190,000.


* 5709 Lake Briar Drive; from Kyle Schaefer; to DAvid M. Greiwe and Jennifer C. Greiwe; $375,000.

* 6811 Oakdale School Road; from Harold E. Hughes and Marilyn S. Hughes; to Edward A. Podhrasky and Melissa L. Podhrasky; $375,000.


* 913 Silverlink Drive; from Heather L. Henry; to Michael L. Sims Jr.; $210,000.

* 1300 Nottinghill Drive; from Robert G. Atkins Jr. and Jennifer L. Atkins; to Jason P. Ceccoli and Darcy L. Ceccoli; $245,000.

* 700 Bluestem Court; from Conrad R. Stegeman and Elizabeth F. Stegeman; to Thoams A. Rich and Chelsea Rich; $260,000.

* 1004 Steven Dee Drive; from Thomas R. Gibson and Lisa Thompson-Gibson; to Jeffery A. Crankshaw and Melinda Crankshaw; $167,000.

* 303 S. Augusta; from Nathan L. Seipp; to Vicki A. Fusco; $108,000.

*1427 Gambier Terrace Court; from Earl D. Jackson; to William C. Muldoon Jr. and Deborah L. Muldoon; $308,000.

* 423 Highland Peak Court; from Marc Jarlsberg and Kari jarlsberg; to Sharie M. Heller; $175,500.

* 1473 Schwarz Meadows Drive; from Jeremy Alexander and Claire Alexander; to John C. Tarpley and Kristen K. Tarpley; $239,000.

* 1330 Rainfield Gardens Court; from Richard J. Kitchell and Karen R. Kitchell; to Jonathan TAblyn and Amy Tablyn; $279,500.


* 1712 Ashton Court; from Brad A. Glotfelty and Jennifer L. Glotfelty; to Theim Thai; $163,000.

* 3628 Moorgate Court; from Joseph S. Peterson and Kelly Peterson; to Dirk L. Kessler and Leslie A. Braden-Kessler; $200,000.



* 1918 Washington Ave.; from Paul D. McMahan; to Laura S. Howard; $63,000.

* 4120 Alby St.; from WCM Partners Inc.; to Jess H. Woodman and Virginia L. Woodman; $91,000.

* 310 Carroll; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Paul G. Kuhn; $34,000.

* 48023 Fantasy Lane; from Edwin A. Mathias Sr. and Judith H. Mathias; to David E. Heafner and Holly M. Haefner; $125,000.


* 312 Sanders St.; from Fannie Mae; to James E. Shepard and Sandra J. Shepard; $67,000.

* 913 N. Prairie St.; from Audrey Wolff; to Adam J. Kuethe and Rose M. Kuethe; $158,000.


* 908 Arrowhead Drive; from Peggy J. Sachtleben and Dean R. Sachtleben; to Michael P. Bauer and Stacey L. Bauer; $3,000.

* 102 Crestwood Drive; from Norman W. Mayes and PEggy S. Mayes; to Rex C. Stephenson and Vickie A. Stephenson; $125,000.

* 7426 Sunset Acres Drive; from Tony J. Zitka and Marcia L. Zitka; to Scott Muentnich and Stephanie Muentnich; $57,000.


* 11 Airwood Drive; from Nichole Burney, Nichole Breitweiser; to Daryl M. Trash and Danielle N. Trask; $125,000.


* 13 Goshen Woods Estates; from Garlen E. Hankins Sr. and Pamela K. Hankins; to Robert N. Bitter and Laurie J. Bitter; $427,500.

* 214 W. 4th St.; from Nicholas Mooshegian and Emily Mooshegian; to Kurt R. Hagen and Danielle M. Porter; $104,500.

*23 Camelot Drive; from Daniel W. Morhaus and Sherry Morhaus; to Dennis D. Sollberger and Terrie L. Sollberger; $290,000.

* 1919 Duke St.; from Richard E. Carter and Lorrie L. Carter; to Harold T. Grange and Cynthia Grange; $195,000.

* 31 Meadow Rue Road; from Daryl K. Hall and Mary B. Hall; to James L. Swearingen and Jean E. Swearingen; $305,000.


* 6134 Stone Wolfe Drive; from Albert J. Tylka Jr. and Annette Tylka; to Matthew H. Blevins and Sarah A. Blevins; $405,000.

*36 Joel Drive; from Gregory Leduc and Candi Leduc; to Emily Cook; $152,000.

* 33 Wolfe Creek Court; from Sanjay Nigam and Rekha Nigam; to David M. Wilson and Mardell A. Wilson; $372,000.

* 140 Oakshire Drive; from Ryan Butler and Betsy Butler; to Ryan Bettenhausen and Mandy Bettenhausen; $365,000.


* 504 Elm St.; from Randy J. Shoff; to Daniel A. Nipper; $93,000.


* 2501 Jerden Ave.; from Beverly A. Thomason and Donald R. Thomason; to Burrows Investments LLC; $30,000.

* 2517 Benton St.; from Lyndsie Plelan aka Lyndsie P. Mehelic, Thoams Mehelic; to Joshua J. Jones; $92,000.


* 1220 12th St.; from Wilfred Holzinger and Jean S. Holzinger; to Benjamin E. Forsy; $95,000.

* 50 Woodland Court; from Gerard M. Dwyer Jr. and Kristin M. Dwyer; to Jason Jorgensen and Chelsie Beard; $165,000.

* 35 Quail Drive; from Joshua M. Ritzel and Kayla R. Ritzel; to Dustin A. Beard and Bobbi S. Slattery; $150,000.

* 2105 Easy Street; from Charles E. Sauer and Aurelia E. Sauer; to Robin A. Blair; $111,500.


* 2045 Pinehurst Way; from Jared M. Litteken and Nichole D. Litteken; to Mathew Koentz; $243,000.


* 5579 Unterbrink Road; from Tom Findlow and Rosemarie Findlow; to Tyler Palmero; $105,000.


* 8422 Herrick Park Drive; from PM Office Park LLC; to Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; $43,500.

* 508 Pike Lane; from Gregory E. Bertoglio and Elizabeth K. Bertoglio; to Sahnnon L. Hudson and Nicole D. Hudson; $150,000.

* 115 George Bush Blvd.; from Joshua D. Jolliff and Lynelle A. Holliff; to Todd D. Shampine; $216,000.


* 8817 Wildwood Drive; from Kenneth A. Schlemer and Deborah K. Schlemer; to Dustin A. Davis, Brittini Davis aka Brittini Peck Davis; $184,500.

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