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August 14, 2014

What we want from Matt Mitchell

For the sixth time, former Illinois State Police trooper Matt Mitchell was before a hearing officer asking that he again be allowed the privilege of driving. It was a contentious hearing, one unlike any of the roughly 5,000 his lawyer said he'd attended.

Mitchell has been unable to drive since after he plowed into and killed two sisters, Kelli and Jessica Uhl, in 2007 while driving 126-mph in busy holiday traffic shortly after using his cell and e-mailing on his in-car computer. He was grilled about his eight crashes in 13 years as a driver. He was questioned about discrepancies in his statements regarding his alcohol use. He was asked to name the person paid $1.7 million by Illinois taxpayers after Mitchell crashed into and hurt them. He couldn't do it.

At one point he snapped, "I don't know what you want from me."

Well, we want Mitchell to be truly sorry for killing the Uhl sisters. We want him to stop being so arrogant and deceitful. We want him to go away and stop asking to drive.

Many people make their way in this world with buses, cabs, bicycles and rides from friends. Mitchell does not need to drive, nor should he.

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