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August 24, 2014

Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 234 Lebanon Ave.; from Jonathan P. Earp; to Main Street Redeveloper; $50,000.

* 918 S. Illinois; from Keith Stadelman and David Stadelman; to Bruce Dunning; $40,000.

* 122 Rose Marie Drive; from Matthew Martin and Melanie Martin; to Dale Muckensturm and Joyce Muckensturm; $157,500.

* 124 Rivermeade Lane; from Keith Price and Christina Price; to Douglas Foster and Carla Foster; $131,000.

* 22 Arabelle Drive; from Andrew Junker and Tracey Junker; to Amanda Holle and Savannah Long; $71,000.

* 725 E. McKinley St.; from Thomas P. Curtis; to James Stokes and Delingy Stokes; $122,000.

* 218 S. Charles St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to Rachel A. Holtgrewe; $295,000.

* 765 Cedar Mill Drive; from David Causey and Beth Causey; to John Villanueva; $174,000.

* 322 Limercik Lane; from Troy S. Meidinger; to Abigail R. Henn; $157,500.

* 901 E. D St.; from Rushmore LLC; to Michael Bach and Marcia Bach; $67,500.


* 1004 Pebble Beach Drive; from Wesley P. Cox and Julie M. Cox; to David B. Gaffney and Dawn P. Jones-Gaffney; $390,000.


* 2000 N. 7th St.; from Pamela J. Gold; to Chad R. Brimm; $32,000.


* 307 Pleasant Ridge Road; from Mical Barnes; to Jeryl Keim and Joan Keim; $78,000.

* 6901 Lawlen Court; from Sean C. Teitelbaum and Stacy J. Teitelbaum; to James Brodzik and Kelly Schaefer; $197,500.

* 22 Aubuchon Drive; from Angela M. Smith aka Angela M. Buhs and Kile L. Buhs; to Michelle L. Johnson; $104,000.

* 6821 Dunhill Drive; from Gary Ricciardi and Bethany Ricciardi; to Angelo Elko and Nicholas Dunning; $242,000.

* 203 Oxford Ave.; from Patricia E. Brown; to Delisa Childress; $160,000.


* 108 W. Apple St.; from Joseph Wheeler and Jamee Wheeler; to Larry Easley and Deanna Easley; $117,000.

* 206 N. Belleville; from Michael A. Bovenzi; to Blake A. Drummond; $125,000.

* 709 Kristie Lynn St.; from Tracy L. Lickenbrock; to Peter Stephenson and Marilyn Stephenson; $182,500.


* 210 S. 6th St.; from Daniel M. Beck; to Jay D. Hanscom; $104,500.

* 1178 Larkspur Drive; from Michael Kersten and Audra Kersten; to Joshua Lee and Michelle Lee; $217,000.

* 1501 Lincoln Blvd.; from Gerald E. Daugherty and Sylvia E. Daugherty; to Timothy E. Crimm and Elizabeth H. Crimm; $178,000.

* 348 Falling Leaf Way; from Michael Rodick; to Ryan S. Kniss and Kelly L. Kniss; $169,000.

* 301 N. Bernard St.; from Raymond Kunkel; to Kacey L. Luetkemeyer; $99,500.


* 8871 New Athens Darmstadt Road; from Dale C. Muckenstrum and Joyce A. Muckenstrum; to Wade Belcher and Janette M. Belcher; $230,000.


* 1045 Oriole Drive; from Jeffrey S. Tomlinson and Christy M. Tomlinson; to Chris Hair; $259,000.

* 704 Chatsworth Court; from Christopher R. Bishop and Andrea M. Bishop; to Linda Hurry; $413,000.

* 932 Chesapeake Junction Lane; from Jeffrey A. Doty and Jill M. Doty; to Thoams Dawson IV and Tricia Dawson; $230,000.

* 964 Sturbridge Trail; from Justin Seipp; to Min S. Song and Seonghes Kim; $221,500.


* 2249 Calgary Drive; from JEA Investments LLC; to Jimmie E. Jacobs Jr. and Sylvia R. Jacobs; $28,000.

* 2708 Lauren Lake Drive; from Joshua A. Lane and Kari L. Lane; to Kile L. Buhs and Angela Buhs; $222,000.

* 4082 Edmar Court; from Hatim Mahmood and Marvat Mahmood; to Allan E. Ward and Courtney E. Ward; $327,000.

* 978 Whitechapel Drive; from Renee J. Mueth and Jeremy Herbert; to George M. Vineyard and Linda K. Vineyard; $190,000.

* 935 Dunberry Drive; from Charles L. Clayton and Teresa Clayton; tp Keiko Deering; $125,000.



* 814 Douglas St.; from Virna L. Lahue and Christoperh M. Lahur; to Carly Wheeler and Anthony Wheeler; $138,500.

* 2910 N. Rodgers Ave.; from Mary E. Peuterbaugh and Gary A. Peuterbaugh; to Joseph Paisley and Barbara E. Paisley; $162,500.

* 2635 Hillcrest Ave.; from Jeffrey W. Cress Jr. and Lynsy N. Cress; to Timothy C. Duley; $75,000.

* 1601 Henry St.; from Patricia A. Wenger, Patti Wenger, Perry Markham; to Matthew Bond; $95,000.


* 5028 State Route 140; from Mary L. Orr and Ronald D. Orr; to Eric D. Dodd, Lacey N. Dodd, Mark A. Meyer Sr., Tonya L. Meyer; $147,000.

* 906 W. Sherman St.; from Gary Ballesteros and Anny Ballesteros; to Jason V. Ballesteros and Toni R. Ballesteros; $110,000.


* 311 Jamestown Court; from Todd A. Link and Anne M. Link; to Alan D. Geis; $182,500.

* 1 Toni Court; from Zachary R. Perkins and Rachel E. Perkins; to Alexandra E. Courtney; $85,500.


* 133 Haller Ave.; from Brian C. Beatty and Jamie N. Beatty; to Lindsay Shewmake; $59,000.


* 2900 Sand Road; from First Clover Leaf Bank; to Alda LLC; $500,000.

* 232 Coventry Place; from Thomas P. Pile and Sonia K. Pile; to Kevin Monke and Meagan Monke; $150,000.

* 33 Meadow Rue; from Kent B. Howes and Kathy L. Howes; to John G. Abbott and Michelle Abbott; $292,000.

* 1338 Carribean Drive; from Rita Werner; to Robin L. Adair and Sherri P. Adair; $167,000.

* 1129 Nassau Drive; from Michael Pace and Stacey Pace; to Jacquelyn R. Bush; $173,000.

* 1451 Castle Court; from Joseph V. Martin and Connie E. Martin; to Joseph M. Orolin; $284,500.


* 166 N. Meridian Road; from Keith D. Lueking and Andrea M. Lueking; to Brian Smith and Tara Smith; $237,500.

* 7015 Gable Court; from Dennis Mueller and Jennifer R. Mueller; to Robert D. Cashdollard and Mary Jean Cashdollard; $242,000.

* 118 Michelle Drive; from Gerald V. Kienstra and Patricia A. Kienstra; to Matthew Groshans and Kali Groshans; $194,000.

* 100 Michelle; from Nathan D. Sturycz and Sarah J. Sturyca; to Meredith L. Johnson; $200,000.


* 159 E. Emerald Way; from Myrtle L. Brown and Donald L. Brown; to Miguel E. Garcia and Gloria J. Garcia; $182,500.

* 3240 Edgewood Ave.; from Timon D. Keller and Amber M. Keller; to Matthew G. Lehr; $91,000.

* 4812 Bailey; from Donald M. Murphy III and Jaylene G. Murphy; to Lon Smith and Cynthia Smith; $213,500.

* 5156 Stephanie Drive; from Lawrence Kulp; to Timothy M. Dehne; $99,500.

* 2614 Delmar Ave.; from Richrd W. Moore and Mary W. Moore; to Erick S. Condor; $94,000.

* 2423 Madison Ave.; from Brian E. Schlais and Emma L. Schlais; to Stephanie Downs; $56,000.


* 314 Miller Ave.; from Ryan Gibbs and misty A. Gibbs; to Cynthia Oyer and Timothy Oyer; $130,000.

*142 2nd St.; from Rebecca M. McKeever and Randall G. McKeever; to Randall S. Otrembiak; $75,000.


* 1416 Olive St.; from Jane A. Zappia and Dominic D. Zappia; to Danielle Poehling; $120,000.


* 414 N. Vernon St.; from Jason M. York and Kara L. York; to Debra S. Durbin; $55,000.


* 8743 Wendell Creek Drive; from Samuel A. Gallant and Pamela S. Gallant; to Yolanda Cooper; $350,000.

* 723 Fifth St.; from Lindow Contracting iNc.; to Michael Lawrence Terri Lawrence; $253,500.

* 118 Olyvia Drive; from Lindow Contracting iNc.; to Ronald Robinson and Theresa Robinson; $162,000.


* 74 N. Sugar Mill Road; from Raymond Randolph and Jennie L. Randolph; to Robert Walz and Angela Walz; $182,500.

* 1404 Bridgehampton; from PM Office Park LLC; to Innovation Construction LLC; $40,000.

* 1 Cedar Pointe Park; from Construction Solutions 4U Inc.; to Cody S. Pallavicini and Ashley M. Pallavinci; $316,000.

* 10 Melody Lane; from Edward M. Stark and Deborah K. Stark; to Everett L. Kelly and Katherine S. Kelly; $200,000.

* 62 Arbon Springs; from Braden Littlefield and Melissa Littlefield; to Craig Sandberg; $176,000.

* 31 Stonebrooke; from Lisa Kahrig; to Daniel Lipe and Jennifer Lipe; $210,000.

* 1525 Fairoaks Drive; from TJ Mattison and Jami Mattison; to Thomas W. Herrington; $161,000.

* 305 Reid Ave.; from Rory D. Biggs and Jessica L. Biggs; to John Mitchell; $155,000.

* 404 McClelland Drive; from Vicksburg Development iNc.; to C N Properties LC; $53,000.

*286 Shadowbrooke; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Michael Pace and Stacey Pace; $227,000.

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