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September 3, 2014

Marriage Licenses


Jonathan Venegas Abueg of Belleville to Rebecca Lyn Martin of Belleville.

Prabin Narayan Amatya of Belleville to Arati Shrestha of Belleville.

Raymond BAutista Angsioco of Belleville to Aimee Grace Humphrey of Belleville.

Andrew James Archie of Belleville to Samantha Paige Rawie of Belleville.

Travis L. Askew of Cahokia to Cariss S. Bland of Cahokia.

Julian K. Austin of Alorton to Kearra L. Gilyard of East St. Louis.

Douglas Michael Baker of Belleville to Joyce Lynn Ohl of Belleville.

Scott T. Barger Jr. of St. Louis to Seana R. Williams of St. Louis.

Joe H. Barnes Jr. of East St. Louis to Lashonda L. Gomilla of East St. Louis.

William H. Belt Jr. of East St. Louis to Latina S. Johnson of East St. Louis.

Roshan Bhakta of Fairmont City to Sangitaben D. Patel of Fairmont City.

Richard Webster Bills of Freeburg to Sarah Jean Mehrmann of Freeburg.

Joshua T. Bird of Smithton to Lindsey E. Young of Smithton.

Robert Montez Bolton of Belleville to Rhonda Ann Summers of Belleville.

Eddie Lee Bonner Jr. of Cahokia to Carrie Ann Killings of Cahokia.

Bryan Samuel Bradley of Waterloo to Crystal Marie Perxchbacher of Waterloo.

Gordon Alfred Breeding of O'Fallon to Megan Lynea Constable of O'Fallon.

Tyler Keith Brower of Freeburg to Brandi Marie Demick of Freeburg.

Christopher K. Buchheit of Belleville to Jennifer L. Hund of O'Fallon.

James M. Burgett of Belleville to Lynette D. Anderson of Belleville.

Shane Edward Cash of Cahokia to Jatira Renae Coker of Cahokia.

Robert Anthony Casole of Belleville to Meagan Alexandra Rodriguez of Belleville.

Ian E. Caveny of Alton to Hannah G. Richee of Collinsville.

Brad A. Clark of Belleville to Amy L. Sicka of Belleville.

Justin Scott Clark of Fairview Heights to Annemarie Lynn Tenberge of Fairview Heights.

Terry Torrell Clay of East St. Louis to Travia Tawon White of East St. Louis.

Charlie Lee Cole of East St. Louis to Amy Annette Lee of Washington Park.

Jeremy James Coleman of Mascoutah to Lindsay Renee Taylor of Mascoutah.

Revere Lamar Coleman of Collinsville to Ieshia Nakish Ray of Collinsville.

Andrew John Cooper of Collinsville to Courtney Gene Ahlers of Collinsville.

Terrance Lamont Craion of Fairview Heights to Amber Nicole Clemmons of Belleville.

Scott Aaron Crean of Oakville, Mo. to Amy Lynn Kreher of Oakville, Mo.

Demarco Anthony Davis of St. Louis to Britney McLaurin of St. Louis.

Simon Combs Davis of Belleville to Annette M. Sharp-Davis of Belleville.

Jamico Rene Dean of East St. Louis to Brittany Michelle Harris of East St. Louis.

Corey J. Dixon of St. Louis to Keonna T. Gilmore of Fairview Heights.

Kenneth S. Downing of Belleville to Carol A. Downing of Belleville.

Reginald Dozier Jr. of Centreville to Yealmonta S. Denzmore of Belleville.

Tod D. Dressler of Freeburg to Monica R. Pour of Freeburg.

Steven Lance Dubs of O'Fallon to Brenda Marie Hunter of Belleville.

Brian Keith Duck of East Carondelet to Hannah Christine Spores of East Carondelet.

Daniel John Duckworth of Waterloo to Kimberly Lynn Duckworth of Collinsville.

Adrian Dunn of Belleville to Sherrinna Lazzette Harris of Cahokia.

Jason Marcus Eschman of Belelville to Chelsea Ann Hulse of Belleville.

Nicholas Victor Fensom of O'Fallon to Emily Lauren of Trelow of O'Fallon.

Robert Joseph Fiedler of Anacoco, La. to Jana Marlene Burch of Anacoco, La.

Ethan A. Field of Belleville to Ciera M. Landolt of Belleville.

Cesar Flores of Belleville to Kathryn Elizabeth Bryant of Belleville.

Phillip Christopher Foster of East St. Louis to Courtney Nicole Woolery of East St. Louis.

Mark Christopher Ganger of O'Fallon to Sarah Elizabeth Cecil of O'Fallon.

Tyrone Ricardo Gibson Sr. of Florissant, Mo. to Carlis Michelle Weathers of East St. Louis.

Wayne Nichols Gibson of Belleville to Jessica Marie Stein of Belleville.

Erik James Gillaspie of Swansea to Hannah Ruth Keseman of Swansea.

Jarrell Ryan Gines of Cahokia to Casandra Marie Richardson of Belleville.

John Paul Girard of O'Fallon to Melissa Ann Ruder of O'Fallon.

George Goodwin Jr. of Collinsville to Trevett D. Roby of Collinsville.

Christian Giovanny Guachamin Atahualpa of Millstadt to Emily Mae Samson of Millstadt.

Kenneth G. Gustavson of O'Fallon to Lue D. Daniels of O'Fallon.

Dakota Lee Haerter of O'Fallon to Taylor Caroline Asselin of O'Fallon.

Brennen Wayne Hale of St. Charles, Mo. to Kaci Briann Ferrero of Belleville.

Charles Clifford Hall of St. Louis to Stacey Marie Gibbs of Spanish Lake, Mo.

Robert Allen Hartman Jr. of Grafton to John Vincent Kamp of Grafton.

Victor Jay Heitman of Cahokia to Linda Sue Barnett of Cahokia.

Remar Remond Hemphill of East St. Louis to Latoya Ann Gray of Collinsville.

James Robert Hickman of O'Fallon to Pamela Michelle Gianino of O'Fallon.

Timothy Cutshall Hipskind of Belleville to Caroline Suzette Hanff of Collinsville.

Andre L. Hodges of Fairview Heights to Angela L. Coleman of Fairview Heights.

Brad Allen Hoernis of Smithton to Alyssa Ann Webb of Smithton.

Justin R. Hull of Mascoutah to Nina T. Tacon of Mascoutah.

Shawn Michael Hunt of Cahokia to Auqila Shamika Jones of Cahokia.

Lyle Wilson Inyart of Nashville to Youngae Yun Wang of Nashville.

Cortez L. Irving Jr. of Belleville to Claudette L. Clark of Belleville.

Demarius Shawn Jackson of Belleville to Lashonda Yuriel Davenport of Belleville.

Matthew Robert Jaenke of Columbia to Michelle Renee Shutika of Columbia.

Juan Jimenez Vasquez of Caseyville to Mercedes L. Butler of Caseyville.

John Wesley Johnson III of Alorton to Tiffany Chenae Sutton of Alorton.

Robert Johnson of East St. Louis to Kiesha Shanell White of East St. Louis.

Rolando Eugene Johnson of O'Fallon to Latricia Ann Beckley of O'Fallon.

Charles Thomas Jones of Washington Park to Kymmetria Michelle Burris of East St. Louis.

Ryan Christopher Kadlec of Belleville to Lauren Elizabeth Martens of Belleville.

Dominic Aaron Kennedy of East St. Louis to Mechelle Bra'shay Nelson of Fairview Heights.

Eric Steven Kerr of Bethalto to Tracey Lee Sutton of Bethalto.

Jarric Jahmon Keys of Fairview Heights to Imani Andree Willis of Fairview Heights.

Patrick J. Kielbasa of St. Louis to Kim Hea Jessup of Mascoutah.

Daniel T. Kloess of Millstadt to Brooke R. Toenjes of Millstadt.

Daniel Jacob Koland of Belleville to Sarah Jean Hislop of Anchorage, Alaska.

Bryan M. Kossow of Belleville to Whitney D. Woods of Belleville.

Alexander Paul Kuhl of Belleville to Carmen Lorene Piott of Belleville.

Michael David Kunstel of Caseyville to Sara Marie Larcom of O'Fallon.

Steven Paul Lee of St. Louis to Fawne Elizabeth Yearian of St. Louis.

Robert A. Lelly II of Millstadt to Ashley N. Brooks of Millstadt.

Bryan C. Leonard of Swansea to Christina L. Demoss of Swansea.

William Deandre' Lindsey of Swansea to Michelle Nicole Higgins of Swansea.

Jimmie Jewel Linzy Jr. of Belleville to Rachel Arlene White of Belleville.

Rodney Little of Alorton to Monay Berry of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Scott Tyler Loehring of O'Fallon to Ashleigh Meredith Defosset of O'Fallon.

Stephen J. Lotz Sr. of Fairview Heights to Alma E. Davis of Fairview Heights.

Bernell L. Love of Belleville to Katrina Liddell of Belleville.

Terence Ken Ludy of East St. Louis to Roshonda Louise Jefferson of Belleville.

Edward Louis Main of New Athens to Katherine Rosalie Gallagher of New Athens.

Kevin M. Malone of East St. Louis to Jennifer Jordan of East St. Louis.

Charles R. Mathis of Belleville to Brittany A. Floyd of Belleville.

Benjamin John Mayssonet of Mascoutah to Rachel Diane McDonald of Mascoutah.

George Edward McClelland of East St. Louis to Nikita Renae Tucker of East St. Louis.

Joel David McCullough of Freeburg to Jessica Marie Nation of St. Louis.

AMilcar C. Melendez-Cruz of O'Fallon to Tara Nicole Williams of O'Fallon.

Clayton Keith Miller Jr. of Mascoutah to Brittany Danielle Edwards of Mascoutah.

Donald Wade Miller Jr. of Collinsville to Phoebe Lorene Crochet of Tomah, Wis.

Mathew L. Moeckel of Freeburg to Renee C. Middendorf of Freeburg.

Rafael A. Monge IV of Belleville to Daliyah Sherae Marie McNear of Belleville.

Scott Arthur Moshure of Ballwin, Mo. to Shanna Lea Davis of Fairview Heights.

Willie B. Nelson Sr. of East St. Louis to Betty Jean Taylor of Alton.

Michael Anthony Nold of New Orleans, La. to Cara Beth Nighohossian of Glen Carbon.

Cameron Craig Ashby Oberg of Scott AFB to Brigitte Rochelle Rohr Johnson of Scott AFB.

Jason R. Omohundro of Collinsville to Samantha L. McHenry of Collinsville.

Anthony E. Owens of Belleville to Eva J. Ferrell of Belleville.

Anthony Joseph Pacewic of Swansea to Cheryl Lynn Duby of Swansea.

Bryan Curtis Pancich of Chicago to Jessica Marie Dalke of Chicago.

Wayne Parker Jr. of Fairview Heights to Janna L. Young of Fairview Heights.

Larry Darnell Patterson of Belleville to Delaney Genice Hicks of Washington Park.

Vincent B. Perry Sr. of Collinsville to Yulanda K. Bogan of Collinsville.

Aaron Calvin Perry of Ogden, Utah to Annette Eatmond of Washington Park.

Darrell Ray Purlee of Lebanon to Torrie Ann Donohoo of Highland.

Samuel T. Rauch of Swansea to Mary K. Schaltenbrand of Swansea.

David A. Reesman of Belleville to Robin A. Green of Belleville.

Steven Michael Reuss of New Athens to Sara Renee Voelkel of Freeburg.

Mark Christopher Reyes of Fairview Heights to Kelly Cecelia Reyes of O'Fallon.

James Rodgers of East St. Louis to Charlotte Terress Orr of East St. Louis.

William David Roles of Fairview Heights to Milagros Escano Roles of Fairview Heights.

James Howard Rucker of East St. Louis to Lakesha Nicole Bush of Belleville.

Logan Kenneth Ruser of Belleville to Marisa Jo Droege of Belleville.

Kenneth Rush Jr. of Belleville to Angela K. Edmonds of East St. Louis.

Stephanie Earle Russell of Fairview Heights to Heather Marie Barclay of Harvester, Mo.

Lawrence Salley Jr. of Belleville to Airlia Griffin of East St. Louis.

Walter Jamard Scott of East St. Louis to Kimiano Danya Wallace of East St. Louis.

Wilbert Marcus Sewell III of Centreville to Reva R. Reynolds of Granite City.

Nicholas Justin Sinnott of O'Fallon to Georgette Sinnott of O'Fallon.

Justin Eugene Smith of O'Fallon to Consuelo Marie Fischer of Belleville.

David Ryan St. Louis of Belleville to Danielle Lynn Doscinski of Riverhead, N.Y.

Perry Tyson Stakes V of Hammond, Ind. to Annalyssa Marie Vignassi of St. Louis.

Anthony Scott Stegall of Freeburg to Kara Elizabeth Snow of Freeburg.

Joseph Preston Switzer of Troy to Ashley Marie Stewart of Troy.

Reginald Henry Taylor II of Springfield to Ashley S'vea O'Dell of Springfield.

Blair Darius Taylor of Belleville to Victoria Michelle Stephenson of Belleville.

Roderick Calvin Townsend Jr. of Belleville to Domonique Alicia Armstrong of Edwardsville.

Clarence E. Trotter of Cahokia to Angela F. Smith of Cahokia.

Joseph Martin Urban of Belleville to Sarah Jean Nienkamp of Belleville.

Joshua Daniel Veath of Mascoutah to Justine Marie Lunte of Mascoutah.

James Robert Waelti of Belleville to Crystal Rachelle Kohler of Belleville.

Chad Armstrong Walters of Belleville to Sarah Jane Poirot of Belleville.

Bradley David Weaver of Belleville to Shelby Lynn Newell of Box Elder, S.D.

Steven Kirksey Webb of St. Louis to Tanisha Annette Webb of Cahokia.

Joseph D. Weston of Belleville to Hayley D. Weintz of Belleville.

Fletcher J. Williams Jr. of O'Fallon to Regina M. Riley of O'Fallon.


Matthew Patrick Carmody of St. Louis to Hailey Renee Johnson of St. Louis.

Gerad Dean Bell of Belle Rive to Elexis Leigh Mullins of Belle Rive.

Ryan Robert Fechte of St. Louis to Mallory Christine Krpan of St. Louis.

Zachary Ryan Catlin of Marion to Melissa Nicole Williams of Collinsville.

Nicholas James Simpson of Godfrey to Mary LeAnn Elizabeth Telega of Godfrey.

Gregory Darrell Vaughn of Edwardsville to Diane Cynthia Benvenuto of Edwardsville.

Benjamin David Oswald of Granite City to Sharees Shonta Burrage of Granite City.

Tracy Wade Dailey of Moro to Debra Sue Lytton of Moro.

Herbert Joseph Kassly of Collinsville to Terri Trenee Coleman of Collinsville.

Karl Joseph Fiedler of Pocahontas to Elizabeth May Schrumpf of Pocahontas.

Roberto De Dios Escalet-Montalvo of Granite City to Stephanie Diana Downs of Granite City.

Troy Robert Schmidt of Edwardsville to Rana Lyn Lindhorst of Edwardsville.

David Warren Beckham of Wood River to Julia Ann Delaney of Wood River.

Daniel Allen Niemeier of Hamel to Emilee Kate Kohler of Hamel.

Christopher Dee Davis of Allen, Texas to Kendra Dawn Isenberg of Troy.

Brian James Vosholler of Highland to Anastasia Leigh Frank of Highland.

Kyle Dean Gundlach II of Alton to Shannon Marie Nolte of East Alton.

Chad Michael Middleton of Godfrey to Trisha Marie Walter of Godfrey.

Lucas Andrew Runge of Troy, Mo. to Anne Michelle Schomber of Maryville.

Herbert Eric Darnell of Edwardsville to Elizabeth Christine Stoff of Edwardsville.

Robert Xavier Stovall of Granite City to Debra Lynn Ackerson of Granite City.

Andrew Michael Taul of Kampsville to Lindsey Jo Clendenny of Kampsville.

Justin Anthony Camillo of Brookfield to Datelynn Erin Ballinger of Brookfield.

Thomas Richard Flynn of Alton to Cynthia Ann Goben of Alton.

Robert Eugene Madison III of Alton to Shauna Jane'e James of Alton.

Ryan Michael Long of Alton to Melissa Anne Wuellner of Alton.

Corey Jejuan Dixon of St. Louis to Keonna Tiffany Gilmore of Fairview Heights.

Nicholas Owings West of East Alton to Abbrin Cristine Pilger of East Alton.

Benjamin George Stiff Jr. of Alton to Dawn Leigh Leingang of Alton.

Kristopher Edward Munger of Granite City to Kourtney Lee Ann Smothers of Granite City.

Arion Terrell Gilkey of Ft. Campbell, Ky. to Ashley Marshay St. John of Belleville.

Michael Carl Christopher Place of Katherine Sophronia Davis of Highland.

Jerry Michael Scribner of Troy to Candy Marie Blanton of Troy.

Titus Christopher Croxton of Wood River to Ashley Nicole Shelton of Wood River.

Tarus Venard Anderson of East St. Louis to Shantell Dontisha Mays of East St. Louis.

Robert Alexander Cole III of Edwardsville to Ana Cristina Riera of Edwardsville.l

Kenneth Edward Holloway IV of Godfrey to Alexis Nicole Hawkins of Godfrey.

Mark David Whittet of Edwardsville to Amy Marie Bradstreet of Edwardsville.

Robert Joseph Alnwick of Bunker Hill to Kimberly Dane Schuette of Bunker Hill.

Daniel Ray Barton of Alton to LaVonne Rose Butler of Wood River.

Joseph Frederick Biggs of Granite City to Randi Lea Hardy of Granite City.

Jesse Leroy Overland of Worden to Stephanie Renae Eby of Worden.

Christopher Van Richards of Wood River to Stephanie Michelle Ervin of Wood River.

Steven Eric Loftus of Troy to Danielle Marie Dolosic of Troy.

Eric Roger Smith of Marine to Lauren Virginia Ewart of Troy.

Mark Alden Murfin III of Glen Carbon to Kendly Marie Schmidt of Troy.

Ryan Patrick Beard of Highland to Kimberly Kay Rembisz of Highland.

Jeffrey Allan Jarrett of Granite City to Johanna Renee Terry of Granite City.

Rance Darrell Davis of Alton to Carrie Elizabeth Eckhouse of Alton.

Daniel Jason Campbell of Collinsville to Brittany Alison Compton of Collinsville.

Jerome Edward Shewmake of East Alton to Melissa Louise Urban of East Alton.

Randall Levi Stevens of Staunton to Samantha Rae Beebe of Staunton.

Darrell Jerome Boykin Jr. of Collinsville to Brittany Michelle Warner of Collinsville.

Paul James Manring of Granite City to Janice June Manring of Granite City.

Kenneth Alvin Strickland to Edwardsville to Dawn Marie Embry of Edwardsville.

Steven Eugene St. Aubin of Edwardsville to Sherry Kay Crain of Edwardsville.

Adam Craig Stensland of Overland Park, Kan. to Jennifer Elaine Humphrey of Overland Park, Kan.

Trace Lynn Pasley of Sorento to Stephanie Irene Schneck of Sorento.

Jason Bingham Massie of Granite City to Susannah Lynn Walmsley of Granite City.

James Darin Whitehead of Edwardsville to Chelsea Annesse Smith of Venice.

James David Acra of Troy to Leigh Ann Strohmeier of Troy.

John Gregory Edwards of Glen Carbon to Robin Marie Jaeggi of Glen Carbon.

Ryan Lee Atchisson of Collinsville to Sara Lynn Stroud of Collinsville.

Aaron Richard Kimmel of Granite City to Tiffany Rose Pryor of Granite City.

Ryan William Salmon of Edwardsville to Holly Ann Schneider of Edwardsville.

Richard James Swearingin of Kane and Stephanie Ann Brakeville of Kane.

Ronnie William Lewis Jr. of Alton to Alyssa Mae Wiseman of Alton.

Michael James Scannell of Granite City to Annalea Marie Green of Granite City.

Ethan Scott Wells of Springfield to Madison Beth Gotter of Brighton.

Nicholas John Dettenmeier of Collinsville to Colleen Victoria Cramsey of Liberty.

Adam Joseph Moore of Caseyville to Jennifer Renee Grzywacz of Caseyville.

Casey Robert Williamson of Belleville to Nicole Ann Mehrtens of Belleville.

Vincent Peter Marty of Highland to Michelle Kathryn Roth of Highland.

Elatia Rashiad Langford of Alton to Holly Beth Staten of Alton.

Kalvin Eugene Dobbins Jr. of Collinsville to Kyla Nicole Willims of Collinsville.

Timothy Shelby Copeland of Collinsville to Laura Ann Buhr of Collinsville.

Rodney Demetrius Dear Jr. of Belleville to Sydney Porshe' McClenton of Belleville.

Michael David Mowell Jr. of Granite City to Amy Lynn Mance of Granite City.

Joshua Andrew Avello of Godfrey to Julie Anna Hausman of Godfrey.

Thomas James Tendick Jr. of Cottage Hills to Stephanie Colean Watters of Cottage Hills.

Ryan Lee Bethel of East Alton to Megan Nicole McKinzie of East Alton.

Craig Alan Wilson of Kansas City, Mo. to Crystal Renee Young of Kansas City, Mo.

Jeremy James Rule of Edwardsville to Tia Nicole Bringenberg of Edwardsville.

Peter Anthony DiChristofano III of Pontoon Beach to Erica Marie Stark of Pontoon Beach.

Joshua Allen Gould of Collinsville to Jessica Frances Fussner of Caseyville.

Preston Kenneth Harris of Bunker Hill to Myah Naydine Cooper of Bunker Hill.

Jared Matthew Wolf of Broken Arrow, Okla. to Sara Louise Keene of Broken Arrow, Okla.

James Patrick Arnold of Edwardsville to Kathryn Marie Trettenero of Edwardsville.

Jacob Andrew Mellor of Collinsville to katie Marie Manchester of Collinsville.

Billy Lee Kuehnel of Granite City to Aiemie Nicole Pace of Granite City.

Jason Matthew Schmidt of Pontoon Beach to Danille Dawn Kilzer of Pontoon Beach.

James Fassett Stille Jr. of Wood River to Lynne Suzanne Marsh of Wood River.

Ernesto Diaz Jr. of Granite City to Jayme Ann Frazier of Granite City.

Cory Nicholas Zach of Worden to Victoria Brianne Klinefelter of Glen Carbon.

Corgin Alan Souffrant of Urbana to Alisa Dara Chomhirun of Edwardsville.

Alexander Paul Kihl of Belleville to Carmen Lorene Piott of Belleville.

Roosevelt Kenard Gregory of Madison to Shamie Marie Sullivan of Madison.

Marty Dean Schuetz of Alton to Christy Ranell Romine of Alton.

Jacob Michael Book of Alton to Breanna Leigh McDonald of Glen Carbon.

Leon Roedel Williams of Tacoma to LaTonya Ranee Johnson of Spanaway, Wash.

Zachary James McNelly of Edwardsville to Katharine Margaret Fitzpatrick of Edwardsville.

Brandon Scott Greene of Glen Carbon to Lauren Marie Collins of Glen Carbon.

Jacob Matthew Sitton of St. Charles, Mo. to Catelyn Elena Jones of St. Charles, Mo.

Joshua Michael Miller of Granite City to Amy Kathleen Winfield of Granite City.

Andrew Arthur Parcels of Collinsville to Sarah Elizabeth Easterle of Collinsville.

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