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Shyp reclassifies contract couriers as employees

Shyp, the quickly growing startup that provides on-demand courier services, said Wednesday it would reclassify its contract workers as employees, becoming the latest high-profile tech company to change how it compensates its workforce.


Balancing Act: On taking vacation, employees, bosses often not on same page

When Erich McLane, a South Florida staffing recruiter, contemplates summer vacation, he takes the appearance of job dedication into consideration. This year, he likely will extend a weekend and leave some of his allotted two weeks unused, as he did last year: "I'm trying to make myself look like a better employee to the owner ... in my mind, he's paying attention, but I'm not sure it's true."


U.S. Bank wealth management executive learned from early setbacks

MINNEAPOLIS - Margaret Paddock, who runs the Twin Cities private client wealth management business for U.S. Bank, learned early about financial management. Born in Poland, she moved to the Chicago area as an infant. Paddock's father left when she was 13 and her sister was 11. Her mother took a low-pay retail position, and Paddock worked her way through high school and college as a bank teller. At age 53, Paddock's mother was diagnosed with dementia and was fleeced by a financial scam artist who took her life savings of $30,000. She had to sell her home. Paddock, then the working mother of two children, brought her mother into her home and took over her affairs.

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