Lori Borgman: Excuse me, is that Mountain Dew you're wearing?

The husband would gladly take a root canal over shopping for clothes any day of the week. But because the pockets in a pair of beloved dress pants finally wore out, he went shopping for a new pair of dress pants with absolutely no prompting or prodding from me. And you thought Donald Trump winning the election was a shock.


Ex-etiquette: Push anger, pride aside and put kids first

Q: My girlfriend and I are having a very tough time trying to co-parent with my ex. She's very angry I have moved on and rarely talks to me, never returns my phone calls or texts. If my girlfriend has to pick up the kids, it's World War III. I've read tons of books. The pop psychology is worthless. Give me some real-life ex-etiquette solutions.


Ask Mr. Dad: On death and dying

Dear Mr. Dad: My father, who had been sick for quite some time, recently died. He and my 7-year old daughter were very close. Naturally, she's sad that Gramps isn't around anymore, but I know that she doesn't completely get why. Do you think she's old enough to grasp what death is? If so, what's the best way to talk with her about my dad in a way that will mean something to her?

Home & Garden

This is what our readers think is missing from every home. Do you agree?

Raise your hand if your home is missing a certain je ne sais quoi. In your space, do you ever wonder how you could make it better - what you could subtract to make it feel fresh, balanced and new? When looking at our own decor with little perspective, it can be hard to decipher the missing piece to the puzzle - the one thing that's stopping our space from looking and feeling just right. Is the sofa too small? What should I add to that wall? Why does my place feel a little sterile? If you've ever asked yourself these types of questions, you're not alone.


App review: Tongo Music, a wonderful introduction to classical music for preschoolers and families

Parents need to know that Tongo Music - for kids and families introduces kids to instruments, music structure, and classical music. In all, kids can hear 15 short samples of musical masterpieces from Mozart to Tchaikovsky, played with 12 different musical instruments. And, kids can try their own hand at creating music with a digital keyboard, a collection of percussion instruments, and more. Because there's a lot of music in the app, it may take a long time to open the first time after downloading. Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your information is collected and shared.


SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband

Dawn Blum took 188 photos out her bedroom window in Collinsville, IL, one for every day that her husband, Rob, was deployed in Kuwait, and turned them into a piece of artwork, which is currently on display as part of an exhibit at the Schmidt Art Center located on the campus of Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, IL. Dawn and Rob Blum live in southern Illinois near St. Louis, MO.
SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband 3:22

SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband

50 years of charms for her bracelet 1:43

50 years of charms for her bracelet

Check out Wayward Pub restaurant in Freeburg 0:48

Check out Wayward Pub restaurant in Freeburg

Sometimes presidential losers turn out as winners 1:59

Sometimes presidential losers turn out as winners