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2 recipes that lure kids to eat dinner

In this week’s food column by Suzanne Boyle, parents may find making dinner easier this fall with a pair of back-to-school recipes meant for kids and adults to enjoy together. Try Simple Hamburger Hot Dish and Smoky Barbecue Chicken Tenders from Betty Crocker.


Simple rules for kids taking cellphones to school

Whether your kid is heading to school toting a brand-new device or is already a cellphone pro, you want everyone on the same page about the dos and don'ts. You can keep an eye on kids at home (kind of), but at school, they're on their own. As with any kind of boundary setting, these conversations can be tense. Fortunately, there are only five rules for them to remember - and one for you, to show that you're all in this together.

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Home Fix: How important are yearly termite inspections?

Q: We have lived in our older (80-year-old) home for over 30 years. We've had yearly termite inspections with only clean reports. How important is it to keep up with yearly inspections? The cost now tops $300 annually and includes basically a 15-minute flashlight check of crawl space and basement. How likely are we to develop termite problems at this point in the life of this house?


Ghirardelli Square circles back with a high-end style

A relentless icy wind swept in from San Francisco Bay, blowing away the fog to reveal the 19th century three-masted schooner C.A. Thayer anchored offshore. Farther out, Alcatraz Island was circled by seagulls and besieged by an armada of tour boats plowing through the chop.

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Plumber: High hopes for low-height toilet

Q: Dear Ed: I am a loyal reader and remember an article from the past about toilet tank height. I have a very old low-profile toilet and above the tank is a built-in cabinet with drawers and storage. I cannot remove the cabinet without going into a remodel of my bathroom. Do they still make toilets with very low tanks? Please help, the old toilet is leaking on the floor!

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Fountains make a splash

Fountains have been around since Roman times. In the ancient world, they were purely functional, employing springs or aqueducts to provide water for drinking, bathing and cleaning to even the smallest villages. Modest, centrally located and fed by gravity, public fountains were the focus of a simple communal existence.


Family Meals Matter: Kids can cook

If your kids spent this summer learning how to cook, now is the time to really reap the benefits. Having kids pitch in to prepare family meals during the busy back-to-school season not only saves parents time, but it also reinforces math and language arts concepts learned at school.


Follow Beatrix Potter through Britain's Lake District

When I was a little girl, my grandparents gifted me with a beautiful set of Beatrix Potter books for Christmas one year. I could barely wait for everyone to finish unwrapping presents so that I could sneak off to my room with my treasure. The first Potter story I read on that long ago Christmas Day was "The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher," about a determined frog whose fishing trip turned out to be not quite what he expected.


A trip to Harry Potter World brings the magic to life

For the average kid, Universal Studios' The Wizarding World of Harry Potter looks like any other expertly designed part of the theme park. But for true fans of the Harry Potter books - including the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two" - the snowcapped roofs of Hogsmeade will trigger some major literary excitement. And a visit to the park - either the larger one in Orlando, Fla. or the smaller one in Hollywood, Calif. - can be an awesome way to encourage a kid to read the books or reward the ones who have.


Game review: 'Batman: The Telltale Series,' build your own Batman in dark, gritty adventure

Parents need to know that "Batman � The Telltale Series" is a downloadable, episodic adventure game featuring the popular DC Comics superhero in the early days of his career. The game uses a point-and-click style combined with the occasional quick-time event to advance the plot. Players will make choices at key moments, which play out over the course of the entire series. This is a darker story for the Batman franchise and a far cry from the all-ages Caped Crusader that occasionally shows up in cartoons and comic books. Violence in the game is graphic, with plenty of blood and brutal imagery. The game also makes some use of profanity and sexuality, as well as references to drinking and drug use, to ground the story into the grittier side of Gotham City.


BoBeck's Sports Bar and Grill in Waterloo

Stop by for wings, burgers, cod and walleye. Watch sand volleyball. Listen to music.
BoBeck's Sports Bar and Grill in Waterloo 0:53

BoBeck's Sports Bar and Grill in Waterloo

Stone sculptor Paul Bayer is one of 100 artists at Midwest Salute to the Arts 2:05

Stone sculptor Paul Bayer is one of 100 artists at Midwest Salute to the Arts

When Black Girls Write II 1:34

When Black Girls Write II

Nature's wonders: when lava meets ocean 1:07

Nature's wonders: when lava meets ocean