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On Gardening: Dutch iris, a showy, camera-ready bloomer

The word on the street (I've always wanted to say that) is that the Dutch iris is a short-lived perennial. Tell that to Romano an incredible showy bloomer that we have in the garden which was planted in the late 1990's. I've led a life comparable to a house flipper so my personal experience on the longevity of perennials has been word of mouth or reference book to say the least, but it seems to me anything approaching 20 years would rate as awesome.

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Making lasting connections

LOS ANGELES - The link to the outdoors and the gentle ocean breezes that circulate through the two-story home's many transom windows play huge roles in making the home feel special.


Parents @ Play: 2017 Toy Fair trends

Every year at about this time, every toy, game, collectible, and indoor- or outdoor plaything goes on display at New York Toy Fair. And, as usual, your Parents@Play team fearlessly braved the frigid weather (although, this year it was practically balmy) to bring you a glimpse into this year's up-and-coming trends.

Answer Man

This is what it means to be as drunk as Cootie Brown

As drunk as Cootie Brown is an expression that has roots in two myths from the US Civil War when Republican President Abraham Lincoln and the Union Army against the Conferenderate States of America fought the war between the states over slavery from 1861-1865. The myth revolves around a man who did not want to pick either the USA or the CSA because he didn’t know which army would win.

Public Records


The following incidents were listed among the official reports of local law enforcement agencies and court clerks. Readers are reminded that an arrest or charge does not constitute a finding of guilt. Only a court of law can make that determination.


Ex-etiquette: A personal ex-etiquette experience

So that you, my readers, understand that I also face ex-etiquette dilemmas, here's an ex-etiquette issue I recently had to deal with myself. My daughter's father and I have been divorced for years but our daughter recently asked us both to travel from California to New York City to help her get settled in the next stage of her life. She confessed she was a little afraid to make the move alone and wanted both her parents there for moral support. Her dad and I get along fine so we agreed, but traveling with an ex presents interesting problems.


SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband

Dawn Blum took 188 photos out her bedroom window in Collinsville, IL, one for every day that her husband, Rob, was deployed in Kuwait, and turned them into a piece of artwork, which is currently on display as part of an exhibit at the Schmidt Art Center located on the campus of Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, IL. Dawn and Rob Blum live in southern Illinois near St. Louis, MO.
SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband 3:22

SWIC photography instructor inspired by husband

50 years of charms for her bracelet 1:43

50 years of charms for her bracelet

Check out Wayward Pub restaurant in Freeburg 0:48

Check out Wayward Pub restaurant in Freeburg

Sometimes presidential losers turn out as winners 1:59

Sometimes presidential losers turn out as winners