Family Meals Matter: Pack leftovers for healthy lunches

Many schools across the country are either back in session or quickly approaching the start of the school year. For families, this means getting back into the routine of packing lunches or setting aside money for the school foodservice line.


Paso Robles: Moved by spirits

I frantically flipped through pages of handwritten directions, unable to tell my designated driver the way to the next winery. The repeating scenery - rolling golden hills dotted with grapevines growing in straight rows - made it difficult to tell one dirt road from the next. With little to no cell reception, GPS was not an option.


New technologies analyze brain chemistry to develop treatments for autism

When Matthew Gonzalez was 8 months old, his pediatrician noticed that he was having difficulty moving. Matthew lacked muscle tone and wasn't breastfeeding properly. His grandfather, a medical pathologist, suggested Matthew's parents, Oscar Gonzalez and Mercedes Ubaga, take him to what was known then as Miami Children's Hospital. He was evaluated there and eventually diagnosed with a severe case of autism. He has been a patient there ever since.

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