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Answer Man

Here’s what the monsters are saying on those Spectrum ads

Q: I have a couple of questions about those Spectrum “monster” ads that call satellite and phone-internet systems “evil.” First, what does Gary, the dummy, say after he is told to leave the house? Second, when they’re playing charades during the power outage, what is it that the mummy is guessing as the Grim Reaper is wildly gesticulating? It sounds like he is saying “rum come,” but I am sure that’s not it.

Answer Man

Just who was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

Q: The nation is still mourning the loss of the 17 people who were killed during the mass shooting on Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. But it also started me wondering: Just who was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

Answer Man

Belleville students used to picnic at Bellevue Park after annual parade

Q: My wife and I have something we are wondering about: Until recent years, Belleville schools had parades and picnics at the end of each school year. I recall during my childhood that each parade would go through downtown Belleville, followed by a picnic at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds. However, my wife seems to think the public school picnic was, for a time, at Bellevue Park. Was this ever the case, and, if so, was the parade still downtown?

Wildfires torch dry forests throughout Western US

File video: The Eagle Creek Fire has burned more than 33,000 acres of forest near Portland, Oregon, but it's just one of many wildfires blazing through the West at the tail-end of 2017's dangerous fire season.
McClatchy Sarah Whitmire/McClatchy