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Does Donald Trump have a locator chip implanted in him? The Secret Service won’t say

Q: A lady in the office said she heard that the president, vice president and speaker of the house have had a chip implanted somewhere under their skin so if they are ever taken hostage they will know where they are being held by the chip. True or office rumor?

Answer Man

Niribu makes a fun story, but it’s not real

Q: There is a lot on the internet about the planet Nibiru. Since you seem to enjoy investigating weird things, I was hoping you could dig a little deeper to see if any of it holds water. I’ve had more than one person who is supposedly “in the know” tell me that the average Joe is best left in the dark when it comes to government black projects.

Answer Man

Is bison meat actually better for you than beef?

Q: Your recent article on grass-fed vs. corn-fed beef brought to mind a third option, one I’ve been told is better than beef: bison. Is bison really healthier than beef? I’ve also heard that since bison are native to the U.S. and can be raised on natural vegetation found across the country, they are also a more environmentally friendly choice. Is this true?

Answer Man

The day a military plane crashed near Hecker

Q: Recently, I saw a “Pawn Stars” episode on The History Channel that featured an AT-6, which was used to train pilots during World War II. This made me remember that in the early ’40s, I recall an AT-6 or an AT-20 crashing near what was later the Hecker Nike missile base. Could you find out more about this crash?

Answer Man

No, Jeffrey Tambor is not playing the Grim Reaper in that Spectrum commercial

Q: My daughter and I have a disagreement about the Evil Commute commercial for Spectrum. In it, the Grim Reaper, the Mummy, the Werewolf and a mad scientist are riding a train back to the ’burbs, when the Reaper gets a frantic text from his kids complaining that a storm is wiping out their TV reception. I say that the Grim Reaper is played by Jeffrey Tambor. My daughter says no way. Who is right?

Answer Man

The word ‘the’ is getting the short shrift

Q: Your recent column on the propriety of saying “graduated college” vs. “graduated from college” brought to mind another language foible that bothers me: Why do young people now say “going prom” instead of “going to the prom”? Also, the same with “playing piano.” Why has the word “the” been eliminated?

Answer Man

Hubble Telescope sees a supernova only a fraction of a second before we do

Q: My brother and I always liked looking at the stars. In a recent story, it said that a man looked up and saw a supernova explode. Doesn’t that mean it actually exploded 166,000 years ago or about when modern homo sapiens were just starting to evolve in Africa and the light is just now getting here? The story doesn’t say. Also, we usually can’t see possible supernovae with the unaided eye. Well, Hubble and Planck technology was not here 50 years ago, which prompts this question: If one exploded 100 years ago we here on the ground wouldn’t know it. But could the Hubble telescope pick it up earlier and tell us it’s coming?


Collinsville church renovations celebrated

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church renovations completed with new entrance and other updates
Steve Nagy
Collinsville church renovations celebrated 1:38

Collinsville church renovations celebrated

Luke Voit on joining the St. Louis Cardinals after contract purchase 2:08

Luke Voit on joining the St. Louis Cardinals after contract purchase

Caseyville Youth Fishing Derby 1:08

Caseyville Youth Fishing Derby

Take a look inside The Chocolate Affair's new location 2:28

Take a look inside The Chocolate Affair's new location