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June 15, 2014

A trivia quiz that Dad can handle

What does Dad not want to do today, on Father's Day?

Here a few tips on what may be on his not-to-do-list:

* Shop for new curtains, blinds, pillows or kitchen cabinets

* Household plumbing.

* Wallpapering,

* Try on new pants.

* Go to a craft fair.

Also on that list could be trivia. Take it from a dad. Charity aside, dads don't enjoy playing trivia. Sure, there are a few smart dads who are proud of their abilities to retain totally useless and irrelevant facts and information. In general, most dads don't enjoy a public reminder of what we don't know or don't remember.

Dads: Just in case family trivia is suggested today, I have your backs. In honor of your special day, I've created a 10-question trivia test for Father's Day. I know you'll score well on it. Your high score will help make you feel like the king of your little castle today, even for trivia:

Dad's Day Trivia for Dads Who Hate Trivia

1. Father's Day was inaugurated in the United States in the early 20th century on the third Sunday in June to complement __________ celebrated a month earlier.

a) Opening day of baseball season

b)Tax day

c)Elvis' birthday

d)Mother's Day

2. He is the symbolic personification of time as an old man, usually having a white beard and carrying a scythe and an hourglass.

a) Jerry Garcia

b) Donald Sterling

c) Mother Nature

d) Father Time

3. This 1964 movie is set during World War II on a remote South Sea Island. Cary Grant portrays a bum-like bachelor named Walter Eckland who is coerced into becoming a lookout for the Australian Navy and taking on a pretty teacher (Leslie Caron) and her seven young female charges.

a) "Tommy Boy"

b) "Viva Las Vegas"

c) "Hard Day's Night"

d) "Father Goose"

e) "The Odd Couple"

4. The best TV dad of all time is:

a)Bill Cosby

b)Andy Griffith

c)Hugh Beaumont (Ward Cleaver)

d)Fred MacMurray (My Three Sons)

e)All of the above dads tied for first

5.The best song ever about fatherhood is:

a) "Father and Son," Cat Stevens

b) "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," The Temptations

c) "Cat's in the Cradle," Harry Chapin

d) "A Boy Named Sue," Johnny Cash

e) "My Father's Eyes," Eric Clapton

f) "The Living Years," Mike & The Mechanics

g) All the above songs tied for first

6. By fatherhood law, it is within the rights of dads to say the following to their childrenat the dinner table every evening:

a) Money for gas? When I was your age, we walked. Sometimes, barefoot. In the snow and ice. ...

b) Money for shoes? When I was your age, we had two pair. One for play. One for church.

c) Money for a new phone? By the way, have you seen mine? Can't find it.

d) All of the above tied for first

7. What is the greatest book ever about fatherhood?

a) "Fatherhood," Bill Cosby

b) "Sh-- My Dad Says," Justin Halpern

c) "Little House on the Prairie," Laura Ingalls Wilder

d) "The Tempest," William Shakespeare

e) "Big Russ and Me: Father & Son: Lessons of Life," Tim Russert

f) All books above tied for first

8. When your daughter comes down the stairs in her new prom dress, and her date has just arrived, it is OK for Dad to think the following to himself but not say aloud:

a) "Honey, it's time for you to go upstairs and put on the other half of your dress."

b) "Have her home by 11. I'll be on the front porch shining my machete."

c) "Wow. Where did the years go?"

d) All of the above tied for first.

9. The best movie of all-time about fatherhood is:

a) "To Kill a Mockingbird"

b) "Field of Dreams"

c) "Father of the Bride"

d) "Parenthood"

e) "Finding Nemo"

f) "The Pursuit of Happiness"

g) All movies above tied for first

10. When you look into a mirror and you see your dad in yourself, and vice versa, it is OK to think quietly to yourself:

a) I never realized until now what a handsome man Dad was. Mom was one lucky lady.

b) It's destiny. In a few years, I'll be digging Sinatra and taking impromptu naps in the chair by the TV.

c) There is nothing as powerful as the power of genetics.

d) When did I lose hair there, and start growing hair here?

e) All of the above tied for first.

Answers: 1) d; 2) d; 3) d; 4) e; 5) g; 6) d; 7) f; 8) d; 9) g; 10) e

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