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June 15, 2014

Dad, this one's for you

We asked readers to send us their favorite photos of Dad. Thanks to all who took the time to share photos and to tell us a little something about dads of all ages.

Dad: Bob Uhrig, 36, and son Kohen, 15 months

Where they live: Collinsville.

About the photo: "Bob had just given Kohen a bath and Mom (Amanda) snapped a pic," wrote Barb Uhrig, Bob's mom.

About Dad: "Bob works for Eagle Publications Inc. He is a wonderful dad and shares equal responsibility with Kohen. He is thrilled to have a son and another son on the way, due the end of September."

Dad: Brian Amann, 32, and his three sons, Jack, 5, Drew, 3, and Nick, 2

Where they live: Belleville

What they like to do: "Brian loves to spend his free time hanging out with his three boys," said mom Trish. "The boys' favorite thing to do is to go fishing with their daddy or get a ride on the four- wheeler."

Dad: Dustin Moist, 27, and Grayden, 7 months

Where they live: Troy

Big day: "This will be my husband's first Father's Day," said Brittany. "As a first-time Dad, he goes above and beyond the call of Daddy duty. I hope my son will grow up to be a smart, funny, and caring man like my husband. We love you."

Dad: Mike Brennan, and daughters, Kate, 5, and Halle, 2

Where they live: Mascoutah

What they like to do: "He spent the afternoon fishing with them recently and patiently showed them how to bait, cast, and even reel in a few bluegill," said Shelby, Mike's wife. "He is a great dad!"

Dad: Jeff Junker, 51, with his youngest, Brooke, 10

Where they live: Mascoutah

What they like to do: "We have a tradition of pumpkin carving, said Beth, Jeff's wife. Jeff, a 1981 Althoff graduate, is assistant principal at Mascoutah High School, and the father of Ellie, 16, Cole 13, and Brooke.

"Though never a competitive swimmer, he has become a USA swimming official, to be a constant on the pool deck with his three children," wrote Beth. "He was never a soccer player, but he coached Ellie for 10 years, Cole for a short time and now Brooke.

Dad: Joseph Whitten, and Kylie, 4

Where they live: Freeburg

What they like to do: "Dad and Kylie both love spending time outdoors and on the four wheels," said mom Meghan McKenzie.

Dad: Joseph Urban, 67,and Melissa Urban, 19 (They were 51 and 3 in the photo).

Where they live: Joseph lives in East St. Louis; Melissa lives in Collinsville.

About Dad: "My dad is the best dad in the world and has done everything for me. Happy Father's Day Daddy, I love you!," wrote Melissa.

Dad: Erik Huber, 29, and Tess, 8 months (six months in photo)

Where they live: Belleville.

Message to Dad: "Happy First Father's Day to an amazing dad! You are caring, patient, and best of all, a LOT of fun! I love you. Tess" (with an assist from mom Lauren.

Dad: Ryan Renaud, 33, with sons Caleb, 4, and Carson, 13 months

Where they live: Belleville

What they're doing: Riding the train at the St Louis Zoo. "Dad enjoys anything related to trains, planes, and automobiles," wrote Valerie Renaud, Ryan's wife.

Grandpa: Jim Newman, with grandson Kamden, 11, showing off his new catcher's gear.

Where he lives: New Athens

About the photo: Granddaughter Kennedy, 7, found a way of not being left out of a picture with Grandpa, said Grandma Judy."Jamie (our son) and Kendra Newman are the lucky parents!"

Dad: Davanon Fox, 45, with sons Dalton, 15, and Dylan, 13

Where they live: Swansea

What they like to do: "Last month, we rented a cabin and a boat at Rend Lake Resort," said Carol Burkhead-Fox. "We were celebrating my husband's 45th birthday."

Dad: Josh Gregory, 29, with Jakson, 3, and Jase Gregory, 7 months

Where they live: Hecker

About Dad: "Josh works for Alton and Southern Railway and is an avid hunter who is devoted to his family," wrote Jessica Gregory, Josh's wife. "He is an all around amazing father with a heart full of love. My boys are very blessed to have the very best Dad out there."

Dad: Ralph Wottowa and daughters Mandy Werle, left, and Denise Huller

Where he lives: O'Fallon

About their lives: "Our summer is about to get very busy," wrote Carolyn. "Both our girls are expecting their second child. Mandy, of Belleville, is our youngest daughter. She is expecting a girl June 23. She and husband Joe have a son, Paxton, who is 2. Denise, of O'Fallon,is our oldest daughter. She is expecting a boy July 28.She and her husband Tim have a son Will who is 5.

"Dad always compares his belly to theirs some time during the pregnancy.This photo was taken at the Gender Reveal party in March.

"He enjoys being Papa. Paxton like to share Papa's tomato juice at Sunday brunch.Will likes it when Papa shares his aftershave spray with him. I am sure there will be something special to share with the new grandbabies, too."

Dad: Brandon Rotz with his son,Jude Carter Rotz, now 10 weeks

Where they live: O'Fallon

What Dad did: "Brandon designed and built the wood wall and letter for Jude's nursery," wrote Liz, Brandon's wife. "Jude was born on April 7, 2014 (Cardinals Opening Day!). Brandon is a special education teacher in District 118 and also has a small woodworking shop on etsy (

Dad: Mike Miles with daughters Alyssa, 20, left, and Megan, 23

Where they live: Swansea

Their annual event: "We are partaking in one of our family traditions of going to Eckert's to pick pumpkins and apples," wrote Megan. " We have been doing this since we were very young. Even when we were away at school, we came back in town just to take part in this tradition. it is very specialfor my family to spend time together and it is something I look forward to doing every year." Mom Jennifer took the photo.

Dad: Trevor Michael Yates with Braxton Trevor, 6, Lochlyn Cristina, 4 months.

Where they live: Troy

About Dad: "Trevor is a daddy with a blend of love, fun, and wisdom," said Mom Linda. "Trevor and Braxton enjoy playing basketball, golf, football, fishing, running and a little daddy-son wrestling. Trevor teaches and coaches Braxton's baseball team. Trevor reads Braxton a story at bedtime. Trevor just holds Lochlyn and she smiles. He plays with her, feeds her, and rocks her to sleep.

"Everyday begins and ends with a hug and kiss from Daddy!

Family: Grandpa Michael Robinson, son Jeffrey Robinson and grandson Jack Michael Robinson, 10. Jack is named after Great-Grandpa Jack Robinson and Grandpa Mike.

Where they live: Shiloh and O'Fallon

Where they were: On vacation in Michigan

Dad: Jason Murphy, with sons Michael, 3 1/2, and Owen Patrick, 1 1/2. Mom is Dawn Robinson Murphy.

Where they live: Belleville

What they're doing: "Having fun on a summer day at Paw Paw Pat and Maw Maw Beth's house," wrote Nancy Robinson, Dawn's mom.

June Benedick, of Belleville, sent photos of several dads in her family.

They are: John Grab with his son Mathew Grab, 11, of rural Mascoutah

Craig Benedick, of Belleville, and his daughter, Susan Fuchs, of Swansea

Grandpa Craig Benedick, of Belleville, and grandson Harmon Fuchs, 2.

Aaron Fuchs, of Swansea, with his son Harmon. Submitted by June Benedick

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