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July 27, 2014

Excerpt from "Seams"

Kelsey Duncan was falling apart inside as she sat down in the waiting room, which was about half full of people who all were there for different reasons.

Some, like Kelsey, were waiting to find out if someone they love would live or die. Kelsey put her face in her hands and prayed for good news.

She stayed that way for what felt like only a few minutes and when she lifted up her head, she saw a man wearing the traditional blue hospital scrubs that hugged his body in all of the right places. He had a stethoscope hanging around the back of his neck and shoulders, and he was walking toward her.

"Hello. Are you here for Kyle Newman?"

"Yes! Are you his doctor? How is he? Is he going to be okay?" Kelsey was on her feet. She felt as if her heart would beat out of her chest. The doctor signaled her to sit down and he sat beside her. He didn't sit all the way back in the chair so he could turn his legs toward her and privately talk.

"I'm Dr. Walker, and yes I'm Kyle's physician this evening. Are you a relative of his?" Dr. Walker was expected to ask that question. It was standard procedure, but this time looking at this beautiful woman seated next to him he was thinking he didn't want her to say she was that man's wife and he didn't know why.

"I'm his girlfriend."

Dr. Walker smiled and continued to talk as Kelsey noticed his eyes, bright crystal blue. She felt as if she were looking right through them. "Kyle has suffered a head injury from the accident and he has not regained consciousness yet." Dr. Walker watched a few tears trickle down her face, which again he thought was striking, and he wanted to take her hand and comfort her.

"What does that mean for him? Will he recover? Will he be the same?" Kelsey had heard too many stories about people living normal lives and one day, one accident changed it all. Some were never the same again, mentally and physically. The doctor's heart went out to her and he wanted to reassure her. It was his job to lay the facts on the line, but he genuinely cared about people and healing them. At the moment, however, comforting this woman beside him was also something he wanted to do.

"I know it sounds cliche, but right now all we can do is wait. Kyle is in a coma due to the trauma to his head. Comas aren't as scary as they sound.

"Sometimes in order to give the brain a chance to heal or to reduce swelling we will even induce a coma. This is just Kyle's body's natural way of resting and waiting it out right now. I'm sure of it." As Dr. Walker said those words he took his hand, a ringless left hand, and patted Kelsey's hand that was resting on her leg and gently squeezed it before letting go.

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