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August 3, 2014

What do you like about the county fair?

We talked to visitors to the Madison County Fair in Highland.

"Dippin' Dots and the corn dog and the elephant ears. They're like funnel cake. I also like the sheep. I like to pet them, pet their wool. It's fluffy."

Mason Pyle, 8



"We pretty much came for the food. ... We have been wanting to hit a fair all summer and finally we made it. I have (Mason) on the weekends. He and his mom live in Alton. It's kind of on the way to drop him off."

Dustin Pyle, 34, with wife Candice, 29, son Mason, and son Tysen, 8 months

St. Louis

Dustin and Candice work for Enterprise.

"You get to have a lot of fun with your family. And it's fun riding the rides with my friends. My favorite is The Hammer."

Grace Rensing, 8

third-grader at Columbus Elementary


"It's the kids and how much they love it. 4-H. The animals. It's the country people. I am one of them, I am proud to say."

Jen Rensing, 42

stay-at-home mom of five whose oldest daughter, 23, lives in Texas.


"It's fun to hang with friends and to see people. The corn dogs are good."

Gabi Berolatti, 14


freshman at Highland High School

"Most of the foods are pretty good. My favorites are the cheese fries from Chuck Wagon, Dippin' Dots and Tropical Sno. I like the motocross."

Mason Geiger, 15


freshman at Highland High School

"I like the games and the prizes. I like the basketball one. I won a stuffed bear. I did it twice to win."

Anne Marie Beckemeyer, 11


sixth-grader at Highland Middle School

"The balloon pop game. I won a teddy bear. I like the cotton candy. Mine was pink, yellow and blue."

Camille Beckemeyer, 5


kindergartner at Highland Primary

"I love spending time wih the kids and everything and looking at all the incredible stuff. I sampled the funnel cake. It was awesome."

Kiris Kovarik, 13


eighth-grader at Triad Middle School and Junior Miss for Madison County. "Of course, I did the pageant. Last year I did it and didn't get anything. I did it this year and it brought me to the title. I did pretty good."

"I like that it's well-organized and they have a lot here for the children of all ages. Years ago, my kids all took part in it. They are all married now. I've been coming more than 50 years. We really enjoy the tractor pull with the kids."

Ruth Boeser, 78

St. Morgan

mother of nine, grandmother and great-grandmother

"The animals. The community. Everyone you see or know comes here. You get to catch up with people. We like the pigs. We have got family and friends who raise pigs."

Julie Engelmann, 35, with daughter Calli, 13


mother of three who helps make Apps for Entrada. She also runs the kettle corn stand at the fair. "I thought it would be neat to do. We do this together as a family. It shows the kids how a business works. On a day like this, we will sell 100 bags." Look for them at the Cruise the Dam event at Carlyle Lake on Aug. 8 and the St. Rose Church Picnic on Aug. 9.

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