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June 16, 2014

Mom of victim in child abuse case is expecting baby with alleged abuser

When Joshua Weigel made bail several weeks ago on a charge of burning a toddler with a cigarette lighter, he was ordered to stay away from the child's mother.

But Weigel says it's hard to stay away from her: They're expecting a child.

Weigel, 24, of 457 McBride Ave. in Dupo, was charged earlier this year with child abuse for allegedly burning the child with a lighter in February, when the child was 22 months old. Weigel's bail was originally set at $100,000, but it was reduced to $30,000 in March by Circuit Judge Bob Haida. Weigel then secured his release by posting $3,000 in cash for bond.

As part of his release, Weigel was to stay away from Julia Veres, who was his girlfriend and is the mother of the alleged victim.

In the weeks following Weigel's release from the county jail on March 17, a probation officer found Weigel to be out of range from his electronic monitor six times -- the latest times were on Sunday and Monday. When a probation officer visited Weigel's home on June 9, they found Veres and one of her children there.

Weigel's bond was revoked because of his contact with Veres. His bail on the bond violation was set at $25,000.

Weigel, in court Monday, explained through his lawyer that it's necessary for him to have contact with Veres because of her pregnancy.

Weigel's lawyer, Tom Daley, asked that the defendant's new bail be reduced. Circuit Judge Jan Fiss declined to lower it, saying Weigel "already got a break."

Daley said Veres is six months pregnant. Weigel's bail conditions still require him to not have contact wtih Veres.

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