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July 14, 2014

Daily business briefing: Your iPad may be causing allergic reaction

The iPad contains nickel, a common allergy-inducing metal, and has been the cause of at least one reported case of itchy body rash. For more information, go to ...


Airbus' new wide body model will reportedly reduce fuel consumption by 14 percent per seat and boost the model's range by 400 nautical miles. Read more at ...


Lockheed Martin and the U.S. military say they are still hoping to show off the F-35B fighter even though an engine fire has grounded the aircraft. They hope the problem will be resolved before the show ends Sunday. Find out more at ...


Drugmakers AbbVie and Shire are discussing a merger. North Chicago-based AbbVie is offering a cash-stock combination for each share of Shire, which is headquartered on the British island of Jersey. Learn more at

-- Will Buss, BND business writer

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