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July 17, 2014

'A patch here and a patch there': Highway repairs will cause lane closures

Roadwork to use up the last of the money remaining in the year's patching contract will take place until the end of the month on interstates throughout the metro-east.

"It's a patch here and a patch there," says John Scheibal, supervising field engineer for the Illinois Department of Transportation. Workers will remove potholes and pour fresh concrete as needed, which can often be complete in a day. "Sometimes an overnight closure" is required, Scheibal said, but lane reductions will be used only where necessary and weather permitting.

Patch work with lane restrictions, amounting to about $30,000 worth for the contract ending Aug. 31, will take place in the following areas:

* Interstate 70 westbound near Marine/St. Jacob Road. Starts Monday and ends Tuesday, weather permitting.

* Interstate 55-70 near Illinois 159 on Tuesday.

* Interstate 270 westbound over Interstate 255 on Wednesday.

* Interstate 55-70 northbound near Interstate 255 on Wednesday.

* Interstate 55 near Interstate 270 on Thursday.

* Interstate 55 southbound near Alhambra Road on Friday.

* Interstate 55-70 over Illinois 157 beginning July 28 and ending July 29.

* Interstate 70 eastbound near Riggin Road, beginning July 29 and ending July 30.

None of the work is expected to take more than a day, and none is expected to compel striping work.

"It's an annual contract," Scheibal says, "all the work has to be done at the end of August. ... There's another for next year coming up Sept. 1 through Aug. 31."

These rotating contracts are done so "if you get a failure, or a blowout from the heat ... we call them up, they come out and patch it up, then go home until we call them out again," he said.

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