June 23, 2014

O'Fallon District 90 superintendent leaving post, heading north

O'Fallon School District 90's top administrator Todd Koehl has accepted a position as the superintendent of Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C in Plainfield, a city near Chicago.

Liz Boyles with Troy School District said the school board voted 6-1 last week to hire Koehl. He will replace Don White, who served as superintendent for seven years. White accepted a position at another school district, Boyles said.

Koehl described the new job as a "good opportunity at a very comparable school district to ours."

He and his family will also be closer to family members who live in the area, including a daughter attending Illinois State University. Koehl and his wife have three children.

District 90 school board president Steven Hellin said Koehl turned in his resignation to the board on Thursday. He didn't want to comment further prior to the July 8 school board meeting.

Board member John Wagnon said the board was sad to receive Koehl's resignation.

"We will certainly miss him in District 90," Wagnon said. "From my personal perspective, he's done a phenomenal job. He's certainly has put his stamp on this district. District 90 is known as one of the premier districts in southwest Illinois and a lot of the credit certainly goes to him and the teachers and staff."

Koehl was one of six candidates interviewed for the superintendent's position at Troy School District.

Koehl will start his new job July 14. Boyles said she didn't know what his salary will be. According to salaries listed on the Troy School District's website, White, the former superintendent, earned a base salary of $186,000 during the 2011-12 school year plus an additional $44,000 in other benefits.

Koehl has served as superintendent of District 90 since 2010. In 2013, Koehl earned an annual salary of $141,000. Prior to becoming superintendent, he was assistant superintendent of finance and operations for five years.

When Koehl was promoted to superintendent, Wagnon said the assistant superintendent position wasn't filled. "He's had a huge job to do with less help than the previous superintendent had," Wagnon said.

Koehl said he's enjoyed working with the staff, administrative team and school board members at District 90. "They are good solid people that firmly believe in education," he said.

He's proud of what the district has been able to accomplish during his tenure. "We maintained strong programs and good student achievement all the way through the time period I've been here," Koehl said.

O'Fallon District 203 Superintendent Darcy Benway said she's enjoyed working collaboratively with Koehl.

"Dr. Koehl helped cultivate a strong partnership between O'Fallon District 90, OTHS, Shiloh 85, and Central 104 in an effort to provide quality education to the students in our communities," she said. "It will be important that this partnership continue in the future as administrative leadership in O'Fallon District 90 changes."

Like District 90, Troy School District is a K-8 district comprised of seven different schools. It's a larger district with a total enrollment of 4,500 students, according to the 2013 Illinois District Report Card. District 90 has 3,500 students.

Wagnon said the school board will begin to search for a new superintendent. "Hopefully, we will fill that spot as soon as we can," he said.

Hellin said the board will meet Wednesday to discuss finding the district's next superintendent and whether an interim superintendent will be needed.

Koehl's last day with the district is July 11.

"I think that O'Fallon District 90 is in a great place to do some great things," Koehl said. "I'm confident the next few years will be very, very good for District 90."

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