An affair to remember

As director of the Collinsville Township Senior Citizens Center, I am always impressed with the Collinsville High School Student Council members who sponsor our annual Senior Prom. We recently had a night of dinner, dancing and companionship as the young adults hired a caterer, a DJ, and decorated our Senior Center. After approximately 120 senior citizens enjoyed the evening, the Student Council members cleaned our building and returned it to its original state. Student Council sponsors Kyle Gordon and Alice Carrol supervised the entire event.

Letters to the Editor

Shrewd government in action

The purchase of $853,000 worth of solar panels by the Collinsville Area Recreation District for Splash City, which can break even on savings in 101 years, is and forever will be a classic case of government in action.

Letters to the Editor

Offended by attack letter

Once again BND letter writer Frankie Seaberry proves that liberalism is an incurable mental disease. Couple that with her obvious racism and you come up with her childish attacks on letter writer Leon Anderson. She not only insults the intelligence of all but liberals of her ilk, but she attacks a man who served this country in the military. To this day he sticks up for America and does not want to see her turned into another Third World cesspool.

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