Letters to the Editor

Another birth certificate

I just heard that Ted Cruz was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His mother is an American citizen, however his father was not at the time of his birth. They would have a Canadian birth certificate and would have had to apply through the U.S. Consulate in Canada for a Department of State Report of Live Birth certificate. If he does not have the Department of State Report of Live Birth document, then he is not a U.S. citizen by birth. I ran a passport office in Hanan, Germany, in 1977 and prepared the above documents for American families who had American children born in Germany.

Letters to the Editor

Education breaks the cycle

Blacks cannot get off welfare. There are no jobs that they would want to do. Who wants to work at a fast food restaurant? At least on welfare they can maintain their dignity. They want the opportunity that whites have. They want to be raised in good homes by good parents. They feel their opportunities were lost at that point so they won’t even try. The government has to step in and give their children the best opportunities of a good education to break the cycle. Or if welfare were abolished then they would be forced to work and their children would see their hard work and work hard themselves. The parents would then want their children to have a better life and encourage them to succeed. Which option is best is up to us voters.

Letters to the Editor

Move beyond St. E’s

We have a great opportunity to move forward beyond St. Elizabeth’s hospital. Yes it is a loss of a great service to Belleville, but it also allows the city to transition on to something much better for the future and economic stability of the city. I am proposing Lindenwood University take over the hospital facilities and expand their program to rival what they currently have in St. Charles.

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