Letters to the Editor

It’s a bit hard to fathom

Gary Like of Highland dislikes my liberal views. After using the broad-assumption phrase “it is common knowledge” etc. etc., in reference to Hillary Clinton’s guilty use of a private server, he goes on to write, “Anyone with nothing to hide would do the same.”

Letters to the Editor

How unpresidential can a person get?

You are not going to believe what I just heard! I heard that, during the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump had the gall to actually run advertisements on the radio and television asking people to vote for him instead of Hillary! And worse than that, he paid people on his staff to develop a strategy to defeat Hillary in the election! Pretty pathetic, right? Well, if there were anything reason to impeach the guy, this is it. How unpresidential can a person get? Really?

Letters to the Editor

Confusing income vs. wealth

I suggest that we look at the longer term and realize that the recent Illinois income tax rate increase is 65 percent, not 32 percent. Going into this decade, the rate had been 3 percent or lower since 1969. The recent increase essentially makes the 2011 – 2014 temporary 5 percent rate permanent. That it’s 4.95 percent rather than 5 percent is a gimmick.

Letters to the Editor

The health care bill that wouldn’t die

This summer blockbuster opens with Dr. Trumpenstein yelling, “It’s still alive!” Mitch McIgor lumbers off to gather old health care bills that died long ago. “We can use these to build our new plan, Master.” Outside, the villagers are pleading, “No!” “Save us from Trumpencare!”

Letters to the Editor

The press is supposed to observe and report news, not fabricate it

The original purpose of freedom of the press was to keep the government in check. Now it has become necessary to keep the press in check. The vile media are furious that President Donald Trump would have the nerve to question their journalistic integrity, all while they are trying to destroy his integrity. Who died and made the liberal press the almighty righteous gods of truth? Nobody. But you can’t fix stupid, so these days I totally disregard the words of liberal media.

Letters to the Editor

Amazing disgrace

Liberal progressives’ emotionally crazed state now rules their unhinged actions against Americans who had the gall to vote them out of office. Messiah worship of Barack Obama with assured victory of Hillary Clinton intoxicated them on the potion of achieving their heaven on earth dream of a socialist America. Vowing to return America to individual liberty, law and order and economic freedom, President Donald Trump is succeeding as the libtards go berserk attacking everything he says and does. So “amazed” at our stupidity in rejecting the leftist stench of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Showing true character, the National Chairman of the Democrat Party, the MSM and a female Democrat Senator disgrace themselves with F-words, S-words and A-words in speeches to stress their hatred for President Trump.

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for the state budget

We congratulate our state leaders for coming through with a budget, and appreciate that additional support addressing the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been included in this important legislation.

Letters to the Editor

Another hilarious opinion from Gina Barreca

Just finished another hilarious opinion from contributing author Gina Barreca of The Hartford Courant about the loss of customer service at the grocery store. Loved it! Very funny. Very poignant. Please replace all the liberal racist hatred written by Leonard Pitts with this woman’s writings and you just might keep me as a subscriber.

Letters to the Editor

Here’s some real news for you

Apparently all of those remarks by Donald Trump accusing the press of fake news is altogether real news, and Trump and Company have been lying since the beginning of June 2016. Further action now requires the impeachment and removal of Trump and criminal charges against all of the players involved, and then comes prison time. Also, whoever issued Jared Kushner’s ultra top secret security clearance should revoke it based on the omissions on SF86.


Witness describes August Adolphus Busch IV helicopter landing

Cameron Wiggs, of Belleville, witnessed the helicopter flown by ex-Anheuser-Busch CEO August Adolphus Busch IV land Monday in Swansea.
Witness describes August Adolphus Busch IV helicopter landing 2:08

Witness describes August Adolphus Busch IV helicopter landing

August Adolphus Busch IV released from Swansea Police Department 0:36

August Adolphus Busch IV released from Swansea Police Department

Madison County girl with rare disease has big dreams for the future 0:30

Madison County girl with rare disease has big dreams for the future

Double-fatal crash on Illinois 15 in Belleville 0:27

Double-fatal crash on Illinois 15 in Belleville