Lawyers, guns but so far no money

What an odd, evolving story about former Granite City Police Lt. Thomas Paul, who on Monday was charged with three counts of obstructing justice and one of official misconduct. As is so often the case, one charge related to the initial mistake, three related to the cover-up — what we might call the Nixon corollary.

Letters to the Editor

Questions about Cook

I have been publicly supportive of Dallas Cook. I consider him a good candidate for circuit clerk. I like him personally. But his keen interest in a judicial contest leaves me to wonder. Why so much concern? Are his actions on behalf of others? We all know, of course, how much Bob Romanik hates just about everybody at the courthouse (yawn), he never shuts up about it. But I have to wonder who really gains by removing judicial candidates from the ballot? Would it be challenger Ron Duebbert? Duebbert has been disciplined once for misconduct during a judicial contest. Maybe Mr. Duebbert would like to tell voters himself? Is he enlisting Mr. Cook because the rules prevent him from doing so?

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