Being thankful for a fullness beyond food

It’s a sign of the times, again, that folks choose to disregard the old in favor of the new. That is true until they really learn to understand the old. We’re supposed to let go of the musty past and create new traditions that we like, tweet, pin, post and share.


Redefining cheap flights out of MidAmerica

On the heels of the new flights to Las Vegas, Allegiant Airlines announced that on Feb. 18 they will begin service to Fort Myers, Fla. That means you will soon be able to get to Vegas plus three Florida destinations from MidAmerica St. Louis Airport.

Letters to the Editor

Guns aren’t the answer

America has a perverse fascination with firearms. We have the highest homicide rate in the civilized world, recurring slaughter perpetrated by unhinged individuals with unobstructed access to firearms, and street violence that too often goes unchecked and unprosecuted. The perpetuation of gun violence is so out of hand that our police departments, to defend themselves from this mayhem, are now outfitted like armies and have adopted tactics more like an occupying force than citizens-on-patrol serving and protecting the people.

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