Letters to the Editor

United States is sliding into authoritarianism

Authoritarian. I am horrified by the continually increasing possibility that our nation, even with all the protections as provided in the Constitution, is sliding into authoritarianism. The failure of this president to provide tax returns is just a glaring example. Certainly a slap in the face to precedent is his failure to divest himself of his financial assets if for no other reason than to obtain and project the appearance of probity.

Letters to the Editor

Stand against education cuts

Every afternoon, I make my kids do their homework. They don’t always like it, but it’s non-negotiable because I know how important their education is for their future. Unfortunately, the White House has just released a budget that spells disaster for children worldwide. The president has suggested eliminating the main account that funds our education efforts. Congress has to say no.

Letters to the Editor

Don’t be a prisoner of your past

In response to Frankie Seaberry wanting her reparations, plus interest, my husband and I will not be participating. My ancestors were French-Canadian and American Indian. The European side of my family did not come to this country until the 1880s, after slavery had ended. My husband’s family came here earlier, but they were farmers and coal miners in the Appalachian area. His father has done a great deal of ancestry research and can clearly demonstrate none of his family owned slaves. So, be on notice Frankie — we will not be among the “whomever” from which you seek reparation. Here’s some food for thought that I found on the Internet — “Don’t be a prisoner of your past. It was a lesson, not a life sentence.” By the way, since I am one-sixteenth American Indian; where is my money?

Letters to the Editor

What is the purpose of it?

Wow! All that back and forth to explain reasons for why people do what they do. As far back as I can remember, that’s about from 1937 forward, marriage as I knew it was one man and one woman. No one had to explain that or make excuses for it. Now, even today in 2017 there is still no one making excuses for it. Later it was a police issue when they arrested people/men using public restrooms because they wouldn’t be caught seen by anyone they knew and identified as a pervert. The only way people seem to be accepting of this kind of behavior is that most people are tired of hearing about it and just keep their mouth shut as well as laws that have been imposed. Living this way serves no purpose except to limit population growth. So, what is the purpose of it? The family is the reason for a man to marry a woman. What kind of reasoning makes a man sleep with a man?

Letters to the Editor

Trump’s patriotism

Patriotism was center stage during the presidential campaign of 2016. As usual, Republicans captured the patriotic high ground early in the campaign. Their chosen candidate, Donald Trump, used patriotism entwined with his flair for the farcical to bash his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He painted Clinton as a treasonous political insider bent on turning America into an oligarchy, which she would control and profit from. Many Americans bought Trump’s patriotic sales pitch. The Electoral College crowned him president. He and his group of political misfits went to Washington ... flags waving.

Letters to the Editor

Questioning the sanity of those who hired Candace Wanzo

Did no one else cringe and question the sanity of those who hired Candace Wanzo? I was always told that if your credit was not reasonable and your history in question, you’d never get invited to interview for a job. Ms. Wanzo embezzled funds from SIUE, court conviction requiring restitution of $233,500. In 25 years’ time she has only returned $89,111 and owes $144,280.

Letters to the Editor

Illinois’ future depends on Gov. Rauner’s reelection

J.B. Pritzker is just another Chicago politician looking out for himself. An investigative report recently revealed that Pritzker took advantage of a property tax loophole only available to billionaires so he could save nearly $250,000 a year on his property tax bill. He purchased his neighbor’s Chicago mansion for $3.7 million and then claimed it was “uninhabitable,” but pictures of the mansion tell a different story. This “uninhabitable” claim allows Pritzker to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Even worse, he applied for the loophole again this year.

Letters to the Editor

Business school 101

Jim Macke demonstrated he doesn’t understand the limits of a president in a capitalist economy because he connected economic dots that are not connected. He asserted Barack Obama financed new lower paying jobs by increasing our national debt. No president – Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, moderate – has any influence over the wages paid by employers to employees. That’s a function of supply and demand. CEOs and business owners determine wages, and those lower paying jobs are here to stay. Unfortunately, they also are the harbinger of a permanent decline in the size of the middle class, which no president can reverse.

Letters to the Editor

It’s time to drain the swamp

The May 14 BND Opinion pages again featured Lee Pitzer and Leonard Pitts vilifying their fellow Americans for electing Donald Trump. Two leftist malcontents reciting their vicious progressive mantra on Mother’s Day, protesting the Constitutional rights of American citizens including 30 million women who voted for the president.

Letters to the Editor

Is health care more like a human right or a human need?

Is a human right an eternal gift freely given by Our Creator? Or is it something you can buy and sell? Life is a human right no one earns and can’t be bought and comes with the responsibility to care for its need for food, clothes, shelter. Unlike human needs, human rights allow for the use of force in its defense, not in its acquisition. I can defend my life from injury, but no one is permitted to use force to get food, even though we would all die without it. Can I walk into a restaurant with an empty stomach and expect it to be filled with food without paying for it? Of course not; this would violate another person’s right of property. Property is created by the work of human hands and the world’s natural resources. Dirt left on its own won’t grow much food, but the God-given talent of the farmer mixed with it does. Property is not limited to material things and includes one’s intellectual property, speech, free association, and practice of religion. No one can use force to redistribute the fruit of my labor, to silence me, to keep me from forming relationships, or to worship other than as I and my religion decide. As with all rights, property comes with the responsibility of caring for one’s self, one’s family, and one’s community. Knowing this, is health care more like a human right or a human need?


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner sits down with the BND Editorial Board

Illinois Republican Governor Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks during a meeting with the Belleville, IL, News-Democrat Editorial Board in Southern Illinois, near St. Louis, MO.
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner sits down with the BND Editorial Board 52:50

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner sits down with the BND Editorial Board

Opinion: Preview the 'Madigan: Power, Privilege, Politics' documentary 1:56

Opinion: Preview the 'Madigan: Power, Privilege, Politics' documentary

House fire at 37 Oakleigh Drive, rural Belleville 1:13

House fire at 37 Oakleigh Drive, rural Belleville

Belleville barber Bob Kaiser has been cutting hair for 50 years at same location 1:43

Belleville barber Bob Kaiser has been cutting hair for 50 years at same location