Nearly 2,000 local United Steelworkers and their families anxiously wait as our contract with U.S. Steel will expire in less than two weeks.

Letters to the Editor

Gov. Rauner’s economic reform

Headlines pit reform-minded Gov. Rauner against Senate Leader Cullerton and House Speaker Madigan. Mr. Cullerton and Mr. Madigan, who support $5 billion in deficit spending, seemingly mount a “tag team” attack in which name-calling replaces dialogue. Cullerton called Rauner a “radical” while Madigan dubbed Rauner an “extremist.” Madigan hopes to short circuit people’s logic. In liberal socialspeak, this means the Democratic faithful are supposed to ignore extremist Rauner and blindly follow Madigan.


11,433 reasons to sustain veto

If Illinois House members next week vote to override the governor’s veto, S.B. 2911 will let an arbitrator choose between the state’s proposal and the union’s proposal for state employee compensation — an all-or-nothing approach that could cost our financially beleagured state another $1.6 billion.

Letters to the Editor


Well, as expected, the progs have their panties in a wad over the killing of poor old, 13-year-old Cecil the lion. (Lions live 10-14 years in the wild, do the math.) But Cecil was different. He was a kind and gentle lion. Yeah well, then why didn’t anyone ever hug him, or take him out for lunch?

Letters to the Editor

Two graves

The Ferguson, Mo. saga won’t last always. This image shocker caused all races to think of each other as either good or bad, period. But maybe I can help this cause forward ... today.

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