Driven to stop DUIs in Fairview Heights

Fairview Heights Police handle 231 DUI arrests in 2015

Numbers show concerted effort compared to neighbors

Dedication required in face of abusive drunks, paperwork


Belleville needs to get its housing in order

Belleville’s City Council members seemed oblivious that a full, $60 housing inspection was being conducted on newlyweds. Tenants of the Rob Nora Apartments were oblivious city inspectors found hazards 8 months ago. City’s priorities need inspection.

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for article

I just want to congratulate the editor at your paper for printing the article by Timothy Egan of the New York Times in the July 20 edition entitled “Obama’s Personal Touch is Evident.” I am sure many of your readers were upset by this article, but I thought it was wonderful and long overdue.

Letters to the Editor

Support police officers

Police actions in Ferguson, Mo.; New York City, Baltimore, Baton Rouge and Minnesota have been in the news, and a few police officers have been seen using excessive force and shooting people. I believe a small number of police officers use excessive force, and these officers should be held accountable for their actions.

Letters to the Editor

Shot in the foot

The 2016 autopsy of the Republican loss to Hillary hasn’t even begun and the GOP is already shooting themselves in the foot. The headline for a July 15, BND article was, “GOP encourages Bible courses in public schools.” The 1st Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no law establishment of religion.” Unless the course encompasses all religions, this is nothing more than establishing Christianity. These people are just nuts.

Letters to the Editor

Wally Spiers

I am pleased that Wally Spiers is writing a column for the BND again. His column reminds me of the old “Seinfeld” TV show ... a column about “nothing.” It is a pleasure to read something besides all the turmoil in the world. Wally makes me smile. Kudos to him!

Letters to the Editor

Christian bigotry

Anti-Christian bigotry gets a lot of press in the Christian publications, but lets take a brief look at Christian bigotry against other Christians. It is far more deeply rooted and the result is you have over 32,000 ways to practice your brand of Christianity, this division has played havoc on the mission we are all about.

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Why not a woman?

We narrow-minded men must take our minds and heads out of the sand. Look around at the conditions of the world, then come to the conclusion that our selfish, dominating, bigoted actions have been disastrously destructive.

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Laws that don’t help

We ask our police to serve and protect, but we made laws that don’t help. These silly laws to carry concealed weapons are crazy. We have our lawmakers to blame for most of these shootings. Who came up with the idea that if everyone is carrying a weapon that we would be safer?

Letters to the Editor

Rank has privileges

Mr. Obama and his DOJ have decided to give Lois Lerner (former IRS) and now Hillary a legal pass on their multiple felony violations of Federal law. Essentially, DOJ’s application of prosecutorial discretion. A new legal precedent is now established and as the old military saying applies: “Rank has its privileges” (RHIP). Established laws are for the non-RHIP classes, the average citizen.

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Noah’s Ark

The perfect example of delusion and insanity was recently displayed at a looney toon creation museum in Williamstown, Ky., where fundamentalist wacko Ken Ham wasted $100 million on a replica of Noah’s Ark.

Letters to the Editor

Police qualifications

David Brown, the Dallas police chief, recently talked about hiring protestors to work as police officers instead and it triggered me to start thinking about what it takes to become a police officer in general. In 2004, we have “17,876 police departments” according to the US Justice Department. This does not include federal law enforcement agencies.


Jaye Tries: Super Go-Karts

These supercharged machines at Gateway Kartplex in Madison are not your mom's go-karts
Jaye Tries: Super Go-Karts 3:05

Jaye Tries: Super Go-Karts

Belleville storm debris cleanup continues 1:42

Belleville storm debris cleanup continues

Olivia Gregory sings 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' plays Ukulele 2:03

Olivia Gregory sings 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' plays Ukulele

Jaye tries: Go-kart speed racing 3:34

Jaye tries: Go-kart speed racing