11,433 reasons to sustain veto

If Illinois House members next week vote to override the governor’s veto, S.B. 2911 will let an arbitrator choose between the state’s proposal and the union’s proposal for state employee compensation — an all-or-nothing approach that could cost our financially beleagured state another $1.6 billion.

Letters to the Editor


Well, as expected, the progs have their panties in a wad over the killing of poor old, 13-year-old Cecil the lion. (Lions live 10-14 years in the wild, do the math.) But Cecil was different. He was a kind and gentle lion. Yeah well, then why didn’t anyone ever hug him, or take him out for lunch?

Letters to the Editor

Two graves

The Ferguson, Mo. saga won’t last always. This image shocker caused all races to think of each other as either good or bad, period. But maybe I can help this cause forward ... today.

Letters to the Editor

East St. Louis deserves better

Unbelievable. That was my reaction when I learned that the East St. Louis City Council had fired the new city manager and hired Alvin Parks at $100,000 a year plus car and medical insurance. The citizens of East St. Louis spoke loudly and clearly when they voted Parks out of office as mayor in April, but it is obvious that the views of the citizens do not matter. The City Council totally ignored their views and the wishes of the new mayor.

Letters to the Editor

Sorry for him

Paul Henning, whom I don’t know, has joined those who call liberals the blame for everything that is wrong. In doing so, he has also joined those who write gut feelings about subjects on which they have done little if any research. He does not get it. Sorry for him.

Letters to the Editor

Old problem

It’s an age-old problem. The words and actions of rearing adults can either bless or curse a child’s social development. Love and compassion or hatred and militancy can be passed from generation to generation. Historically, the philosophies of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Pope Francis stand in stark contrast to those of Adolph Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. Child rearing can mirror a corrupted computer file: garbage in, garbage out.

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