Wishing you a happy belated benefit day

Granite City steel workers get late hope for benefit extension

Slim hope unemployment cash will come any time soon

State can’t control steel markets, but can control job climate


Penny for their thoughts on property tax cuts

School administrators in St. Clair County appear to be backing away from seeking a 1 cent sales tax in November that would benefit school construction and debt from it. Delaying until April gives them a chance to figure out how an angry electorate will respond unless the message is the sales tax will help bring down property taxes.


Too much thinking may be bad for voters

The Independent Maps Amendment took an expected setback when a Cook County judge sided with Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan this week. Next stop is the Illinois Supreme Court on whether voters get a say on who should draw state lawmakers’ districts.

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Deadly alternative

Looks as if the printed, radio, and television press are busy trying to tear down the next president of the United States by trying to attack Trump, using his wife as a means.

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A matter of choice

Ginny Dahlberg’s reply (published July 19) to my letter (published July 12), that called for people to stand against the homosexual agenda being foisted on them, drew heavily on the root of the deception promoted by homosexual activists.

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Driving deaths

A young Red Bud woman was sentenced to six years in prison for driving under the influence and killing two young women. The Illinois State Police trooper who killed two teenaged sisters while driving more than 100 miles per hour received no time in prison at all.

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Women’s rights

American women’s rights are threatened by the Obama Administration’s islamification of America. Anyone raising this issue is attacked by PC leftists screaming “hater”, “bigot” or “islamophobe”. Americans unwilling to surrender their First Amendment rights to avoid offending Muslims are asking: Why do Muslims migrate to America when many prefer totalitarian Sharia law of their Islamic ruled countries? And why do Muslims lobby to impose Islamic law and culture on Americans while undermining our Constitutional rights.

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Alcohol sales on campus have consequences

Gov. Rauner signed a bill to allow the board of trustees of public universities and community colleges to decide whether to allow the sale of alcohol at public events. Did politicians and university officials consider the high costs of alcohol? The economic cost of alcohol is $807 per person per year, whether you drink or not. The cost is $249 billion annually, according to Center for Disease Control.

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Don’t smear the Marines

Front page headlines of Monday (July18) BND read “Marine veteran ID’d as suspect in Baton Rouge shooting”. Why “Marine veteran”? Why not “black separatist” as he is identified in first sentence of article? Even more appropriate headline would have been “Ignorant lunatic” or “Worthless coward.” But instead you tried to tie the U.S.Marine Corps to a cop killer. What a biased, spiteful headline and piece of reporting this was!

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White racism

It is my considered opinion that white racism against blacks in particular has steadily declined until we had a black (semi) president. After Ferguson he and his attorney general (both Holder and Lynch), the broadcast press and liberal newspapers, commentators like Leonard Pitts have actually made racism worse. Black racism against whites has soared since Ferguson. Black Lives Matter (?), an arm of the Democratic Party and its major contributor have bused agitators all over the place, blocking highways, courthouses, etc. The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a false narrative.

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VA treatment

I am writing this in regards to some terrible treatment I have received at the Veterans Administration John Cochran Division. Last year, before and after surgery, I had been prescribed large amounts of Vicodin. Since Sept. 3, 2015, I have been prescribed Vicodin for pain (1,104) and as of June 1, I was given 38 Vicodin and told to ween myself off and the only help I was offered was pain management in approximately three months (Aug. 18).

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The evil of two lessers

So, more blue blood on our boy king’s hands. Imam Obama’s racist rants against the police and military have instilled terror on his own citizens. I have a question for the democrat party, is there any terrorist organizations that you, Obama and Shrillary don’t support? From Black lies matters, to Bill Ayres, to the Muslim Brotherhood, it seems they both are at least as at war with the U.S. as is radical Islam.

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Broken china

A very wise Gen. Colin Powell once said, “If you break the china, you own the china.” I feel President Obama broke the china when he stated, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly” and gave his full support to “Black Lives Matter” post Ferguson despite the findings of his own investigators that Michael Brown was not shot in the back. Now we have an epidemic of police officers being slain.


Get a taste of the metro-east at Dairy Haven

The Orange Swirl ice cream cone is a signature treat at Dairy Haven in Caseyville.
Get a taste of the metro-east at Dairy Haven 0:32

Get a taste of the metro-east at Dairy Haven

Central States Pension Fund heads to insolvency 2:23

Central States Pension Fund heads to insolvency

Legends of the Dome: Rams players play flag football 1:08

Legends of the Dome: Rams players play flag football

Legends of the Dome brings former Rams players to St. Louis for charity 1:17

Legends of the Dome brings former Rams players to St. Louis for charity