Illinois needs to preserve jobs and needs relief for injured workers. We need a fair system, free from waste, fraud and abuse.

Letters to the Editor


Democrats want everybody to think of them as compassionate. If they are, why don’t they care about all those people executed and heads cut off by ISIS or, as the president uses, ISIL? Can’t be compassionate if they allow this to happen.

Letters to the Editor


A few weeks ago, O’Fallon City Clerk Philip Goodwin stated in the O’Fallon Progress that O’Fallon Mayor Gary Graham was basically, “God’s gift” to O’Fallon.

Letters to the Editor

Failed system

We try to tell our children that there is no Boogie Man. Well, Larry Alverson and those like him put that theory to the test. Some are saying the system failed Alverson for his so-called illness.

Letters to the Editor

Col. Reb

Bill Malec’s letter “Decision Time for Freeburg,” reminded me of a story relayed to me last year by my daughter who was entering her freshman year at Ole Miss. She said a couple years ago there was a big brouhaha about changing the college mascot, “Colonel Rebel” to the “Rebel, the Black Bear.” Apparently some thought Col. Reb had racial connotations as a Confederate soldier or Southern plantation owner.

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