Nice article, good man

The Sunday edition for Father’s Day had an article written by Maureen Houston, “A Very Grand Dad.” Thank you for sharing what a terrific guy Paul Biver is to many.

Letters to the Editor

Objection to library

I am a retired US Air Force chaplain’s assistant. To my horror, the library at Scott Air Force Base has prominently displayed — right by children’s books — things about perverted sexual behaviors. It is from Satan’s mouth, right to the printed page. The library director said it was to show “diversity.” If sexual sin is diversity, my mother was a duck. Maybe her mother was a snake, which represents Satan.

Letters to the Editor

Americans do care

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Jordan Richardson. Low flying planes used by the FBI, registered with bogus names, used for surveillance without warrants, to keep Americans safe. Make us believe in your honor. That is without honor. Protected from what? Why wasn’t Obama frightened about the bomb scare in the press room?

Letters to the Editor

Flag must come down

I agree that the flag has got to come down. Every conceivable atrocity has been committed under that flag and it has got to go. Of course, I am talking about the American flag.

Letters to the Editor

Celebration lacks finesse

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that all states must allow and recognize same-sex marriages. This issue has been vigorously contested among the American electorate. It is an issue which produces deep, highly charged reactions from both those who support and those who oppose this decision. Although advocates claim same-sex marriages have attained social acceptance within this nation, there is a significant number of Americans who find such unions to be exceedingly offensive.

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